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"But...I don't *want* a PlayBook...." RIM: "You're going to marry Princess Lucky, so you better get used to the idea!
Indeed. Exclusive content. One would expect to pay more for exclusive conent. IOW, if a cable company wants that key to the castle, they need to pay more to the "Channel." And of course, if there was no other outlet, the Channel might not have cared to charge more, as it was moot. Ain't moot anymore. After that, it is simple economics.
Less curious about the iPhone 5 than I am about the possibility of plans to make the iPod Nano a full-up iOS device, perhaps even with bluetooth. The little sucker is wearable, and thrid parties are making it into a watch. It opens up new device ideas - say, as a cyclometer (as some have already adapted the iPhone/Touch to.) Imagine a nano with a GPS chip as a iOS device and some sort of i/o supported protocol, like BT or ANT+ sport. It quickly becomes more than just a...
This is why I have my paypal account backed by US guaranteed securities!
FWIW, I experienced a noticeable speed improvement in iTunes 10.4 on my iMac. Much, much snappier. Likes.
That would be spiffy. Is there any technical reason someone couldn't create a mac app to do this?
So...will there be a corresponding app in Lion? Is there a iMessage capability for the desktop?
I sure hope this update fixes the bug that has disabled backup of the iTunes library to DVD. Haven't been able to do that for some time.
Dang. Was rather hoping they'd fix the bug preventing backup to DVD. That hasn't worked for some time now.
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