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For me = way. I simply don't watch that many "shows." A couple times a month maybe, and I'm just not into reruns. What I'd really like the iTV to do is stream sports live in HD. 720p is just fine. And if the iOS is enabled, this could be done directly by the leagues. Their app could do the streaming, and add the iAds to boot. I'd pay for a stream of a hockey game or a football game...or even some of those isoteric olympic things that come around every 4 years...but it...
Cool. Exisiting stuff is being consumed. Thrilling. Now where are the announcements for the Apple "new goodies coming your way soon" event?
For $99 I'm certainly willing to give it a shot. What will make it killer for me is if I could buy a live/streaming sports event on it at a reasonable price. Say, get the Hockey Night in Canada stream for $1.99/game in HD. Sold, sold, sold.
Have my visa card in hand.
You do have a ATT contract for your iPhone though. And if you don't have a tether plan, could ATT see you using your iPhone to tether in violation of your agreement? Can they see the MAC address of the tethered device, like the iPad?
Indeed. The opinion by the librarian cited that section of the statute. The vailidity of the expressed opinion and subsequent enforcability, of course, if still exclusively within the perview of the courts. That said, courts generally defer to administrative opinion (see Chevron). Even so, the opinion only seems to be reflective of the DMCA's prohibition on circumvention of DRM schemes. This is not the same as "jailbreaking has no legal consequence."
They did so because they can make you pay for a second data plan. Un-crippling it also likely violates your ATT agreement. Many won't care, but ATT probably reserves the right to shut you off, send you a termination fee etc etc etc. Will they? Likely not for business reasons. Unless many, many people do and they feel they have no choice. For you techies out there, can the service provider (ATT) easily see the MAC address of the device that is consuming/connected to the...
What the constraints of the law are is very much not obvious. It is kind of you to apologise though.The Library of Congress did recently express an opinion regarding circumvention of copyright controls. Many say this means jailbreaking is now legal. I'm not so sure. First, the LoC is not an article III court. While their construction of their rules might be instructive (and under the Chevron USA case perhaps dispositive) it is not the final say on the matter. Secondly, the...
Really? I can drive it into someone and there is no consequence? But as you say, that isn't the point. The point is that just because you claim to own something doesn't mean you can do what you want with it. When you bought an Apple product, you agreed to some terms. Haven't looked close enough, but I do wonder if Apple retained the right to brick your product (or even replevy it) if you violate those terms. Heavy handed? Sure. But the DMCA has all kinds of heavy handed...
I love comments like this. I own my car. Can I do what I want with it?And just because it carries no criminal consequence, doesn't imply carte blanche. My car came with a warranty, but if I intentionally crash it, I doubt the manufacturer will replace the drivetrain for free. When you buy an Apple product, it comes with certain strings. Don't like those strings? Well, you have alternatives.
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