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No, really. You made a clever reference: "...keeping a close pulse on the customer experience personally." Pulse. Apple Watch. Heart monitor. Pulse. Very clever of you. Good one!
I see what you did there.
Well..like Steve said: "don't hold it like that." :-)
Please - no "self driving cars." Self driving cars aren't going to happen.
This is interesting:   http://www.wareable.com/apple-watch/apple-watch-launch-means-universities-will-ban-all-watches-in-exams-804   A new first-world problem.
FWIW, my iPhone isn't always in my pocket. It will be nice to leave it somewhere nearby. I take my watch off to shower, and I do that daily. If Apple Watch can fully recharge in 20 minutes, I see daily charging as no problem. I also take jewelry off at night, so a charger by the bed will do nicely, and give me access to my iPhone in the other room.
 Can anyone tell me what business Radio Shack is in? Or rather what business they used to be in? They seem to be kinda like Yahoo - they're a business that doesn't seem to fulfill any sort of consumer need.  Well...I agree with them. It isn't currently a big product compared to selling 74 million iPhones in one quarter. Give it a few years.  I am reminded of Steve's unveiling of the Macintosh and his lead in dialog about personal computing being "too small, and unimportant...
Retina MBA - meh AppleWatch - SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
I think they said the same thing about Apollo... hehe
I agree. But this is hardly a scaleable solution. 10s of thousands of intersections (in the US alone) and in an urban environment simply not an option at most. Some sensors some wiring some electronics some software. Done. Sent a man to the moon 45 years ago on <32kb. Yeesh.
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