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Likely. How does the SEC not act on this?
I am skeptical. While there is no question that the threshold question for AAPL is profitability, they will also not make a crap product that damages their brand. They've done it before with mobileme (Steve's famous rant at the group that rolled it out is a fun read) and maps (the poor guy that rolled that out unprepared is now essentially persona non-grata at 1 Infinite Loop).   That said, at $300 it better be a wow product. No idea what it can or will do, but if it is...
Don't forget all the third party opportunities for cases with an uber-battery, lightning wedgie built-in...and 3.5" jacks. I can see AAPL killing the jack, not so much because it needs the space, but because it is tech that sucks, and the alternatives attractive.
Yeah, this. Do it. BT and or lightning are way more than sufficient. It's time. And I hate those damn fool earbuds, I only use in emergencies.   Imagine the new 1984 commercial with hammer girl wearing wireless earphones and an iPod to replace the reimagined one with the iconic earbud wires. "{Ditching the 3.5" connector will make o]ur enemies ... talk themselves to death, and we will bury them with their own confusion. We. Shall. Prevail."
Maybe someone at WWDC or running the 10.10 beta can confirm if the telephony features will work on all Macs that Yosemite can be installed on. I'm curious if BT4.0 would be required, and that excludes a lot of macs. Maybe it is also smart enough to route via local wifi as well?
I'm not a developer. I'm not a kickstarter or a venture capitalist. But...I'm seeing some pieces fall in place for a useful application of all this spiffy stuff: Yosemite telephony that ties to iOS8, and a home automation initiative makes me think about one of the issues I've had since ditching the landline. I leave my iPhone about anywhere in the house. I'm pretty good about putting it on a charger, but the issue is that I one of those people that occasionally "never...
It seems this is a software feature with deeper implications. It is possible a future model of ATV will be a chrome cast HDMI dongle? The current puck is spiffy -I use mine all the time -but it is hardly portable.
Telophony on the mac has been a moving target for a long time. I am really curious to see how this pans out. Like many people, I ditched my landline some time ago in favor of my cell phone. One of the things I left behind in doing so was the tried and true fax machine. Sure, old tech, but other people use it, so as a small business owner, I am expected to do likewise. There are apps to do this, but it frustrates me to pay a fee to do so.    It would be nice to have...
Dunno. Really hard to predict. Tablet ideas floated about until Steve walked out with one in hand. I bought one on launch day, and it was value to me. But my iP5s was $199; albeit with a carrier subsidy - that I figured I was going to buy anyway - and I'm having a hard time picturing an iWatch having the utility and value as my iP5s. It better be spectacular starting with a 3 in it. Unless...you think it is a standalone phone too?
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