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I see what you did there. I would think AAPL shares would rise on this news story. I just don't see TV as a huge money maker.
Skeptical wife received, charged, paired, and is using within the hour. Asked her via iMessage "pretty cool toy, no?" Response: "Absolutely!" Apple is going to make (another) fortune...
Data point: the 38mm sport SG suddenly shipped yesterday (delivery today), having been listed for some time as ships late May and ordered on 4/10. The 42mm sport SG, ordered essentially the same time still shows June shipping dates. Seems reasonably clear the 38's are coming more available sooner.   My wife's gift will arrive first. This could be interesting, because she is rather skeptical of the device.
Mine too - ordered 2 sport SG's on April 10. No Love for an AAPL shareholder.
Washington State taxes Corporations on gross sales.
Just raise your wrist, and speak the query: "M-5 Tie In..."
I think this was discussed at length, and lead to the Khitomer Accords.
=20 edition watches.
I'm not sure that apple has iPhone case attachment patents. Watch has at least a design patent on the attach mechanism. But of course, how aggressive Apple is going to be with their patent enforcement is still unknown. Doubt they are after the mall kiosks.
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