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I'm sure this version was released to fix pondosinatra's shitty wifi connection.
Here's a data point: This morning, my order status changed from "June" to 3-5 weeks for a 38mm grey/black sport, and 4-6 weeks for a 42mm grey/black sport. The 42mm ordered 4/10 about 8 hours after orders opened; the 38mm 4/11 about 36 hours in. Seems the mentioned "different models shipping at different rates" applies here. 38mm ordered slightly later, but will be shipped slightly sooner.
Accurately, if not eloquently said. I'm assuming you do need the paid subscription to access the AppleTV "channel" via an "authorization" step.Much as I like AI, this is a major error. Not sure what "Exclusive NBC Sports content...." that leads off means. Only on AppleTV? Only on NBC? Only on NBC's cable lineup?
AI posted a NASDAQ pic with the article, but of course AAPL is now a Dow component.   This quarter seems like status quo, but I think it possible that WWDC will really be a watershed event for AAPL this year. Lots of room for new things, particularly AppleTV and related services.
Questions for your early adopters that now have the hardware:   1. Can someone please remove their bands and see if the watch still functions? Sounds stupid, I know, but there is that little access port that Apple has been very coy about. I am curious if the bands have imbedded chips of some technology to deter third party bands. I don't expect this, but...   2. I'd be curious to know if the activity and workout apps appear on your iPhone when you pair with a watch, or...
I have a whole box of original Apple packaging and boxes. For some reason, I just can't get myself to take them to the recycle bin. They are clever little works of art. I've thought about putting them on eBay.
This isn't an Apple Watch "competitor." For those in the market for a workout-centric specific device, it seems OK.   I'd be curious just how accurate the VO2 measurement is. While comparative measurements (day-over-day) are fine to show progress, the science behind VO2 max is predicated on some accuracy. If this is off by more than a couple percent (likely) it is not going to particularly useful for serious athletes.
Yeah, what a shiatshow....
A bakery! (points if you can identify the pop culture reference.) There will be an active eBay market for band swaps. You can't buy the silver sport with a black band, but you can buy a second black band, then sell the other color you purchased with the silver "watch face." Yes, this will come at a bit of a cost. This is clearly a guess here, but I wonder if Apple will change this 6 months down the road. I understand their logistics challenge - many, many SKUs and tracking...
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