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I had to downgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS 3.1.3. Anyone know if jailbreakMe.com can JB that version? Or alternative is there a way to upgrade only to 3.2.x w/o using the iTunes updater (that will only take me to the unusable iOS4)?
Will not work with iPad/iPhone:http://www.gearlog.com/2010/07/magic...t_work_wit.php
I noticed on my first visit that my veterinarian has their office set up with iMacs. While the service and care I receive is most important, in the back of my mind I remind myself that I have never, ever lost data to a mac. Many times on "that other system" but never on a mac. So, I rather like the idea that one of service providers uses a system that protects my information from loss. I like that, and is another (secondary) reason to go back to them.
Have successfully downgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS 3.1.3. Will upgrade to an iPhone 4 toward the end of the year. Don't think any of these signal issues are a problem - I just don't need a new phone right now, and cash is an issue. Curious to see how iOS4 performs on my iPad. It was a dog on the iP3G.
"Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus "Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus "Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus "Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus "Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus "Apple gave me free bumpers!" -Spartacus . . . .
Likely discussed in this thread somewhere, but has anyone done this and been told their ATT contract renewal is terminated as part of the "full refund?"
Because it is so easy. Click reply. Bitch. Bask in the glow of intellectual engagement. I love the internets.
I'm not an iP4 owner, but likly will upgrade my iPhone 3G to iP4 later this year. My $.02 only - Apple's response was a huge mistake. You can't ever -ever- even suggest that a potential, rumored, or even discussed shortcoming of one of your products is the fault of the user. Even if wholly true. All you can say is "we are looking into it" and "we want to users to have complete satisfaction" or similar. In short, a non-answer. Consumers simply do not react well to being...
I took mine out to test this in various locations, but I seem to have lost it. Last time I saw it, I had it in a bar near Redwood City. Anyone had any problems in that location?
If the phone doesn't perform per the user agreement, I think that is theft. Apple is stealing from these people! Thieves! Maybe someone should ask for a parlay; per the "guidelines." Arrr..
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