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It will be fun to see what and how they announce things.   Can't tell you how often I put my thumb on my iPad mini home button expecting it to unlock like my iPhone 5s. Habits.   My wife's iPad 2 needs an upgrade, but that has less priority than the Apple Watch(es). When sufficient funds are available, I'll pull the trigger(s) on a new iPad for her.   I am going to move away from iMac desktops in favor of thunderbolt displays and mac mini and/or MBP machines to drive...
I think NFC is used for more than just payment systems. My employer has door locks in their facility that are opened with ID cards. Be nice to he able to use Apple Watch for that.
We will all know when Yosemite is released.
I do see lots of indication this is true as of right now. There are really a few possibilities: 1. AAPL consciously making Yosemite so that it will not work unless it sees native, built-in, you paid AAPL to make these features work (no dongle support, no one gets in to see the wizard, no way no how); or2. There is a technical obstacle in the existing dongles that prohibit these features from working with them; or3. If both 1 and 2 above are untrue, there is an opportunity...
This is a great article. I confess I don't understand much of it. I do have a 2013 MBA that I think will fill the bill; and an iPhone 5s to handle the iOS chores. I have a grandfathered AT&T cell plan that has unlimited data usage, but predictably, they will not give me a "tether" option on that. I'm reluctant to drop it in favor of a plan that allows tethering. It really isn't a huge deal to me just yet. But...given that Yosemite is due out NLT 12/21/14 (="this fall") and...
Thanks. I don't get the Discovery Channel, so I don't see all those tech shows, I didn't get the reference. My wife runs a small business, and uses Square. Be nice to offer this too.
Well....ok. I guess I still don't understand, and have no idea what a windmill means. Ultimately money I receive has to go to a bank. Is there any technical reason a bank can't deploy an app to allow NFC payments to be received via iPhone/Apple Watch? Would some sort of terminal or dongle be needed? 
Not to me. I can't wait to get one. Actually, I know I'll buy 2 - one for me, one for my wife. It looks well thought out, and very useful.
Oh. Well... double dumbass on me.
I do so enjoy looking at peoples' mockups, renders and concepts. They require exactly no engineering. All they represent is jewelry.   But, I did call Tim coming out in long sleeves. After the first Apple Watch video, he rolled them up and showed off his on his wrist. Pretty cool. In hindsight, I did notice he was controlling his show/presentation with some sort of hand held clicker. Woulda been a nice touch (!) to transition to doing that from his Apple Watch in the...
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