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I'm guessing some devs had applications or updates queued up, and they were waiting for this to drop from Apple. Be sort of interesting to see what they come up with. I'm presuming some will be associated with BT4 sensors.    Apple Watch is supposed to have a UV exposure sensor. An enterprising person might come up with a BT4 UV sensor to embed in a pair of sunglasses. Wonder if Oakley is working on that.
I am Spartacus!
Yeah. Apple should offer to refund every dime people paid for iOS8 immediately. What structural issue? Like they told us a long time ago: "don't hold it like that." Yeesh.
Chapeau to AI for posting the red "Breaking" tag to the story title.   I see what you did there.
While many have posted similar, this is true of many things beyond software updates or tech things. This is one of my core life philosophies: never change anything until required or the safety of doing so is confirmed and verifiable, preferably by reliable first hand reports. Something new comes out? Find out how others are experiencing it first. Then decide a course of action. Risk management takes some actual analysis. That said, it does appear Apple made a mistake...
I think this means there are going to be lots of options, lots of things to personalize the tech that fits your style. And of course, your wallet and your perceived value.   This is all getting very interesting to watch. My wife's iPad 2 needs an update, but prioritizing this based on the work she needs to do takes some discussion and analysis. She has a 13" MBA as well, so deciding on what capability she need takes some thinking. All this of course is unneeded if you...
They will absolutely sell millions of them.
As something of a "throw away" I remember Tim Cook mentioning that the Apple Watch could function on its own to play music (presumably through BT, since there is obviously no plug.) "If someone wants to go out on a run, they can play music just from their watch." Interesting, but I kind of think we've gotten to the point where going out on a run without your phone isn't really done. I carry mine as a safety device. Get hit by a car? Or twist an ankle? The iPhone makes many...
New Posts  All Forums: