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I very much understand secrecy and "no comment" from AAPL regarding product upgrades and releases, iPhone in particular. You can't tell people "a new, better one is coming" because they won't buy what is on the shelf.   But in the case if iWatch/iTime, this makes less sense. Cook says AAPL is "deeply interested" in wearables, and thus acknowledges that these products exist. It would seem to me that AAPL would want to show off their product as soon as the form is settled...
Scheduled launch this fall means NLT 12/21. Might be a while yet.
Haha. Good one. Apple is a corporation. Corporations are tasked by law to be self-serving. Acting otherwise is actually illegal. But before everyone loses their minds, the law has a really, really low threshold of determining this.
Cool thanks. You saw that explained somewhere on the NFL site, Dish, Apple or similar? Or that's your opinion based on the AI article?
I guess I don't get:  "though games will remain television-only affairs." My Apple TV is a television-only affair - it only displays on my TV. Does this mean I can buy an NFL subscription to watch live games through my Apple TV onto my television as a "television only affair?" Guess I really don't care about mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, but YMMV.
I actually am surprised when I see people on airliners that aren't wearing noise cancelling headphones.
The airlines' sole interest in this is making people pay for it. Want to use your cell in flight? That's in rows 1-10 only and there's a fee to sit there.   The airlines are going to insist this is their decision because of the Airline Deregulation Act. "Rates, Routes, and Services." The FAA will insist it is a safety issue. Wait until a fight breaks out over someone bitching about "can you hear me now?"
It seems these kinds of additions are popping up because they are inexpensive and easy for apple to do. It really can't take more than a few minutes of coding, and the content deal is essentially what the provider would offer a cable company. The interface needs work, and there still is little to offer a cable cutter. Meaning...no real revenue model.
Hum. Seems like a job for iTime/iWatch.   Show me this will not coast me extra per transaction. I see plenty of merchants, notably gas stations, resorting to the old trick of quoting a credit price that is higher than cash/debit.   I can actually see AAPL becoming a debit card/ financial services company. Good money in that. Skip offering credit; make it all ubitquitous debit payments. 
Interesting. Hope the devs and Smart People that are working on this for Apple can fix all the strange behavior in Apple Mail on Mavericks. I'll wait for the finished product like the good little consumer I am. But remember: "this fall" by definition means NLT 12/21/14; about 5 months from now.
New Posts  All Forums: