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Umm...you know of a place that can sell you USD for CDN at par? Do share!
The Apple Store seems to indicate spare chargers $29 for a 1m; $39 for a 2m. I think another commenter pointed this out - the price difference is not for 38mm vs. 42mm.   That's less disappointing.
Going to start with a sport as this is a first model release. But my wife, who is still very much still in the "I don't get it" camp, only likes the silver case with a black sport band. And of course, it appears that configuration is not available.
Did anyone think to pull the bands off and look for the rumored diagnostic port?
I agree. And even if they have sorted it out, there is little to be gained by showing all their cards. Well...I actually think their biggest margin is from the bands. I do think there will be third party bands showing up, and the hell with any patents. Samesung can copy stuff wholesale and get away with it, so I see compatible bands showing up. Wonder what Apple will do? The "rubber" bands are not attractive. But that's your option to get a launch product to try. Betcha...
What will be very interesting to watch (!) is how soon third party bands, patents be damned, come available. And of course, how Apple responds. Then, when version 2 comes out next year, surely Apple will be "forced" to redsign the case slightly so you'll need new a new band.
What is this "movie theater" you speak of?
Here's the thing for me: For the first time ever, I'm thinking Jony f*cuked up. The whole Apple Watch story has been about how meticulous they've been. All the metallurgy videos, because...well...metal. I even dug the videos showing the Mac Pro assembly last year. Very cool. But...Jony could have at least given a nod to the idea of standardizing parts. There is *no reason* why the 42mm version has to have the same back/sensor/charging array as the 38mm version. It even...
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