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 The web site says limit 2. Get both. Boom.
  Was wondering when someone would comment on the next iPad being a tad bigger than the original. This is obviously the Maxi iPad. Comes in white only, wings optional.   Ok, that was cheap. Sorry. 
Dammit, these people are really pissing me off. How DARE they delay taking my money. First I gotta wait to Friday to order a iPad mini (what, you couldn't just take my money right away Tim? Really?) And now, I gotta wait MORE for a new iTunes that surely will have nots of stuff I didn't know existed, and now I can't live without? Oh, how the mighty apple has fallen! Apple - you *suck*.
Speaking of music, where's that promised iTunes update that was promised at the end of October. /stopslookingatcalendar 
I thought the best part of the event was when Apple Insider's live blog announced the new iMacs have the retina display.
I recently bought a B&N nook simple reader. There was a sale, I got it new for like $79. It has an interesting form factor, and for reading text only and books, it is pretty spiffy. Books is all it does, but so what? The interface is a tad clumsy (certainly not Apple-esque) but the size is just about right. (My personal opinion is that we will soon see devices like this being given away free; buy x number of books, get the reader gratis. Soon.)   I can see AAPL get...
This thread is most entertaining. Pricing is a science. And yeah, maybe something of an art too. Just what Apple is famous for. The enigma here is that one presumes Apple knows their product pipeline times intimately. Just a few weeks ago they rolled out the new iPod touch at $299. Steve very famously pointed out that Apple has become a mobile devices company, and all their actions in the last...maybe 10?...years indicates this is a truism. Perusal of their complete...
Lots of interesting possibilities. If AAPL wants to Kill It, they could price an iPad mini at $199 and destroy any competitors. Might not be a pleasing thing for shareholders to hear, as I can see AAPL losing money on each. (Yeah, I know...make it up in the volume.) But at that price could they make enough? They might be looking at higher prices simply to keep the deliveries doable. The new iPoad nano is clearly a nod to abandon the smart watch, at least for now. But the...
 Yeah dammit...I been waiting all day for my invite. I got money here. Shut up and take it Apple; I want one.
Apple legal department on line 1 in 3...2...1...
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