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This isn't an Apple Watch "competitor." For those in the market for a workout-centric specific device, it seems OK.   I'd be curious just how accurate the VO2 measurement is. While comparative measurements (day-over-day) are fine to show progress, the science behind VO2 max is predicated on some accuracy. If this is off by more than a couple percent (likely) it is not going to particularly useful for serious athletes.
Yeah, what a shiatshow....
A bakery! (points if you can identify the pop culture reference.) There will be an active eBay market for band swaps. You can't buy the silver sport with a black band, but you can buy a second black band, then sell the other color you purchased with the silver "watch face." Yes, this will come at a bit of a cost. This is clearly a guess here, but I wonder if Apple will change this 6 months down the road. I understand their logistics challenge - many, many SKUs and tracking...
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence this happened. But...they cancelled, then ordered a different model, often an upgrade. I did this. My wife thought she'd like the silver/white sport so I ordered that right after the window opened. She saw that combo in the store, and changed her mind to the grey/black sport. I cancelled after checking it out in the store...then reordered the one she wanted. Both currently show June.
Cool. Strange the video doesn't say that. It's an important feature, as is the rumored security features for a lost watch. Eg disabling apple pay
The Activity app appears on your iPhone when you pair it to the watch?
The apple pay one doesn't clarify if it will work without being currently connected to your iPhone.
Ah. And the last 3 guided tour videos just came available on the apple site.
Com'on chairman Honeycrisp! Know what I see when I look at my order status? "June."
Of course. The key words here are "to me." You have a preference for devices in sizes that fit your lifestyle. But while you like a phone you can keep in a handbag or a briefcase, I generally carry neither. Apple might want to offer a wide range of sizes, including the ones you like. And just dreaming here...imagine a watch that can fully function by accessing your apps via wifi...and "call back" to your iPhone wherever it is or software running on your mac, or on an apple...
New Posts  All Forums: