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Maybe put the share price of those other companies? Sure, AAPL is profitable, but is it $700/share profitable? And Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.
I don't think Windows 8 has the Lion's share.
Gotta say being a mac head has its advantages. There's a lot to choose from out of AAPL. Sure wish I'd bought it at the $200/share level when I thought about it.   I've been a mac user since 1992. My desktop of choice has been the iMac for a long time. I think I have had every model except the one with the crane neck. My current silver one is a 2007 edition, so I likely will need to think replacement at some point. Normally it would be to the next iMac, but now there...
Ah ha:           9to5mac(dot)com reports an apple iwatch in progress:     chinese-report-claims-intel-and-apple-are-working-together-on-iwatch-product-due-in-just-months/
Right. Just like Boeing manufactures the 787 in the US. Guessing this should impact the share price negatively.
I was a little disappointed when AAPL decided to abandon the nano watch sized form. With some work it could have been a useful and cool device in a wristwatch form.   This thing here though is butt ugly. The idea is fine - as others have commented Siri and other functionality is needed. The size needs to come down too. If someone could turn Jonny Ive loose on the project, they'd have something. The face needs to be very customizable in function and layout, something like...
Gotta really admire this Muenster guy. He apparently has a job that pays him to make shit up. Where do I get in on that scam?   I can see a future for some interesting tech that Apple might be really good at. The nano wristwatch had all kinds of promise, but that form seems abandoned by AAPL. I'm guessing because they had a business reason to do so. But just because I have some ideas about what I think makes sense isn't a reason people should beleive me if I say...
Can't tell how much shiping costs.
I can't imagine what an iTV would bring to the table that I would want, and almost certainly nothing in that price range. Compare the state of the technology to where we were before the introduction of the iPod and iTunes systems - in those cases there was a vast need for a tech improvement, and it could be done in a price range compatible with consumer expectations. No so here. The only thing that is ripe for improvement is the ability to get content on an attractive...
  Speaking of iTunes... [looks at calendar]
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