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Yet.  I'm not actually sure Apple even officially acknowledges the existence of the port, much less signal their plans for it. That iMac port might have had a whole host of plans associated with it, but they were scrapped on the second iteration as Apple saw the progress of the device. This will be interesting to play out. Apple has a host of patents on the Apple Watch, not the least of which is a design patent on the attach mechanism. They have essentially three...
"Apple don't take a dump without having a plan, son."
No more soup!
I'm curious about the app. "...instead of saving the file locally, it automatically uploads the data." and adds geotagging data. I wonder if it includes any information about the individual making the recording?
Whatever the outcome, Apple needs a different icon for radio like functions. That little box with knobs and an antenna isn't a familiar looking technology to many users. Kinda like the CD icon for iTunes that was dropped a few years ago.
About that always open "Hey Siri" function: I had my iPhone on the charger next to my iMac when I played the the Siri "guided tour" on the Apple web page on the iMac. It was funny when Siri on my iPhone responded to the "hey Siri" commands in the video.   Made me think: when you see someone with an Apple Watch, say to them "hey Siri. " But of course Siri won't respond on the watch unless activated by raising the wearers wrist. But...as...
This is interesting: "Apple Watch has new technologies that will hurt margins, lower than company average."   But perhaps these technologies required a platform for development (cough taptic cough force touch cough) so they can be adopted for use in other lines of business and products? A short term drop in profitability to set the stage for continued innovation, growth and profit? = buy and hold.   The margin on the Watch Edition has to be insane. The number of units...
I'm sure this version was released to fix pondosinatra's shitty wifi connection.
Here's a data point: This morning, my order status changed from "June" to 3-5 weeks for a 38mm grey/black sport, and 4-6 weeks for a 42mm grey/black sport. The 42mm ordered 4/10 about 8 hours after orders opened; the 38mm 4/11 about 36 hours in. Seems the mentioned "different models shipping at different rates" applies here. 38mm ordered slightly later, but will be shipped slightly sooner.
New Posts  All Forums: