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Seriously. A 2 minute (or less) video about materials *at a media event* was a train wreck. Even Tim seemed a little bit "oh, here's another one about how we make these." It seemed to me he almost rolled his eyes. As I said, interesting. But it's not for that audience and at that time. These events are already way too long. Leave the audience wanting more, and supply it online. The reveal AW thingy was very well staged, and well presented. And at the time, Jony telling the...
Well...if their hardware didn't suck, it might be ok. But I really scratch my head when I read about Microsoft. I don't know that that make anything actually relevant. I really have no interest whatsoever in anything they make.
Anyone wanna put book down on the length of the iPhone 6s video extolling the metallurgy? Those things at the Watch event were just a train wreck. Interesting, sure. Stuff of a launch event? No. Unless you really get wood from hearing Jony pronounce the word "aluminium."
Nevermind this; when is Apple going to do something about the obvious flaws in their systems that allows people to actually WRITE DOWN their passwords on a piece of paper? Those pieces of paper can easily be exploited by anyone that gets access to them! Com'on Apple!
Or conversely, oh to have the convenience of not having to BUY all that music in my library in the first place. It's the new "sharing, not ownership" economy thingy...
I have a first generation 4GB iPod that works (albeit noisily) as well. I loaded all the Beatles music I have on to it via the original FireWire. Kinda nostalgic.
Apple Watch has a nice camera controller too. And this is a smart move by Apple. People love selfies. It's an in thing right now.
Begun, this browser ad blocking war, has.
Too many notes.
I don't understand this: "The company is simultaneously expected to improve its free iTunes Radio service with celebrity DJs,..." I can sort of understand Apple rolling out a for pay music service, but there is already a free music streaming thingy on iTunes that is apparently going to stay. What do you get for $10/mo? 
New Posts  All Forums: