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Wait until they figure out how it can be used on tests in class. Then everyone will want one! 
But surely OSX 10.11 San Andreas would really shake things up.
For the record, I thought your comments interesting and valuable. I think there is a lot of merit to "Apple Watch Ins't A Watch." Your analogy to the iPhone isn't a phone is apt. I don't get some of the animosity here on AI.
This would be a violation of the license you are granted on admission.  But I've bought my last Garmin product. Their tech support is a mess.
Something Is Up with Apple TV. 
This sounds familiar too. My wife is skeptical, and we have been trying to control some discretionary spending. But...she yells at me *all the time* because "you don't answer the phone when you're at home." Yes, that's because I don't carry it around with me at home - it is on the dock on my iMac when I come home. The Watch neatly solves this problem. And it's corollary - she can't hear her iPhone in her bag when I call her.
 I'm really curious about this. Apple Watch is clearly an iPhone accessory, and for practically all of it's valuable features, it depends on a connection to an iPhone. Yes, there are many standalone things like the music playback (via BT) and the fitness tracking that are self contained (and of course the clock/timepiece function.) But it seems to me that all Apple Watch needs to do is communicate with your iPhone, and other than a lag issue, I'm not clear why it can't...
This is interesting:   http://www.cultofmac.com/318945/apple-watch-sport-ships-with-a-weird-tri-sectioned-band/   Apparently, buyers of the sport model don't actually get 2 complete bands with the watch  - just 3 pieces, one of which is common to the choice of band size. So... bandswapper.com is less attractive than we might have thought.   I'm still curious about if/how/when third party bands will pop up, and if Apple will turn a blind eye, or aggressively try to...
Spent a little bit of time at the store, but did not get a try-on appointment.   It is for sure is a beautiful device. My wife changed her mind to the space grey sport rather than the silver one. The watches in the wood/glass cases are all running demo software in sync so you can see the displays.   The other commenters are right - the steel watches really look nice. Clearly an upgrade from the sport.   I haven't seen much discussion about the store demo devices....
I did notice that Apple notified me that a signature may be required. There is a bit of an upside of having the deliveries a little spread out - doorstep thieves might be a little less out of control. I can see some Bad Guys(tm) setting 4/24/15 as a day to pick up inventory. Those Apple delivery boxes all too obvious on people's porches. I remember buying my first Mac in 1993. A Powerbook Duo 230 with all the toys. Several large boxes. UPS left a door tag. I wasn't home,...
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