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Have no idea what to think of this. I can see a use for heads up displays, but have a hard time seeing it as a consumer device. Games maybe; hard to see it as a replacement for a HDTV screen or monitor...depends on price and what it can do. Sorta like...apple watch!   Guess you have to go try it first. But it is the first MS product I've ever seen that I want to know more about. So...progress.
I think this is the case. MS makes money by licensing fees from new machines. I've never purchased a PC, so I don't know. I saw one model of a IBM Thinkpad that had a sticker on the bottom with the MS code on it. Can you buy a PC without a MS operating system? Like Linux, and then install your free MW10? I hear people actually make their own PCs out of parts, so I presume so.
Threadjack: Saw some reports of a thing from MS called "hololens." It is possible Microsoft might soon offer a product I am interested in buying.   I was holding out for the Avegant Glyph.
The article is interesting, but I freely admit it is a little over my head. But as has already been commented, I suspect AAPL is looking at communications technology for the Apple Watch or other wearables.
SlingTV.com is coming. To get a bundle with ESPN included, my comcast bill would go up about $60/mo. I refuse. Really looking forward to the SlingTV.com option.
I'm always cursing at my first generation iPad mini because I always forget it doesn't have a TouchID. Why won't I do the same for my Samsung device? *Because I will never buy one.*
I applied for a job posted on Apple's website that I am very qualified for. Unless the offer was for executive level salary (and it wouldn't be), I wouldn't move to Cuppertino. But I applied just to be able to say I did.
Interesting:   http://www.loopinsight.com/2015/01/13/apple-watch-iphone-companion-app/
I think it easily does $323 more. I think of this as in interesting mockup of the coming Apple Watch. It has novelty for that purposes for about 30-60 seconds. $27 for 60 seconds of novelty is way, way over priced. The Apple Watch is far better value.  Think about why diamond jewelry sells. Perhaps a subjective value judgment is made.
New Posts  All Forums: