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Samesung is really on to something here. I think they will sell dozens of these.
Apple recognizes that an individual's personal mix of devices means a wide range of options, all of which are up to date and that maximize the ability to use services across the spectrum. They add services over time as the processing power and battery upgrades allow. I think this deep product integration and development is the best thing about Apple's vision.   I've chosen a mix of devices that suit my very personal needs. I don't like doing "work" on the iPad, but it is...
Well...article 2, section 8 has a congressional power of "common defense and general welfare." A harder question (perhaps) might be "Where in the Constitution does it say individuals have a right of Privacy?" I think I know, but there are some who disagree....
One thing I think Apple is conscious of is that an a TV connected MacMini offers a lot of possibility. Remember "frontrow?" A well thought out app like Plex puts a lot of price cap pressure on AppleTV. 
Notice no one says "Piper Jaffray, a firm with a poor record of being right about Apple, expects Apple to etc etc"
Gene "Often Wrong" Munster lacks any credibility.    Where are the leaks of pictures the new AppleTV components being manufactured?
I think of stories like this as "indicator notices." While it might not directly and immediately affect me, it is a sign of other troubling matters. I think back to decisions that needed to be made by certain Germans in ~1932; heck, for that matter crown loyalists in 1770. At some point you have be able to see it coming, and think maybe it is time to go.
You know what grinds my gears? These things are not drones. A drone is an automomous artifact. These are UAVs requiring active control by a pilot. As a commentor pointed out, little different than r/c airplanes that have been around for decades.   And these hobby thingies will be weaponized. There's a youtube of one with a mounted gun already. Must give the Secret Service nightmares.
I'm really curious about it. Funny we haven't seen any hardware leaks. Show me a standalone NFL Sunday Ticket  and ESPN on it for a reasonable price, and I'll buy on launch day. Anyone wanna lay odds? ready go.
Show me the invites!
New Posts  All Forums: