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Good luck storming the castle!
The plot thickens. Competition is good.   I am going to be a launch day customer for ATV. Really want to see what it can do.
Has anyone confirmed if watchOS 2 is compatible with "iWatch?"
It is right side up on my right wrist. But I can see how you were confused by wearing one upside down on your left wrist.
This isn't going to sit well with those employees' union.   Wait...
Bottom right button? Mine doen't have one.
Great. Looking forward to hearing comments from devs on the capabilities.
The dislike button will be on a subscription basis, first 3 months for free. When you sign up, it will delete all your FB content.
Concur. I believe Apple feels that it has something to contribute to this large consumer market, but like you, I have a gut feeling a whole car isn't their current focus. Even if a whole car was under consideration, it would be a huge departure from prior behavior for them to produce anything other than an upper-high end product, certainly not under the $100k mark.
In the run-up to the AW release, the site watchaware.com put up some basic demos of what some of the early apps were going to look like and the basics of their function. Hopefully we will see something like that in the coming few weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: