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Reporter owns (owned?) how many shares? 
There are actually other ways to power a watch. I had one you had to periodically wind. Never needed batteries. Maybe Jessica is more right that we realize. The battery doesn't have huge life...but it has some intern means of recharge? Solar? Winding? Kinetic movement?
Look for Jony Ive to have cufflinks with diamond cut aluminium champhored edges.
Oh. OK. Thanks. My long sleeve shirt prediction still holds. Unconfirmed rumors from Tim's clothing supply chain. Although....Tim hasn't been the guy to trot new stuff out at these. He's deferred to other executives. Wonder who will "roll up their sleeve." 
I don't get it. What?
This. Oh yeah, this:   http://www.cultofmac.com/294203/iwatch-gets-ultra-classy-gorgeous-new-render/
I predict that Tim Cook will walk out on stage to start the event on 9.9.14 wearing a long sleeve shirt. With his wrists covered.
Depends what it does and how it works. Like any AAPL product, it is all about value, and the price is only part of the story.
I am not a dev or programmer, but I would think that any Xcode stuff that even vaguely references an iWatch/iTime would be pretty prone to leaks. But then, my impression from the community was the Swift announcement took everyone by complete surprise. You can write iOS apps without actually having a device to run them on, right? The xcode thingy does some sort of simulator?
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