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This one has me perplexed. I do periodic backups of my iTunes library via the iTunes function. I haven't had any trouble with this until 10.1.1, where the backup starts fine, it asks for a disk, and I give it a DVD per usual. It then tells me i'll need 4 disks, and I tell it to continue. Then...nothing. The burn never starts, and even after waiting a very long time, I can simply eject the still blank DVD. So, I figure I'll do a complete backup of all my purchases (not...
iPhone 4 with trade in of my old iPhone 3G: $88 out the door with new 24 month agreement that retains my unlimited data plan. It's a nice 16GB machine. They wanted the wall socket plug, and snagged it out of the new box to send with the trade-in. I have one at home that works fine. But this inlcudes a new USB cable and earbuds set. I was going to upgrade eventually, and since I was rolling month to month on the old plan anway, I saved $111 plus tax. Gave some...
Sure. But why would they want to? The Jobserino wants to change the world, not serve up data bits.
As Paul Harvey would say, "Page 2..." On a lark, I decided to go to another RS. I simply asked about the deal upon arrival, and presented my 3G for inspection. The sales guy knew *exactly* what the score was, and his cow-orker confirmed she'd done with a $75 trade in, total price $88. And so it was. They had a 16GB in stock. Total time for the transaction was about 20 minutes. A well trained rep, went like clockwork. I take back everything I said. Just go to the right...
Saw this note this morning and decided to go check it out. Went to a brick and mortar Radio Shack, and asked them about it. I have an upgrade eligible 8gb iPhone 3G. Asked them if they could do a upgrade to iPhone 4 16gb. Sales rep said they didn't have any 16gb, and "final price" on the 32gb iPhone 4 would be $249. She explained all iPhones come from a central warehouse, and since they didn't have any, no other radio shack stores in the area would have them. She cited...
But...but...but...I don't *want* a playbook. Mommy, make the nasty man stop. Call Santa Steve - he has my toy list!
That makes sense, but it would be rather nice if news/rumor reports would differentiate. This one from AI said "AppleTV." I have one of those, so would expect the 4.1 update to be applicable to it. It didn't say a 4.1 update for the iOS one. That said, can anyone verify they looked for a software update for the original AppleTV and there wasn't one available? I will check when I get home myself, but I'm rather curious.
Thomas Jefferson wrote about out "Brittish Bretheren" (sic).
Always found Apple's products to be quite smashing. Ripping, what? Was pondering this while smoking a fag, and awaiting at the tube. But then I remembered I left my iPad in the boot of my auto; put it there while getting some petrol. Had just enough time to check it before I had to speed off to shag my wife.
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