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That's not the point I made that you declared "WRONG." That's the point you made. For the record, I agree with your point. 
Well...how many more iPhones would have been deployed for free?
No one wants to actually pay for anything. Free is the price everyone wants. Let someone else pay. But of course, the world can't work like that. It is smart for a retailer to offer options. Choose how you want to buy.    At the end of the day, every consumer is faced with evaluating the value *to them* *in their circumstances.* My tastes change over time. And value is a deeply subjective thing.
Can someone ping me (!) when Taylor Swift's albums go on sale for $.99? Wait...what?
Pretty sure I said I wasn't sure. That's what I think now, and am open to someone explaining why I should conclude one way or the other. What you think about me is completely irrelevant.
Not sure if this is good or bad.
Thanks, but I don't know. I didn't see an option that says "send browser history to google" that I could uncheck. There is a CP called "little snitch" I think that can be tailored, but I haven't used it in a while.
I don't know. I understand the concept of cookies, and Safari has a "private mode" but I'm fairly sure Safari doesn't phone home to Apple. I trust Apple. I don't trust Google. Anyone actually know if a browsing history is sent to Google so they can (presumably) target ads (or who know what else?)
Does chrome do this? The ToS permit google to obtain your browsing history?
I wonder if AI looked at the shrink wrap license to see if it had terms involving disparagement in reviews. There is at least one company that does that:   http://www.businessinsider.com/kleargear-faces-lawsuit-after-fining-couple-for-negative-review-2013-12?op=1   YMMV...
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