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OOohh...I know, I know! Two words: Drive. Through.
The first sentence of the article worries me: "Under the leadership of [a new, highly paid person from outside the company that had nothing to do with their current success], Apple is said to be considering major changes..." Every new commandant with a manager title is somehow always required to put their personal stamp on something to show their value. Otherwise, why would they pay them huge money? Time will indeed tell, but there's a cause->effect issue here as well that...
Tolja it was stupid. :-) I am right handed, but have worn a watch on my right wrist for 40 years. Owing to some carpal tunnel, I switched to left hand mousing a few years ago, so it seems natural to put Apple Watch on my right wrist, and manipulate it with my left. But I have yet to see Apple Watch shown in the "left handed" position. Presumably you just flip it over, but...
Actually, I'm kind of curious if the devs can tell us if there is a left/right hand lock feature. Seems like screen activation on raising your wrist will need to be learned by the device. And just to put me in the running for the stupidest comment in the thread: I haven't decided what wrist - left or right - to wear my Apple Watch on.
I'm with you. But...I do find uses for my iPad, and will continue to update when I see value.
I just got the invite today, and signed up. It works well on my macs and iPad. Sling has its own app for each. I was able to airplay the sling TV app to the AppleTV and HDTV. But...the stream quality wasn't perfect. A few jerks now and then that are very disappointing. These don't appear when streaming just to the mac or iPad. And, to directly answer your question, the WatchESPN app on apple TV (or iOS) does not accept the Sling TV credentials (even though you can select...
True story from this morning: I was with 2 collagues and the subject of health tracking came up. I asked one who had an iPhone if she was getting an Apple Watch. "Probably not. Seems a little expensive, but I'll need to see." The other said "All I can afford is this crappy Samsung phone..."
This is true and worth remembering. I think Apple's Big Strategy(tm) is still to make all their devices all work seamlessly together. This lets consumers pick what one they prefer and meets their personal needs and goals. I can see an update to the 4" models to give them the internals (and perhaps design form) of the new larger screen models. This is well established in the MBP/MBA line. Pick a size. I'm sort of wondering what the software could look like when it all...
You know, this is one of the most succinct, insightful and profound analysis I've read here in weeks. (Sincerely!) You are absolutely correct.  Pretty sure Tim Cook et. al. came to this conclusion some time ago. It's kind of thrilling.
Yes. Apple has invented new techno-lingusitics: they are now the first "terabuck" company. 
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