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Perhaps a third party case for waterproofing will become available for those that wish to use it while swimming to track activity. That mechanism for the band attachment would seem to lend itself to some creative engineering. 
This is actually pretty important, I think. A spec that had a full charge from single digit percent remaining in 20m or so would be optimal; and I think very possible. I don't get why someone would wear a watch in the shower.
Is it waterproof?
I'm kind of curious: how many triathletes are there in the US? Worldwide? (I'm honestly interested how big the consumer base is for what you describe.)
Apple Watch isn't for swimmers. Wrong device for that.  But...maybe someone will make a little case for swimmers? Love to see the warranty limitations on *that* if a swimmer takes his/her $20k Edition for a dip.
Competition is always good. I'm not sure this actually is competition for the Apple Watch though. Seem to be targeted at completely different audiences. If it was about $50, maybe.    Takes guts to go up against AAPL with a hobbyist product. Pebbles' time (!) was a couple years ago. IIRC, it took them forever to deliver. Understandable from a small startup. Now that the Big Guns have showed up, it's time (!) to move on to something else.
Ah. *Thanks!* Within 2 weeks from *now* or within 2 weeks of the product ship/order/whatever date? I think you mean the former. Suspect it will be all Apple Watch, but who knows what else might be added. A BT4 enabled Airport for Apple Watch? AppleTV? That rMBA thingy? Apple Car (haha)?
I'm getting a little antsy about no rumors yet for the next Apple media event. Absolute latest the event will be is the end of April (assuming Tim's promise of shipment on Apple Watch in April is still true.) We should be hearing about the schedule soon; they will need a BIG event center. Those are a bit hard to schedule at the last minute.   Apple has some 'splainin' to do. Pricing speculation is getting a bit...terse. And the stock (at least today) is going...
Meh. No thanks.   But I do like FitBit's TV commercial spots. Flashy and memorable. Kind of inspirational too. Too bad they are for a meh product I won't be buying.
3. Another business that will pop up: an offer to gold plate or gold powder coat your $349 apple watch sport.
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