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Show me the invites!
Threadjack:   Here's an iOS/WatchOS app I'd buy: From Siri, I can speak a very explicit code phrase I control to activate an action. The feature I'd really be after is that I can send an emergency message immedately, and populate it with data. For example: "Hey Siri. Code red red red." Siri then dials 911 (or other number depending on the code), and initiates a voice recorded loop (presumably in Siri's voice) "Eightzero has initiated an emergency call, and needs police...
Should be seeing an Apple event announcement soon. September is only a few weeks away.
Fortunately, there are trained professionals that can assist an individual in understanding their obligations. However, there may be a fee for such assistance. I think I heard someone once say that Freedom isn't free. YMMV.
Breaking news: Laywers lose top spot on shitlist to Dentists.
With one very notable exception (trivia: can you cite it?), the US Constitution has nothing to say about acts of private parties. Interestingly, the US Government could choose the "nuclear option" on the matter by using their power to "take" iOS. The Constitution does say that the government can take property but must pay compensation. This is common in real property takes, but theoretically it could apply to intangible property too. Theoretically. And of course, the...
Agreed. But don't forget - many people might already have a great BT remote: their Apple Watch.
There's a sculpture of Steve Jobs that's been surplussed by Putin. Maybe get that for display?
You know, where is the AI headline article on *that*? Jim is a much more reliable source than most of the "insiders" AI cites.
Great. Now get some stores to offer to take it. I ask at the terminal, and get a blank stare from the clerks.
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