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The oblong button on the right side isn't fully explained. It can't be a touchID, and I don't think the screen works as a touchID sensor. And there seems to be a little nubbin on the lower left side.  Good info, yes. Much of it is teasers. and...I think I know why. :-)
 Pretty sure I wouldn't buy this if all I wanted was a HR Monitor. And I think the battery specs are way up in the air. If the battery recharges in ... 10 mins? .... maybe there is no need to recharge it overnight. Pop it on the charger while you're in the shower. I pretty much said "meh" to the iPod. It really isn't hugely important to me, as I didn't have a deep desire to listen to music constantly. But I did find uses when they became more useable, smaller and cheaper....
Here's another "wish we could say more" moment: maybe there is an opportunity to ditch all these card readers (and their now very sophisticated skimmers) associated with ATMs and gas pumps too. All the demos in the videos seem to be of retail (coffee shoppes, Macys etc.) My employer sells me a bus pass. It is (another) card with an NFC chip. I lost the damn thing and a new one was $20.    AAPL's mission message needs to be "kill the mag stripe."
One insightful comment here was that now "wish we could say more" makes a little more sense wrt to the apple watch. I still am not exactly sure of all it does, or what its capabilities are. It seems to be an iPhone accessory, but can you make an NFC purchase without it being paired? Dunno. The Apple web site seems to imply so, but I'd wanna see that confirmed. It is reasonably clear it doesn't have a GPS chip in it (and I'm not sure about wifi, since the apple site says it...
Well...OK. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I haven't been asked for my DL/ Insurance by a peace officer since...well...long before the iPhone appeared.
Yeah, pretty much think Apple nailed this. This is clearly an iPhone accessory, rather out of some necessity. One question for the reviewers - or anyone that knows - it is advertised as function back to the iPhone 5, but ApplePay seemed to require the internal chip in the iPhone 6...and the touch ID sensor in the 5c and 5s. So if you are going to pair it with a pre-iPhone 6 to make an ApplePay, do you need to pull out the iPhone too? Or is there a TouchID sensor of some...
Reporter owns (owned?) how many shares? 
There are actually other ways to power a watch. I had one you had to periodically wind. Never needed batteries. Maybe Jessica is more right that we realize. The battery doesn't have huge life...but it has some intern means of recharge? Solar? Winding? Kinetic movement?
Look for Jony Ive to have cufflinks with diamond cut aluminium champhored edges.
Oh. OK. Thanks. My long sleeve shirt prediction still holds. Unconfirmed rumors from Tim's clothing supply chain. Although....Tim hasn't been the guy to trot new stuff out at these. He's deferred to other executives. Wonder who will "roll up their sleeve." 
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