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NFL fail.
Platform platform platform. Now we're cookin'....
I concur with our conclusion. For me (YMMV) the tiers offered by my provider (comcrap) are totally illusory. I have a very basic TV service at about $20/mo (plus a fee for that absurd box.) It is claimed to have "hundreds of channels" when in reality it has about a dozen HD channels. Now...this is just me, but I can't watch SD TV. It's like looking through someone else's glasses. But Comcrap tosses in about 100 of SD that I can't watch - they make me ill. To get the next...
This is why having options is exciting. The SlingTV interface kinda sucks, as I spend a lot of time "surfing." Consumption of content is a very personal thing, and the more options you have, the better for the consumer. Until recently, we have had *no* options. I think back on how much money I spent on long distance phone calls, as recently as the mid 90s. 
Guess he couldn't get on at Amazon.
Really hoping this comes together. I decided to get SlingTV for $20 essentially just for ESPN, even though I won't use it much until NFL season. Really looking forward to options.
Wait for it.
I agree with your comments. The TV/Entertainment industry is faced with a real revolution in viewing habits, all driven by technology. It always sort of amazed me that I had to pay twice for content on cable TV: first to pay the cable company, then to watch content with ads. VCRs killed that starting in the 80s, and look how far it have now come. The role of ads in content is a *huge* business issue, and will be for a very long time.
An interesting discussion. I admit I really don't understand the original software issue, as I am not a dev.   Some time ago, I got a bit lost, and wound up driving through the Microsoft "campus" here in Seattle. I knew it was there, but I was struck by the immensity of the layout. Upon meeting up with a friend who used to work there, I said, "that place sure is huge. What do they make there?" He grinned, and replied, "money."   I do see some sort of reckoning coming....
Concur. It makes little sense for ATV to be priced at about what a mac mini goes for. Fairly, I think the new ATV is going to be something quite different from existing devices. I expect very deep integration with existing devices, including OSX macs, all the iDevices, and AW. It will all just work.
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