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As The Loop put it: "Ouch."   http://readwrite.com/2014/04/04/amazon-fire-tv-review-hands-on-impressions#awesm=~oAtNY6tAxPfzzX
This. Oh yes, this. Of all the things that frustrate consumers, it is the concepts of licensing and ownership. "I paid for it, so I can do what I want with it." Not all all. Buy a movie on ATV? It might not play on a non Apple device. Buy somehting from Amazon? Yeah, it might not work on your Apple device.Pays your money, you takes your chances. But...it isn't clear there is large money to be made making products that help somone else sell their stuff. Or is there?
A fair question. Pay per event sports. I don't want an expensive package for the season, or "all the games." I would pay a couple of bucks to watch the occasional game. ESPN is the gorilla in the room.I'd like to get the new "Cosmos" on iTunes too. I have the original from iTunes, and interestingly, it is no longer available in the store.
All interesting, and Amazon is smart to fire a shot across the bow with pointing out deficiencies in the airplay system. I bought a movie on iTunes with the "extras" and not only will those "extras" not play via the ATV, but I can't stream them via the airplay system. That is unacceptable in an apple product. I have very modest needs on a TV. The real revolution will be in the content, just like Steve and the iPod and Itunes original concept. These boxes are all fine, and...
I converted to iWork some time ago. It fulfils my needs. I will not buy a recurring license to software. Not no way, not no how. Rather interesting to see MS continue to marginalize itself. When I have a tech need, MS is the last place I think of. That said, I'm forced by my employer to use their stuff.
One of the things that kinda irks me is that iTunes extras won't play on Apple TV. I bought a movie with some cool featurettes, but the Apple TV interface won't display or play them - only the purchased movie is available. Ah, so I figured my MBA could conntect via AirPlay, and it would mirror the extras to the AppleTV and connected HDTV. No dice, and it appears to be design, as there was a specific error displayed. I don't use Netflix or Hulu or any of the others, so I...
It's all about the content. The idea of integrated monitors is intriguing, but I can't imagine AAPL want to compete with the race to the bottom HDTV market. Screens are great, getting better, and prices dropping. APPL has no experience in that market.   But...they do in content. And when they can show the content providers a huge market for their wares - all mobile stuff that...plugs into a box anyone can hand on their already owned HDTV...it starts to look attractive....
This gives me wood.
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