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I'm blown away. Can't wait to get one of these. I'll really use it, and looking forward to seeing what the devs do with tvOS. And $149 is a bargain. But October? Yeesh. It's like AW all over again. Take my money, damn you!   Sog35 is right on all points. This is really a great product right now, and it is going to get better. They will sell a buttload of these for the holidays.   Slightly o/t: today's show was great; really dug all of it. But...2 hours? Wow. I was sort...
Can't wait to see everyone get up at 10:50 when their watches tell them to stand once an hour.
Begun, this blocking war, has.
Agree. Well said.  The key seems to be personal devices. As another commenter pointed out, enterprise may indeed be a different market. iPad was designed as a consumer product, but I can see Apple expanding its line.
I gave my opinion, and even specifically pointed out others may feel differently. How many millions of these kinds of enterprise users do you think Apple will sell this product to each year? 10 Million? 50 million? Please help me with my ignorance. I want to understand so I can comment intelligently.
I dislike the touchscreen interface any time I need to type, and I don't need a split screen. But I admit I may not be representative, and YMMV. As I said, others may wish a single product that is "good enough" to do many lightweight things. An MBA is hardly a bulky device. Hard to think of MS Office as "lightweight." Your point is well taken though. Even Pages is way more than most need; and most have overlooked the very capable TextEdit. I'm not sure what 90% of the...
You are likely right.  I haven't played computer games in a long time. But I have noticed that my home entertainment options are total crap. If there is a sporting event on that I'm interested in, I might put it on. But all too often the game becomes a blowout, and that's no longer entertaining. Most "shows" are total crap, and I just can't get engaged in another formulaic portrayal of the same story over and over. Movies are a 2 hour investment, and often 20 minutes in I...
While iPad Pro might be an interesting product for specific tasks, I just don't see it as a laptop replacement. It may be a very interesting and capable graphics design product, and I can see it having many options to make it "good enough" for other uses, but it offers no specific advantage over the MacBook/Air line. Apple is not going to chase after the low end laptop market.
Do this to Apple Watch.
Concur. They might offer some other metal that looks much different. Perhaps Ti.
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