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More meh. Is available in an app called "Glympse."
The "fitness features" is pretty minimal. So it has an accelerometer, and is somehow using that to track the distance of a run? I really wonder just how accurate that might be? No HR, no GPS, nothing other than running or walking? The nano could be so much more. At least for now it appears AAPL is mostly ignoring it. Put BT on it? A rudimentary camera as a full-up iOS device? Even drop ANT+ sport onto it so as to make it a expandable fitness device by third party...
And this Siri thing is not something I will need or use. meh.
Meh. Sort of entertaining to sit here and watch AAPL stock drop while this event is going on. Investors not pleased. And nothing here for me. Don't need a 4s, the nano not really an upgrade, iMessage won't work on my Mac, no appleTV additions. I miss Steve.
But...I don't want a Zune. I just want to...sing....
Remember the clue: "Let's Talk iPhone." Gee, sounds like Tim might get a call from Steve. Breif, to the point, they talk iPhone and show something off. Why not? And while we're at it, has anyone notices that kids don't actually use a phone to talk anymore? My experience is no one wants to talk into a phone unless they have to. Or make a facetime call to family. There's been reports of this Siri assistant thingy, and if it entails talking into an iPhone to make it work,...
OK, you can all bust on me for this one all you want, but this would be the one feature I'd upgrade to Lion (from SL) for. I have yet to see a feature in Lion I'd need or want until this.
"But...I don't *want* a PlayBook...." RIM: "You're going to marry Princess Lucky, so you better get used to the idea!
Indeed. Exclusive content. One would expect to pay more for exclusive conent. IOW, if a cable company wants that key to the castle, they need to pay more to the "Channel." And of course, if there was no other outlet, the Channel might not have cared to charge more, as it was moot. Ain't moot anymore. After that, it is simple economics.
New Posts  All Forums: