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Steve would have never stood for this.
I'll be the heretic. Without giving any credence to "analysts" or any speculation about this being a response to the Fire, I can see a market for a 7" iDevice. But Steve's comments noted here already are well taken. Meaning the iOS that runs such a device would need some specific things in it to keep the need for sandpaper to a minimum. The iPad is a hard cover books sized device. The iPod touch a pocket sized one. I saw someone with a 7" tablet and thought it kind...
Well played sir!
Oh, iWill. But while it looked imminent, it now seems relegated to a future release. Oh well.
I'm all out of meh for today's "event." I am an AAPL fanboi. Dig their stuff. Really like my iMac, iPad, iPods, and iPhones. Use them all regularly. They are great value, and just. work. Sadly, that means I have high expectations. And I suppose that's unfair. I really like APPL stuff, but there was nothing here for me. iMessage won't work with my iMac where I rather need it. The nano "upgrade" really isn't. I really don't see a reason to get an iP4S over my iP4. I'm...
More meh. Is available in an app called "Glympse."
The "fitness features" is pretty minimal. So it has an accelerometer, and is somehow using that to track the distance of a run? I really wonder just how accurate that might be? No HR, no GPS, nothing other than running or walking? The nano could be so much more. At least for now it appears AAPL is mostly ignoring it. Put BT on it? A rudimentary camera as a full-up iOS device? Even drop ANT+ sport onto it so as to make it a expandable fitness device by third party...
And this Siri thing is not something I will need or use. meh.
Meh. Sort of entertaining to sit here and watch AAPL stock drop while this event is going on. Investors not pleased. And nothing here for me. Don't need a 4s, the nano not really an upgrade, iMessage won't work on my Mac, no appleTV additions. I miss Steve.
But...I don't want a Zune. I just want to...sing....
New Posts  All Forums: