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This. Oh yeah, this:   http://www.cultofmac.com/294203/iwatch-gets-ultra-classy-gorgeous-new-render/
I predict that Tim Cook will walk out on stage to start the event on 9.9.14 wearing a long sleeve shirt. With his wrists covered.
Depends what it does and how it works. Like any AAPL product, it is all about value, and the price is only part of the story.
I am not a dev or programmer, but I would think that any Xcode stuff that even vaguely references an iWatch/iTime would be pretty prone to leaks. But then, my impression from the community was the Swift announcement took everyone by complete surprise. You can write iOS apps without actually having a device to run them on, right? The xcode thingy does some sort of simulator?
They are likely iOS devices with a kill switch. Other than as a collector's item, I can't see them as having much intrinsic value.
Concur. The key is that the design and features are all settled, and that they will actually make this. It does not interfere or interrupt a current product; and perhaps makes the iP6 even MORE desirable. And it makes some sense to release it before the holidays, even if they can't deliver them. People will buy gift cards, particularly if they print cards with the iWatch/iTime on it. I can even see AAPL getting agressive and offering Kickstarter-esque queuing for...
But please-not that concept render.
Well...maybe. I can also see Cook doing this in a (albeit very different style) "just one more thing" kind of way. I'm reasonably sure he wouldn't dilute a Jobs-ism, but I can see AAPL going at iWatch/iTime as another "hobby." Something like: "we changed the world with Macintosh, iPod/iTunes, iPhone and iPad. But the intersection of technology and liberal arts is a wide city square, and there is room to have a little fun along the way. AppleTV helps bring all your mobile...
It would make sense IF AAPL has finalized the design and concept. They aren't interfering with any of their own existing products or lines of business, just building anticipation with an early release.
New Posts  All Forums: