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I'm sorta wondering if the next version of the AirPort is going to have a iPhone docking station. Why carry your iPhone around the house? Park it at the door. Although fairly, I do snap the occasional in-home pic with it.   Hey, that might be a nice aftermarket product. An airport platform with power, docks for iPhones, a bluetooth 4 "booster" (who cares if it uses more power when it is plugged into the wall?) 
Yes. This entire functionality will not work on a great many number of macs that will run Yosemite, but lack the BT4LE built in hardware (as is the case with my late 2009 iMac.) Dongles are reported to not currently function. This doesn't mean they might be made to work in the future by enterprising terminal savvy users.
haha! True enough. RingCentral appears to be a commercial service using VoIP. Silly me - I guess I should have said I'm looking for a solution with no service costs. I might pay a reasonable price for the app itself.
Cool! But I suspect the 2009 version requires connection to a landline? I'm not even sure my mac has a telephone modem in it. And I for sure don't have a landline. I'll look for RingCentral - it might be getting a new version soon, thx.
I tried it, and it does work. Kinda slick. Wonder if there is an app for the 10.10 side that allows you to answer a call, and it accepts an incoming fax? Or conversely allows sending a fax? Old tech - meet new tech.
But not shocking or terribly unreasonable. 10.10 is free. iOS 8.1 is free. iWork (etc) is free. AAPL makes hardware, and they want you to buy that from them. And I will when I can't live without the new "fun stuff." Every consumer has a value point. Options are good. But dammit, all I see when I look at my wrist is...my wrist!
Ah. Thanks. I do note a spiffy little wifi thingy called the Karma. It appears to be a pay as you go wifi-cell bridge. But of course, another thing to drag around with you.
Next piece of the puzzle is to see if the Continuity, Calls, Hotspot, and AirDrop stuff will work through a 3rd party BTLE 4.0 dongle on an older mac. I installed 10.10 Yosemite on a late 2009 iMac (no onboard BTLE 4.0) overnight, and as perhaps expected, AirDrop did not function on it. The question remains if Apple intentionally designed the systems to be sure they only function with on-board BTLE 4.0 support - that you bought with a new(er) mac - or that they enabled...
Interesting. I think that's the way to go, but I'm not sure such a prepaid SIM is available in the US. I did just look at the iPad Air 2, and it doesn't have carrier specific models, so this new SIM feature seems to support the idea.  Anyone know of a source for this kind of pre-paid SIM card in the US?
Ah. Didn't know that. Thx. And the diff between TB and TB2?
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