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I do understand why they might be reluctant to offer tethering on an unlimited plan. But there is a technological solution: limit the amount of data through the tether. Make it $20/month for 2GB of tethered data. Or even just allow a user ("customer?") switch on a monthly basis from an unlimited plan to a limited plan with tether. Don't want to dork around with jailbreaking. Isn't really all that important.
Still really curious how this will work. I have an unlimited iPhone 4 plan. $20/month for a tether option is actually too much, but I might byte (!) if in a pinch (!) if the tether option was offered month to month. I rather suspect I will be required to downgrade and sign up for continuous tethering.
Guess I'm something of the heretic here, but I understand why that is. But it also seems like there is an opportunity for a simple technological solution: data flowing though the tether option is merely capped at some limit. Or once that limit is exceeded via the tether, there is a charge in that billing cycle. Simple, effective and ultimately makes AT&T some extra dough.
I'm still very curious about the tethering function, and how it will work. Will the setting simply be disabled if you do not have an approved tethering plan from the carrier? And our friends at AT&T have been less than helpful. There is no information on their web site on how to add a tethering plan to an existing unlimited iPhone data plan. Presumably one must downgrade. Perhaps a developer with an unlimited plan can load the GM and let us know if the preference is...
The bug preventing backup to disk is still in 10.2. Sure would be nice if they would fix that.
And oh BTW, about the tethering option in iOS4.3: any sign of pricing from our friends at AT&T? Last I saw it was $20/mo extra on an extended contract. That's a big No Thank You, but if they get it to a reasonable price and on a monthly option change (kind of like the plans for a 3G iPad) it sounds very nice.
I would have liked to see a demo of this. Does this mean an app can stream content to my TV via the new $99 Apple TV? Or if I can connect to a web site that displays HD video, I can stream that to my TV/AppleTV? And if so, if I buy a subscription to that video (say, to NHL live games) that I can then stream in HD via wifi to my HDTV...do I know have a way to ditch my cable cable TV box that comcast is raping me for? Likes.
All hail Steve!
Maybe it's here and I didn't understand it, but some better integration with TimeMachine would be welcome, particularly with Mr. iTunes. My iTunes library changes a lot, and I'd really like an incremental backup that I can simply switch to if the original drive dies. TM only copies files, and getting back to start after a HD failure looks really painful. And for reasons I still don't understand, I can't seem to do backups to disk out of iTunes anymore. It syas 4 DVDs...
Will it come in white?
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