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In and done on my iPad mini. Me likey!
"It is not out of the realm of possibility that a cross-platform version of AirDrop may be in the works, especially given a nearly identical feature bearing the same name first landed on OS X." Well...yeah. 'AirDrop" has been in OSX for a long time. I rather expected this iOS7 implementation to be compatible with it immediately. Guess I'll soon test it.
Here's my suggestion to AAPL: queue downloads proportional to how much money the apple ID user spends. If you're a good customer, you go to the front of the line. Banks do this. Airlines do this. Hey, maybe AAPL could have a dedicated server for shareholders?
These are fantastic devices, and I'm looking forward to getting 2x 5s ones. They are substantial bumps from the ip4 's I have now. I skipped 2 cycles, and can now afford and justify this big bump. Easily. Can't wait.   Interestingly, I don't really use a TV anymore. I can easily justify an upgrade - the darn things are so cheap...but I just don't use it enough to justify it. Oh, the game is on during the weekends, and I buy a few movies a year on AppleTV. a 32" HDTV on...
The new iPhones look nice. I'll buy two. Substantial upgrade from my ip4. But...this event will play on my Apple TV...but the DVD extras that come with movies I pay for won't? Gentlemen...
Oh, and remember when Melinda Gates famously told everyone that she wouldn't permit her kids to have iPods? "They can have a Zune." Reminds me of when my dad had been working at Ford for decades, but when my mom had to spend her own money on a car, she bought an Oldsmobile. "Honey, I love you, but I need a car I can rely on." Brand loyalty is one of those things I rather don't get.
I actually used a surface once. It was just...wierd. I'm so used to the ease of the iPad now, that this just seemed ... unintuitive at every turn. It was a "I just don't get this" moment. It seems like this was just a botched product from the get-go. MS had to react, and react they did. This might be a "new coke" moment. Honestly, I would have no use for a surface at any price. The woot ad at $100 is funny. I wouldn't even spend that. And fairly, if anyone asked my...
I am looking forward to buying and watching on iTunes. Going to be something surreal about that.   Going to a theater sucks.
I am looking forward to buying and watching on iTunes. Going to be something surreal about that.   Going to a theater sucks.
Yes, this deal appears gone. Must have been some sort of mistake.
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