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Well....no. My wife is an athlete, and works out daily (often several times a day.) What is clearly happening is that her AW is simply not picking up her heart rate. The 10 minute test was just that - she went for a 10 minute run, and AW saw it as 3 an intermittent minutes (not like it took 7 minutes to get her HR up.) She has no tattoo, and the watch is wearably secure on her wrist. It is clear that the device simply is not working as advertised. Now...it could be the...
...and a 10 minute workout recorded at 3 minutes of activity. Wife's eval of AW as a fitness tracker: "it sucks."
Have advised my wife to restart both iPhone and AW to see if that helps. She has done many hours of workout, yet AW records only a few minutes. Calibration did not help. 
My AW is still "processing" but my wife's 38mm SG sport delivered a week or ago. She reports that the activity tracker is extremely unreliable (both before and after the update to 1.0.1) having completed quite a few hour+ workouts with AW reporting only a few minutes of activity. Her evaluation of AW as a fitness tracker: "it sucks." I've suggested we try to "calibration" procedure posted on the Apple site. Will report any improvement.
I do understand the huge challenges rolling out millions of anything. Untested waters, much guesswork, supply chain and manufacturing issues. Likely the MBA types have this kind of thing in a textbook or class syllabus. But ya know...I place an online order on April 10. If I can walk into an Apple store and buy the model I ordered before my online order fills...well...someone from MBA class needs to get a failing grade.
I see what you did there. I would think AAPL shares would rise on this news story. I just don't see TV as a huge money maker.
Skeptical wife received, charged, paired, and is using within the hour. Asked her via iMessage "pretty cool toy, no?" Response: "Absolutely!" Apple is going to make (another) fortune...
Data point: the 38mm sport SG suddenly shipped yesterday (delivery today), having been listed for some time as ships late May and ordered on 4/10. The 42mm sport SG, ordered essentially the same time still shows June shipping dates. Seems reasonably clear the 38's are coming more available sooner.   My wife's gift will arrive first. This could be interesting, because she is rather skeptical of the device.
Mine too - ordered 2 sport SG's on April 10. No Love for an AAPL shareholder.
New Posts  All Forums: