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She's pretty. That sells.
Yes, I feel great shame. I've deleted all such files. Thanks to all for providing me with a moral compass.
 Yes, I now feel shame. Thank you for pointing out my misdeeds. I've deleted the ill gotten booty, and will never do this again.
Checked it out of the library, ripped it to iTunes and now its uploaded by Match. Done.
My iPhone 4s camera became so scratched up that the camera was quite unusable. I dislike cases. iPhone is a beautiful artifact, and I want to see it.
Should add it to their (admittedly clever) ads: cha-CHING-fit!
What I object to more is lack of a lens cap. Some shutter type device to keep the glass clean  and scratch free is needed. Open when the camera is being used; closed all other times.
I agree. Interesting and informative. Just not at a media event on stage. Oh, I suppose they were necessary to justify the premium prices to some people.
Seriously. A 2 minute (or less) video about materials *at a media event* was a train wreck. Even Tim seemed a little bit "oh, here's another one about how we make these." It seemed to me he almost rolled his eyes. As I said, interesting. But it's not for that audience and at that time. These events are already way too long. Leave the audience wanting more, and supply it online. The reveal AW thingy was very well staged, and well presented. And at the time, Jony telling the...
Well...if their hardware didn't suck, it might be ok. But I really scratch my head when I read about Microsoft. I don't know that that make anything actually relevant. I really have no interest whatsoever in anything they make.
New Posts  All Forums: