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I think this is the case. MS makes money by licensing fees from new machines. I've never purchased a PC, so I don't know. I saw one model of a IBM Thinkpad that had a sticker on the bottom with the MS code on it. Can you buy a PC without a MS operating system? Like Linux, and then install your free MW10? I hear people actually make their own PCs out of parts, so I presume so.
Threadjack: Saw some reports of a thing from MS called "hololens." It is possible Microsoft might soon offer a product I am interested in buying.   I was holding out for the Avegant Glyph.
The article is interesting, but I freely admit it is a little over my head. But as has already been commented, I suspect AAPL is looking at communications technology for the Apple Watch or other wearables.
SlingTV.com is coming. To get a bundle with ESPN included, my comcast bill would go up about $60/mo. I refuse. Really looking forward to the SlingTV.com option.
I'm always cursing at my first generation iPad mini because I always forget it doesn't have a TouchID. Why won't I do the same for my Samsung device? *Because I will never buy one.*
I applied for a job posted on Apple's website that I am very qualified for. Unless the offer was for executive level salary (and it wouldn't be), I wouldn't move to Cuppertino. But I applied just to be able to say I did.
Interesting:   http://www.loopinsight.com/2015/01/13/apple-watch-iphone-companion-app/
I think it easily does $323 more. I think of this as in interesting mockup of the coming Apple Watch. It has novelty for that purposes for about 30-60 seconds. $27 for 60 seconds of novelty is way, way over priced. The Apple Watch is far better value.  Think about why diamond jewelry sells. Perhaps a subjective value judgment is made.
And if they realized, would they care? 
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