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This was an interesting read. Thanks AI.   There is little doubt there is more to come. Simple extrapolation of the product lines, as the article points out, shows that AAPL has a design and innovation strategy that works. Contrary to what some might be concluding, the Apple Watch is not a make or break product. I expect it to be wildly popular, but I am really looking forward to the stuff no one is predicting. Sure - all the world waits for an AppleTV update, but with...
I don't get it. As others have commented, there is more to this than meets the eye. Making a movie available on iTunes can't take more than a few clicks. Fairly, there has to be a license deal to include it, and if Tim wanted something done, surely his lawyers could print the document for him and Sony.   So...it has to be concerns on bandwidth (that I have a hard time understanding, but will defer to others that seem to think this would be an issue. How much load can a...
 I'm really interested to see what the final product can do in this regard. A 0%->100% battery charge in <30m is an important spec. I would also expect lots of third party charging options: docks, cables and portable packs. You sort of solve a lot of issues with a little silver dollar sized battery pack you toss in your coat pocket, bag, or wherever. A bedsize dock will be popular, as will one that sits near the shower.
I have no interest whatsoever in any of those products. They represent no value to me. Others are free to buy, of course. I wonder if Apple could sell 10-15M in their first year of any of them to be a success?
Interesting to read the comments on any Apple Watch article. It does bring out a polarized crowd. Meaning lots of hits and page visits for AI. So...of course a nonsensical article title is included.   The comment about the "personal" communication is quite accurate. I too think the taptic feature will be a big draw.   I ditched my landline some years ago in favor of cell. When I'm home, I put my phone on my computer to recharge. But of course, I can't hear it when I am...
Kate has such beautiful hair. It'd look so much better if she didn't dye the roots black.
What's a CD? Oh, and what's "film?"
Didn't Russia take down a Steve Job exhibit in protest over Cook coming out? Surely that's what this is about.
I'm a pretty active cyclist. I would never consider going on a ride without my iPhone, as it is essential emergency gear (yes, how times change.) Apple Watch will connect to it in my back pocket where it will always be. And, the taptic feedback in the Apple Watch will give me better directions that the Garmin map on my bars. This does take some programming ahead of a ride, but I do take complicated routes, and it helps.
OK. I stand corrected. It apparently has at least a wifi chip in it. But it also seems to indicate that it can only communicate via wifi to iPhone. Meaning it can't figure out where it is via wifi; and I would assume no calls over wifi via Skype.
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