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That would be the iPhone X. I speculated a bit on this before. Making the current nano a full up iOS device will be a killer. Lot of tech work that can't be overestimeted though - that's a pretty small box to cram stuff in to.
Except certain butt-head astronomers. Get it? See what I did there?
Yes, I feel great shame for my unfortunate ignorant misspelling.
I second this. Answer Conrade Chairman Flaneur's questions immediately, or your permit to this site will be revoked! Unless you forward the appropriate bribe. See your government operating handbook, pg. 10,396, Section 121.16.45(b)(2)(iii), third paragraph alternate IV.
heh. All about Shareholder (or prospective shareholder) expectations and value.
Yes. Information should be free or inexpensive to all. In other news, I wish someone would do something about the exorbitant prices colleges charge for education. Information should be free or inexpensive to all. And gosh, could someone do something about the exorbitant prices teachers charge? Information should be free or inexpensive to all. That's my policy. I just haven't figured out how to make it happen. One day I will "crack this."
What I'd really like is a nano as a full up iOS device with a camera. Probably a significant tech challenge, particualy in terms of battery. But man...what a killer device!
ORLY? You treat all people the same, but if they have more money than you, then you don't?
Why is it that people insist on calling the law a "legal loophole." Sure, the law maight be poorly written, or have unintended consequences, but *it's the law.* And if you're crazy enough to think you can change things...well...here's to you. But a more entertaining thought would be what Steve might have had for a personalized plate. "AAPL" "MISFIT" "CRAZY1" "REBEL" "1MORTHNG" "INSNLEGR8" "1984"
New Posts  All Forums: