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Well...my MBA has a magsafe connector too. I think that is a similar connection. You might be right.
TechCrunch reports the time to fully charge Apple Watch is 2 hours. I find this a bit hard to believe, but they are citing some beta testers. Its a teeny battery. How can it take longer than the comparatively massive batteries in the iPhone and iPad? It is unlikely to be discussed much at the Monday event.
Yes, but many people, including me, have stopped listening to you.
Sounds reasonably accurate. I'm inclined to be guided by Jony's phrase that Apple Watch is a "compelling beginning."   WatchAware.com has an interesting piece about the sensors on the back not being a heart rate sensor.
Accessories, yes. But much more limited. Things like BT headphones or charger stands specifically for Apple Watch. I'm not sure we've seen the other end of Apple's charging cord. The nifty mag-safe type connector, yes, but I'm assuming the other end is USB. Meaning Apple Watch shows up in iTunes for configuration? It can't be that Apple Watch is solely configurable via iPhone - but we haven't actually been told how this will work.
Tim will come on stage wearing an Apple Watch. He will give an update on the retail stores, and probably right out of the box briefly explain the stores reconfiguration for Apple Watch sales. I think there is a good chance he will hand the stage over to Angie for that. It will be her first event appearance.   There may be a brief update on Apple Pay because it relates to the Watch.   The watch tech features will go next. What it will do, and some app demos. Jony will...
Well...yes. I remember what the telephone was like in the mid 1960s. The iPhone in my pocket is way "harder." I think the point is that it is made "better." Apple Watch is called a "Watch" because of only two reasons: 1. It resides where watches traditionally are kept (a wrist); and 2. It can display the time. Beyond that it is a totally new device.
It does? How does this let Tim say his customers are not his product? Confused....
I would expect custom engraving too, but if you look at the back of the Watch, you can see that some of the information already engraved is somewhat superfluous. Yes, the serial number, but unless the things like "42mm case" and what the thing is made of are somehow already fixed in the manufacture, I can see "opting out" of that in favor or "personalization." I think gold has to be marked with karat content.
I don't understand your (power)point.
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