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HAHAHAHA! *More like Guidelines*
Ah, stealing comes in only black and white options. ATT is apparently out of the white version. I see what you did there.
Can I get a packaging box in white?
Hmmm...interesting. Meaning you can't buy and install on the iPhone, only on iTunes then synch? Makes sense...I suppose. But when I do a search on the app store app on my 3G, it doesn't find "iBooks." I do see it when I search on Apple Inc.
My iP3G claims iBooks 1.1 requires iOS3.2. Interestingly, when I backed it up this morning (before the release of iOS4) iTunes told me the most recent version of the software was 3.1.3. Kinda curious what will happen when I plug it in tonight and look for iOS4.
I see myself looking in to iP4 upgrade around the end of the year. Prices stabilize, inventory gets predictable, iOS4 (in white!) will be on my iPad. (OT warning) I see the B&N nook dropped to $200 today, with a wifi only one $150. Got one for my spouse for the last holiday, and they are cool - I expect those devices to ultimately be distributed for free. Really - a direct tie in to your core bookstore business? Ability to buy at the touch of a button? I'd want to give...
I'm willing to wait for OSX 10.7....if it comes in white!
Yeah, hey...does that Apple iPhone service come in white?
Remember that (new) 200MB limit?
The iPhone 4 looks cool for sure, but I am taking a temporary wait and see. I have a 3G iPhone on an unlimited data plan. I pre-ordered and received a wifi only iPad on launch day. It is a cool device and I really like it, but has nothing to do with AT&T. Fairly, I have not personally had a problem with AT&T. Yet. I am just not a big phone user. Not enough to justify the iPhone 4 yet. At some point the price will drop, and I'll be able to justify the upgrade. An who...
New Posts  All Forums: