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Great. Now get some stores to offer to take it. I ask at the terminal, and get a blank stare from the clerks.
Concur. And is it just me, or is this offering on a "back to school" tagline somehow deeply ironic?
You might be right.
I disagree, and believe you are wrong.
Well...John D. Rockefeller had an "operating system" for distributing kerosene too....
I think Apple would like to remove the home button if it can still maintain the needed level of elegance. The top lock button or even the volume buttons can be used in conjunction to wake it up for the needed inputs. Just removing the physical home button saves huge amounts of manufacturing costs. The parts and assembly steps surely add up.   Perhaps a few generations away.
Seattle has a burgeoning biotech base. Research Kit?
Well...I have both. I like my AW, and use it all the time. I actually use it more than my Air. By getting an AW, I was able to skip the iPhone 6 cycle. By sticking with my 5s that I like a lot, AW let me get access to ApplePay, something I would have gone to an iPhone 6 for. I like the AW, but I freely admit is is not a must have thing for everyone. But then, neither is my air. I buy products because I have a specific use or perceived need. Your friends might not have one...
That's not the point I made that you declared "WRONG." That's the point you made. For the record, I agree with your point. 
Well...how many more iPhones would have been deployed for free?
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