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Oh, and remember when Melinda Gates famously told everyone that she wouldn't permit her kids to have iPods? "They can have a Zune." Reminds me of when my dad had been working at Ford for decades, but when my mom had to spend her own money on a car, she bought an Oldsmobile. "Honey, I love you, but I need a car I can rely on." Brand loyalty is one of those things I rather don't get.
I actually used a surface once. It was just...wierd. I'm so used to the ease of the iPad now, that this just seemed ... unintuitive at every turn. It was a "I just don't get this" moment. It seems like this was just a botched product from the get-go. MS had to react, and react they did. This might be a "new coke" moment. Honestly, I would have no use for a surface at any price. The woot ad at $100 is funny. I wouldn't even spend that. And fairly, if anyone asked my...
I am looking forward to buying and watching on iTunes. Going to be something surreal about that.   Going to a theater sucks.
I am looking forward to buying and watching on iTunes. Going to be something surreal about that.   Going to a theater sucks.
Yes, this deal appears gone. Must have been some sort of mistake.
This isn't the panacea claimed: "Users who access WatchESPN on the Apple TV must have an active cable subscription, while HBO Go can only be streamed to customers who subscribe to HBO through their cable provider." IOW, you still have to subscribe to the whole package of crap from your cable provider to access the channel you want on the ATV. The Holy Grail consumers want is to be able to choose and pay for ONLY the content they want. This news item is a long way short...
Betcha it ain't $55/mo after they get all the fees and taxes in.
There was a funny quote from long ago: "Locks are for honest people." I simply lock my house and doors to deter the causal spur of the moment intruder - the kid with nothing better to do, or someone simply unprepared to use force. This kind of system fits the bill. Honestly, if an evil doer is going to pick my lock, s/he has come prepared, and I'd rather they simply enter, steal, and get the hell out doing as little damage as necessary. This is why I pay insurance...
Looks pretty cool, and I will investigate. $250 seems a little steep. There are some other alternatives out there for sure, but what attracted me was that this one seems to fit into the existing bolt hole I already have. Nothing on the Kevo site about installation though. Dorking around getting this onto the door is the biggest challenge.   I presume the inside side has a "disable" function. There's some verbiabge about knowing what side of the door you're on with...
The one feature I'm a little confused about is the connectivity. I'm guessing I can't BT pair the pebble with my iPhone, and then use BT headpones as well? Be kinda nice to have the controls for the music on my wrist, and no wires to my ears.
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