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I enjoyed this article. Interesting depiction of data and offering of some conclusions.   I remember when Steve sat in a chair onstage to demo the new iPad. It seemed a little strange at the time, but as many things he worked on, it now looks insanely visionary. People now have more options to buy devices across a wide spectrum of offerings from Apple. What mix and choices you make is very, very personal. It is all about choices. One size doesn't fit all; people have...
Yeah, me too. No built in GPS? Requires a connection to Apple TV? Yeesh. 
It is clear that the UK market and the China market are vastly different to Apple. But you are correct: what Apple's plan and options are in the area are interesting to speculate about. Apple is certainly not averse to weighing in on social issues, but they had to have eyes wide open when they became so intertwined with China. Their end to end encryption is clearly a threat to governments, and by definition (and necessity), governments are a threat to liberty. I wonder if...
  I'm not so sure Apple wouldn't simply drop the UK market, explaining their laws prohibit selling their products there. Apple has a track record of not watching stock prices, preferring to use their vision of "the right thing." And oh BTW, the colonies here were established as a result of an oppressive government in England. That certainly plays well in the press.
Betcha the iOS Remote app wont work with the Apple Car when it comes out.
I haven't had any issues with my ATV4. I don't subscribe to things that need me to type in passwords, so that doesn't matter to me. I also have no need to restrict access for purchases, so I just turned that off.   I might put a patch of velcro on the back of the remote near the bottom for 2 reasons: to stick it near where I store it while not using it; and to feel the bottom to tell top/bottom by tactile feel.   There's a few apps I'm hoping for. I'd like a Hockey...
Does it come with wafers?
haha! Perfect!
Dunno, but what Cue suggests seems to be an in-app purchase.
I also concur. I don't think it is misdirection at all. But will Comcast pay the 30% fee?
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