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I'd be curious about how often a court awards those $50M liquidated damages. If ever.
It looks interesting, perhaps even practical and useful. Not $200 (or even $100) useful to me, but YMMV.   AppleTV might have some similar features in the future. That this is a standalone product is neat though.
Rut Roh, Raggy...
"The fate of one of the world's largest consumer electronics firms appears to hinge upon a figure who lacks any strong record of leadership, and who gained his position simply by being born into a family that exists above the rule of law in a country that tolerates overt corruption."   Bricks. Glass house. Ouch.
Not worth the price.
Will be interesting to see when Apple Watches start appearing on TV personalities' wrist.
FWIW, I visited the AT&T store to investigate. They won't offer this 3GB/$40 plan on a shared account. Theoretically, I could get rid of the shared account in favor of separate accounts (2 phone household) but since they have no iPhone 6's in stock, it was moot at this point (since that was the whole idea.) The trade-in program for the iPhone 5s ended.   A lot of this promotional stuff is just that: promotional. I'm reasonably happy with AT&T, but they do make this stuff...
Microsoft makes no product that I am interested in buying. Not hardware, not software.   What still kinda pisses me off is what I see when I look at my wrist. You know what I see when I look at my wrist? My wrist! Com'on Chairman Honeycrisp, get with it!
I too am a dedicated Apple product consumer, but I come out differently on the result. The fitness functions are anciliary to me, so a dedicated fitbit, while cheaper, has less value to me. My sole fitness tracking function is cycling, and it isn't terribly important for me to have another device to help me. However, I am quite curious to see how a cycling app will play out. It'll be interesting to see if a pre-planned route can give me accurate turn by turn directions...
New Posts  All Forums: