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Any bets as to form factor? Maybe multiples, like the competitors Fire stick/box; Roku stick/box. Just got the fire stick (free with SlingTV), and one thing I really like is not having to point the remote. And there sits my apple TV looking fugly in front of the TV.   I can see a voice activated always on Siri being useful. Kinda like that Echo thingy from Amazon. Even more so if it can connect up via "connectivity" to all the other Apple devices.    Seems a little...
Yeah. No.
And the people are shocked, SHOCKED I say, when people are duped into buying stuff that doesn't work; or sending money to their uncle in the Ivory Coast. Yet...every US high school student is required to be able to cite the date of the Battle of Hastings, but has no clue about how to fill out a 1040. People. Are. Idiots. And they are driving a car right behind you.
Got it, thx.
I think the disparity in the math is attributable to people that have an iPhone 6, but have used Apple Pay online only.   Which makes me pause a minute....I am planning on using my iPhone 5s with Apple Pay when I get an Apple Watch, but can I use ApplePay online now? 
Oh, I see what you did there. Well played, sir.
Cool. Not often I get to say "I told you so." :-)
Options are good.   I like my SlingTV service. They even sent me a free FireTV stick.    My Comcast TV package is only about $25/mo. What I find rather interesting is how hard it is to find someone in Seattle to put up a TV mast and antenna. All this talk about cable cutting, yet that appears to be a service no one thinks is a viable business.
One other marketing thing I just now noticed: Apple Watch is offered in 38mm and 42mm case sizes. Is this the first Apple Product specifically identified in metric MKS units? The new MacBook is a 12 inch product. The iPhone6 comes in 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch sizes (although thickness seems to be in mm.) iMacs are all spec'ed in inches. Apple is like the russkies, son. They don't take a dump without having a plan...
Well...Apple had to offer a less expensive version that women could afford. That whole $.70 on the dollar thingy...
New Posts  All Forums: