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And a pony. Everyone wants a pony. Apple's will look like a unicorn.
While I don't doubt the prospect for AAPL doing well, it's my recollection AAPL stock generally rises BEFORE an event, then falls AFTER the event. Simple profiteering on expectation, not actual analysis.
cult of mac reported it was a CBS thingy.
Cult of Mac is reporting CBS is going to do some live NFL streaming through their app.   Betcha you'll need to authenticate via your cable TV package.
I'm really hoping this feature can work well. I'd like a customizable option like a screen saver to do this. I turn my TV off when I'm not using it, but if the new ATV could be configured to wake from a black screen, and display Siri controlled content, then go back to black after a few minutes (or adjust as I tell Siri to do so!) we'd really have something. I'd leave that on continuously.
Again, agreed. I am one of those people. I've not played a computer game for more than a few minutes in many, many years. 
If you have one.Interesting and insightful. But I feel like I just got a book ad.
You're likely right.
Agree. About the only thing I can see wanting in the new box is an option to connect to some sort of stand alone external drive for people with a shitty connection and no other mac. My ATV connects nicely to other macs in the house, and I can play any content on those other machines with my ATV. I think there are third party "cloud servers" with terabytes of storage for not very much money. If the new ATV will connect to those on a local network, it should satisfy the...
New Posts  All Forums: