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I'm thinking they could afford send Taylor Swift a free one. You know...just to try to kiss and make up.
Well, better luck next time.
Read my post again. Slowly this time for comprehension and understanding.
I'm guessing that removal of the hardware for the home button saves a lot of production cost. Over a few hundred million units a year, that can add up fast. That said, I do think there'd be more to the rumor for that change to be successful. I can see the TouchID system being integrated with force touch to avoid the accidental triggering of the home button that would inevitably be on every screen. This is a bigger change to iPhone that it appears, so skepticism is warranted.
She's pretty. That sells.
Yes, I feel great shame. I've deleted all such files. Thanks to all for providing me with a moral compass.
 Yes, I now feel shame. Thank you for pointing out my misdeeds. I've deleted the ill gotten booty, and will never do this again.
Checked it out of the library, ripped it to iTunes and now its uploaded by Match. Done.
My iPhone 4s camera became so scratched up that the camera was quite unusable. I dislike cases. iPhone is a beautiful artifact, and I want to see it.
Should add it to their (admittedly clever) ads: cha-CHING-fit!
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