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I really enjoy reading well written and reasoned pieces like this. Keeps me coming to AI.   Good journalism. Thanks.
Including right here on AI. Betcha Tim shows at least one. Remember when Steve showed a new iPhone commercial....then replayed it for everyone? Haha! It'd be funny if they remastered the 1984 commercial...and hammer thrower girl is wearing...an apple watch!
Interesting. Gruber's final pricing prediction:   http://watchaware.com/post/6307/john-grubers-final-apple-watch-pricing-predictions   I agree this would be hugely disappointing.
I just realized...one thing we should see starting Monday is Apple's TV ads for the watch. 
Also concur. But it is possible that cracking the case triggers...something...that only an Apple authorized entity can reset.... Dunno. I think Apple could get creative about it. Theft prevention is a Big Deal(tm) to them, so I'm curious. The flip side is that Apple Watch doesn't contain the plethora of personal information that an iPhone does.  Intriguing and interesting. I've wondered if Apple might be thinking about a BTLE enabled airport to do this kind of thing.
Concur. But this is just the kind of thing Apple likes to take on. It is actually about the only "Internet of Things" idea that (to me) has any practicality. Apple might be able to make use of a unique identifier in Apple Watch (the serial number?) to simply report its pairing. Opt-in when your buy/register the device, allowing you to later report a theft or loss. Next time it pairs with an iPhone...tink.
I am kind of curious about this too. Apple Watch has wifi, so it can theoretically be contacted and found.  Back to the point of the article, one thing that will come in the few weeks after Apple ships will be reports of bad battery life...because people will be diddling with the things continuously. Once we get its functions sorted out, and decide how we are going to use them, suddenly battery life will improve...because we stopped fiddling with it continuously. Biggest...
Really hoping to see this kind of thing announced widely at the Clippers games.
Well...my MBA has a magsafe connector too. I think that is a similar connection. You might be right.
TechCrunch reports the time to fully charge Apple Watch is 2 hours. I find this a bit hard to believe, but they are citing some beta testers. Its a teeny battery. How can it take longer than the comparatively massive batteries in the iPhone and iPad? It is unlikely to be discussed much at the Monday event.
New Posts  All Forums: