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Now I know why Strava doesn't correctly interface with the Health app anymore. They're spending all their time working on the Watch app.    Meanwhile, Heath counts my bike rides as steps, and doesn't read the feed from the Strava app.    Just make it all work please?
It's all about the content. Cook and Co are pretty clearly interested in a great user experience first and foremost. Herky-jerky downloads will really destroy that, and Apple won't roll out a technology that does that. The bandwidth issues are significant.   The AppleTV UI really does need some work. I'm guessing one of the new compatible controllers will be apple watch.   It is also possible (although less liely) we will see a line of Apple TV form factors. A stick...
I think the Watch itself will be reasonably intuitive. These videos seems to meet my expectations. Really looking forward to getting one.   But...I do think users will need to spend a little bit of time getting the Watch to do exactly what they want. The companion app on the iPhone will be important for this. I already know the notifications and message will need to be set very selectively. I get a lotta spam, and I don't want it on my wrist. My iPhone has a lot of stuff...
 Yes, please go, Carly. Note the "Ousted" title.  This is something the Republic is now going to have to come to grips with. Using the words "fairness" and "tolerance" and "equality" in discussing religion is nonsensical. Religions, by definition, are all about unfairness, intolerance, and inequality. It is really shocking how little some people that profess to follow certain religions know about the tents of their own. The First Amendment to the US Constitution has...
There is a difference between doing business in a country with its own sovereignty; and speaking up as a citizen of a self-governing republic and commenting on its law making.
Ah. Interesting. That might be a first for an apple product? IIRC, there was much angst over the water sensors in iPhone. Apple had a tell tale in them. Wonder if Apple Watch has such a thing. 
I did a launch day order on the original iPad. It showed up at like 10am on launch day. I'm doing this with Apple Watch. I'll put in pre-orders on 4/10 for two of them. I think I'll be sick (cough cough) from work on 4/24. Can't wait!
I see what you did there.
Not sure AppleCare covers user inflicted damage. The usual Apple warranty is 1 year, IIRC. 17% increase in cost for the sport; up to a 5% increase for Edition. Interesting.
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