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Will it come in white?
OK, I'll say it. Of all the people at the table, I'd guess Obama makes the lowest salary. And how many black people at at that table? At least there's a couple girls.
Presumably Steve-o will be doing the previewing/announcing?
I can understand why a vendor places a fee on a service: because they can, and they have made a business deterimnation it is their best interests (profit) to do so. I do the same when think about buying. I could use the moble hot-spot feature, but will not pay above a certain price for the new convenience. It wasn't part of the original deal when I bought my iPhone. To me, it is not worth an extra $20/mo locked in for 24 months, for example. YMMV. Give me a monthly plan...
FWIW, I do like a deal, but don't expect something for nothing. My unlimited ATT data plan was part of the deal, but tethering was not. Fairly, they offered an unlimited plan to a single device, so in my eyes, if Apple made it technologically feasible to provide unlimited data to a single different device, I don't beleive I should have to pay ATT more for that - it was the essence of the original deal. In the end, I would pay a little more to have the data I already...
Was listening to NPR via my new iPhone 4 this morning. I have generally not had any problems with ATT, and reupped with them recently. But, just as NPR was reading this story on the morning news, my ATT coverage simply...stopped. Plenty of the touted "bars" and a nicne "3G" indication but the ATT network was no where to be found, even for other apps. Restart, no dice. ATT just crapped the bed just as Verizon was being announced as available. Fairly, this was the first...
It is an accurate statement of the law.
I was thinking more of entering that information myself voluntarily so i get updates and discounts. But as to the bootlegs, you have no privacy right to commit a crime or a tort.
Second. That would be a great feature, and seems easy enough to implement? Steve?
All I have done with the new store is read about it. WIll be updating and going for a test run soon. It does look pretty spiffy. A really nice mac feature. One thing I am curious about, and wonder if anyone has tried. As we all know, OSX has multiple user profiles built in to it. If I login to a mac with my user ID, assuming I am an administrator of the mac, and download a mac app/program with my Apple ID, will that app/program be available to all other users on that...
New Posts  All Forums: