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The Activity app appears on your iPhone when you pair it to the watch?
The apple pay one doesn't clarify if it will work without being currently connected to your iPhone.
Ah. And the last 3 guided tour videos just came available on the apple site.
Com'on chairman Honeycrisp! Know what I see when I look at my order status? "June."
Of course. The key words here are "to me." You have a preference for devices in sizes that fit your lifestyle. But while you like a phone you can keep in a handbag or a briefcase, I generally carry neither. Apple might want to offer a wide range of sizes, including the ones you like. And just dreaming here...imagine a watch that can fully function by accessing your apps via wifi...and "call back" to your iPhone wherever it is or software running on your mac, or on an apple...
I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Apple is pretty methodical about these kinds of things, and iPhone is clearly the goose that is laying the golden eggs. With the Watch spooling up, it is possible that a large segment of the customer base will simply have no need for a biggish phone screen.    I can see Apple slowly and methodically making a wide range of mobile device sizes. The challenge to this is the manufacturing and logistics of handing many, many...
I like the part at the end where she looks around and sighs, "Chewie....We're home."
You are correct. I presume that AAPL has a utility patent on the attach mechanism, and it will be very interesting to see how vigorously they assert their rights. I can see AAPL being diligent about sending out cease and desist letters citing the patents - particularly to places like eBay or Amazon - but really filing and pursuing infringement lawsuits? Dunno.
Much as I would have liked to receive my watches on launch day, there is an upside: this first "wave" just became beta testers. :-) I wouldn't be surprised if my watches that ship in "June" have software updates waiting for them on arrival. 
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