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"Apple on Wednesday sent out invitations for a special event next week on Jan. 19..." Today is Wednesday January 11th. Does that help? As an educator, I'm really interested in what this event will bring.
The wifi part helps. There are places in my house where I'd like to have the TV on while I do other things. Most of my TV watching is live sports, and I don't want an extra cable wire and box going into those rooms for the occasional game coverage. Wonder if this will have a airplay function, so I can push it onto an appleTV? It eliminates the cable and box, itself kind of cool. For the price.
I like the price. If it works. Right now, the xfinity app doesn't, even though my cable box is listed as one of the ones it is supposed to. Opened a ticket with their tech support, no action. But my bill always comes on time.
I see the charm, and this is exciting in that in offers a glympse of Apple's continuing tech innovations. But I still think the key to "cracking" TV is in Steve's comments regarding the integrated system of content providers and set top boxes and TV units is accurate: it isn't the tech that is hard - it is the business model. IOW: content content content. AppleTV remains a "hobby" because without user controled content (read: a la carte channels or programming) there isn't...
For the record, I have no interest in a voice activated TV.
They are due 12/21/2012. I understand the Ancient Mayans already have several apps pending in the app store.
Love the reports on secret work. Did someone find this on wikileaks?
That would be the iPhone X. I speculated a bit on this before. Making the current nano a full up iOS device will be a killer. Lot of tech work that can't be overestimeted though - that's a pretty small box to cram stuff in to.
Except certain butt-head astronomers. Get it? See what I did there?
New Posts  All Forums: