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Ah. Interesting. That might be a first for an apple product? IIRC, there was much angst over the water sensors in iPhone. Apple had a tell tale in them. Wonder if Apple Watch has such a thing. 
I did a launch day order on the original iPad. It showed up at like 10am on launch day. I'm doing this with Apple Watch. I'll put in pre-orders on 4/10 for two of them. I think I'll be sick (cough cough) from work on 4/24. Can't wait!
I see what you did there.
Not sure AppleCare covers user inflicted damage. The usual Apple warranty is 1 year, IIRC. 17% increase in cost for the sport; up to a 5% increase for Edition. Interesting.
Agreed, me too. There's a rumor Apple will offer iPhone models with upgraded internals but smaller screens than the iPhone 6. I'd be on board with that myself. iPhone 6 is cool, but I like my 5s size, particularly if I can leave it in my pocket (or the other room) most of the time.
Hope they bring it to the magic/mighty mouse. 
To me, the Apple Watch killer feature is having a connection to my phone without my phone in my pocket *when I am at home*.    Apple Watch does have BTLE and wifi. It is clear the Watch needs to connect to your iPhone to function, and pretty sure the BTLE connection will be its connection of choice. But...why not via wifi? Meaning if your watch can get a wifi connection...and your iPhone can get a wifi connection...   Or better yet - the original nook came with...
This is an interesting site: http://bandswapper.com/ Neatly solves a couple of issues with the sport bands. 
I'm kind of on edge to see what will happen.
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