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You know, I did see some videos on WatchAware that seemed to indicate this. There was a lot of failed swiping (and fairly, a lot of people were being awfully ham-handed.) I've come to the conclusion that obviousness is the antithesis of personal. I expect something of a learning curve. Contrary to Kevin Lynch's alacrity (he designed the stuff, so it is obvious to him) I think people struggle with trying to do unfamiliar things quickly. Can't tell you how many times I've...
The one thing that really got my interest in the Spring Forward event was the new touchpad and functions in the new MacBook. The first ting I thought of is "how can they build that into a new mouse for my mac?" I have a trackpad, and never use it. 
Yet. Wait for it, patents be damned.
There will be a plethora of stands for Apple Watch. I'm sure someone will make a solar one for overnight charging.   Wait...what?
Wasn't talking about the number of bands. I was pointing out the offered combinations of cases and colors on the store contract the AI assertion that you can mix and match 5 colors, 2 sizes, and 2 case finishes (20 total). I included the entire sentence in the cite.
"The Sport collection can be purchased with any color sport band ($349 for 38 millimeters, $399 for 42 millimeters), and two different band sizes will be included in the box." Well...the apple store current contradicts this. There are "10 (sport) models available." 38mm and 42mm versions 4 silver cases with white, blue, green and pink bands. A space grey (38 and 42) with black band. Perhaps this will be updated. Otherwise...no black band on the silver case for purchase...
Umm...you know of a place that can sell you USD for CDN at par? Do share!
The Apple Store seems to indicate spare chargers $29 for a 1m; $39 for a 2m. I think another commenter pointed this out - the price difference is not for 38mm vs. 42mm.   That's less disappointing.
Going to start with a sport as this is a first model release. But my wife, who is still very much still in the "I don't get it" camp, only likes the silver case with a black sport band. And of course, it appears that configuration is not available.
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