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Or conversely, oh to have the convenience of not having to BUY all that music in my library in the first place. It's the new "sharing, not ownership" economy thingy...
I have a first generation 4GB iPod that works (albeit noisily) as well. I loaded all the Beatles music I have on to it via the original FireWire. Kinda nostalgic.
Apple Watch has a nice camera controller too. And this is a smart move by Apple. People love selfies. It's an in thing right now.
Begun, this browser ad blocking war, has.
Too many notes.
I don't understand this: "The company is simultaneously expected to improve its free iTunes Radio service with celebrity DJs,..." I can sort of understand Apple rolling out a for pay music service, but there is already a free music streaming thingy on iTunes that is apparently going to stay. What do you get for $10/mo? 
4 is backward. It's what I need.   If I want a bigger screen, I have options in a tethered iPad or iPad mini.
This. Oh good heavens, this. Ask yourself what makes something "private?" Because it can be used against you to steal (and current laws are ineffective in protecting you)? Because you're embarrassed by it (maybe you shouldn't be doing it)? Or because you think it has value (and we know know we are simply under pricing ourselves)? Remember "RadioShack?" Douchebags even demanded information from cash customers. I had a clerk actually plead with me for my address "so I can...
I ordered a 42mm SG Sport hours after the store opened online on 4/10. It arrived 6/1, and I am generally pleased with the device. I was hugely excited when it was announced in September, and have been following the story for nearly 9 months.   It's a watch. It's cool. But not worth the 9 months of anticipation. 
iThink this is where iApple sells iOS, iMacs, iPhones, iAppleTVs, iWatches, iCloud, iPads, iPods, iOSX, iBooks, iSoftware and iAccessories.
New Posts  All Forums: