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Thomas Jefferson wrote about out "Brittish Bretheren" (sic).
Always found Apple's products to be quite smashing. Ripping, what? Was pondering this while smoking a fag, and awaiting at the tube. But then I remembered I left my iPad in the boot of my auto; put it there while getting some petrol. Had just enough time to check it before I had to speed off to shag my wife.
Well played, sir!
..tick...tick tick...tick tick... Could be this rumor was genrated by the Dallas Cowboys front office? They are so impeccable in their management.
I'm going to wait until it comes out in a white version.
Always wondered if someone could make a camera dongle for the thing. Plug it in to the connector port, and have two cameras on it. Sell them for $49 and you'd probably have a hard time keeping up with demand.
Breaking: ESPN reports the Minnesota Vikings have just purchased an app with this technology.
I used to fairly like the Target stores. Have now decided to take my business elsewhere because of their business practices.
While iChat is a standalone application, I seem to recall it is distributed with the OSX packages. I'd be a little surprised if AAPL decided to delay making iChat work with Facetime until a release of OSX 10.7 that seems still some months away. I'm sort of on the edge (!) of upgrading my iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, and this feature might push me over. Guessing there is a Grand Strategy(tm) about this in Cuppertino. And will OSX 10.7 come in white?
Or...an iPod Touch.
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