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True story from this morning: I was with 2 collagues and the subject of health tracking came up. I asked one who had an iPhone if she was getting an Apple Watch. "Probably not. Seems a little expensive, but I'll need to see." The other said "All I can afford is this crappy Samsung phone..."
This is true and worth remembering. I think Apple's Big Strategy(tm) is still to make all their devices all work seamlessly together. This lets consumers pick what one they prefer and meets their personal needs and goals. I can see an update to the 4" models to give them the internals (and perhaps design form) of the new larger screen models. This is well established in the MBP/MBA line. Pick a size. I'm sort of wondering what the software could look like when it all...
You know, this is one of the most succinct, insightful and profound analysis I've read here in weeks. (Sincerely!) You are absolutely correct.  Pretty sure Tim Cook et. al. came to this conclusion some time ago. It's kind of thrilling.
Yes. Apple has invented new techno-lingusitics: they are now the first "terabuck" company. 
Another person did the math: that's 586 iPhones per minute sold for the duration of the quarter...and profit of about $2300 *per second.*
Yup. And...we are about to get offered new technology to expand and enhance the usability of said iPhones: Apple Watch!
Thanks. My takeaway is that this is hardly a plug-and-play type arrangement. Seems more like a do it your selfer kind of project. Spiffy for sure, and it's cool you got it to work for you in your application. But it isn't for me. I think I need to just wait for the Wemo line to produce a wider line of useable modules. On that note...imagine a simple lamp on a table. Again, how is this supposed to work? The Wemo wall module has a switch on it for manual control, but what...
OK, I have a serious question about how this is supposed to work:   I have a stairway in my home that has simple incandescent/LED fixtures. It is controlled by a 3 way house wiring system, in that one switch at the bottom of the stairs can control the lights on/off independent of the position of the upstairs switch. The upstairs switch functions identically. It think this kind of thing is common, and I have another similar set up involving lights in a room - the ceiling...
Umm...if it is inside a coat pocket, how will people look? Not following. These battery targets are fine for me. I plan on buying 2. I am sort of curious how quickly they will charge.  Com'on chairman honeycrisp! Know what I see when I look at my wrist? My wrist!
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