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I can see it becoming an AppleTV "stick" like Chromecast, RokuStick, FireStick etc.
 It looks a bit like the old del.icio.us concept. A bookmark collector/sharing tool. Like everything else social media, you have to be inclined to that sort of thing.  Concur. Probably more to come. It first with Apple's strategy of letting their third party partners solve some of their problems. It is kinda cool...so long as the ultimate install process is a secure trip through the walled garden. It appears to simply be a different user interface for the app store. Cool. 
I had no idea this was still happening in the world. How the hell did this get past the union reps?   Oh. Wait. What?
Yeah....No:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kickshark/chronosdock-luxury-bedside-dock-for-apple-watch   Someone is going to have to do better than this...
I'm really in two minds about how to go about buying. It is a given I will be buying two, and like when I bought iPad, it would be nice to get them delivered to the front door on launch day. But...I'm kind of thinking I'd like to try one on, compare the models and bands...make it an experience. But there is no way I am going anywhere near an Apple Store within 3 months of launch. They will be swamped, and I don't need the chaos. I would be interested in seeing the actual...
No, really. You made a clever reference: "...keeping a close pulse on the customer experience personally." Pulse. Apple Watch. Heart monitor. Pulse. Very clever of you. Good one!
I see what you did there.
Well..like Steve said: "don't hold it like that." :-)
Please - no "self driving cars." Self driving cars aren't going to happen.
This is interesting:   http://www.wareable.com/apple-watch/apple-watch-launch-means-universities-will-ban-all-watches-in-exams-804   A new first-world problem.
New Posts  All Forums: