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Meh. The box needs an upgrade for a lot of reasons, but this kind of update was due long ago.   Content, content, content.
I'm old enough to remember calls from a home phone were metered. It was like a dime per call. Then came "all you can eat" number of calls for a fixed price. Then you had to get a separate long distance carrier, and they charged by the minute. (I remember calling home with 2 rings and hanging up to let my parents know I got home.)   Until recently I had a grandfathered AT&T plan with unlimited data. I never used more than a few gigs, tops. AT&T wouldn't let me tether, but...
If NFL wanted to, they could revise the agreement with DTV to offer the games on AppleTV. DTV would of course want compensation of some sort, but it could be done...if the parties wanted. The future of content provision is not is a dish on a roof.
NFL fail.
Platform platform platform. Now we're cookin'....
I concur with our conclusion. For me (YMMV) the tiers offered by my provider (comcrap) are totally illusory. I have a very basic TV service at about $20/mo (plus a fee for that absurd box.) It is claimed to have "hundreds of channels" when in reality it has about a dozen HD channels. Now...this is just me, but I can't watch SD TV. It's like looking through someone else's glasses. But Comcrap tosses in about 100 of SD that I can't watch - they make me ill. To get the next...
This is why having options is exciting. The SlingTV interface kinda sucks, as I spend a lot of time "surfing." Consumption of content is a very personal thing, and the more options you have, the better for the consumer. Until recently, we have had *no* options. I think back on how much money I spent on long distance phone calls, as recently as the mid 90s. 
Guess he couldn't get on at Amazon.
Really hoping this comes together. I decided to get SlingTV for $20 essentially just for ESPN, even though I won't use it much until NFL season. Really looking forward to options.
Wait for it.
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