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While iChat is a standalone application, I seem to recall it is distributed with the OSX packages. I'd be a little surprised if AAPL decided to delay making iChat work with Facetime until a release of OSX 10.7 that seems still some months away. I'm sort of on the edge (!) of upgrading my iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, and this feature might push me over. Guessing there is a Grand Strategy(tm) about this in Cuppertino. And will OSX 10.7 come in white?
Or...an iPod Touch.
Don't really care about Carol's (or anyone else's) balls. But someone, somewhere, needs to figure out an intelligent way to make advertizing work. How many times have you been to a web page, and dicovered far more than half of the display is non-requested content? Pull up any newspaper site and you'll see an example. The news is crammed into a minor column, and the rest of my cinema display is filled with ads. Worse, may of othem play unrequested audio. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Now...
Meanwhile, I really like the iPad I got on launch day. It is fun and useful. If I put off buying new technology while an update is coming, I'd be missing out on a lot of fun. That said, I do occasionally skip upgrades and cycles, simply because I don't need certain offered features. While Facetime looks cool, I don't "need" it in my iPad. Like all tech, upgrade and adopt when you have a use. Otherwise...meh.
My experience was similar. I have a iP3G, and never had any problems with it or ATT at home in Seattle or when I've travelled. My wife has an old dumb phone, and an older iPod touch. She was in need of some tech upgrade, so I decided to get the an iP4 for her birthday. I've read a lot about the antenna issues, and have casually asked a few iP4 owners in passing if it is a problem for them. Not a scientific sample, but it ididn't seem widespread. I walked a few blocks from...
You just had to slide that in, didn't you?
Be nice to have iChat client that interfaces with those tens of millions of facetime iDevices now out.
Curious to know if the promised features for the *new* AppleTV will be available on the *existing* AppleTV. Any references about this on the Apple site?
My sentiments as well. This is cool. I do hope the content and pricing for the new AppleTV will be the same on my existing AppleTV? IOW, will I see a new update for the AppleTV software when I get home tonight?
Major threadjack here, but this is something a third party supplier could address as well. The sports headsets are generally pretty lacking. Not a lot of selection, I've yet to find some that stay put while wearing sunglasses. BT connectivity would be nice too.
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