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It does? How does this let Tim say his customers are not his product? Confused....
I would expect custom engraving too, but if you look at the back of the Watch, you can see that some of the information already engraved is somewhat superfluous. Yes, the serial number, but unless the things like "42mm case" and what the thing is made of are somehow already fixed in the manufacture, I can see "opting out" of that in favor or "personalization." I think gold has to be marked with karat content.
I don't understand your (power)point.
Health can't tell the difference between being in my pocket on a bike ride and being in my pocket when I am walking. It'll be nice to run off step tracking when I get on a bike.
There is likely little debate that Apple is particularly desirous of merging OSX and iOS. "All works seamlessly" is something of a mantra to them. I can see a modular iPad pro line - Apple adds a lightening port on the side to allow addition of a MBA type keyboard (with a trackpad). Lots of examples of this kind of device by other manufacturers, and perhaps Apple sees a market for these "convertables." Now imagine the iPad pro could have multitasking windows running iOS,...
Competition, choices are all good. I personally have no interest in HBO. 
Funny - I thought the content on that site is really nifty. Fun to see some apps in action. But man o man is that web site an example of bad design. Just painful to navigate. I do appreciate their efforts, I like the content...but... Several of the apps were very intriguing/must haves for me. Others were very much "meh." I'm not going to play games on my watch (and I don't play games on my iPhone generally either.) There is going to be a learning curve for what I want my...
I'm all Gene'ed out. Stop reporting on this assbag.
I keep hearing Jony's voice use the words "compelling beginning" in the reveal video in September. Give it time. (!)   I am looking forward to getting two Apple Watches. But I do expect the stock to run up on expectation, then drop, perhaps significantly in the aftermath. Every product does this, particularly new iPhone models. Then it will recover gradually and hit huge gains again in the 2015 holiday quarter with version 2 on the horizon. Apple Watch will be a hit, but...
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