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Hum. This "categories" section did not appear on mine last night. Check the software update to be sure, and it claimed all up to date. Strange.
I think games will need to have a bit more granularity.   I'm curious if Apple will open up screensavers. Yes, the new ones are pretty, but it'd be nice to customize them to display useful information, like a clock or weather.    I also wonder if Siri on my watch could be expanded to put information up on a screen saver if I ask her to. "Hey Siri. Put a traffic map on "   Lots of potential.
I stumbled across some setting involving "Game Center" something I think that has been around for awhile. I've just never used it, other than to make a login for a game I tried a few years ago. But I saw an "invite players" setting, leading me to believe that the second player needs to download the game, make a Game Center account, then somehow get invited to play of the Apple TV. Makes sense, I suppose.  I'm just not a big gamer. I might try a few things for a few...
The Crossy Road demo at the Apple Event included a two-player preview, but I can't quite figure out how to do it with my iPhone.
Dam isn't breaking, but I think I see a crack.
I think you mean the Library of Congress believes that it is not a violation of the DMCA. Not sure that would mean much when it is clear that this company is inviting/ inducing others to violate federal computer security statutes. The "anonymous" group likely is violating Apple's Terms of Service - and theoretically Zerodeum has information of who they are. Start there, and watch the cockroaches scatter.
Hum. How is it Zerodium isn't a defendant in a suit by Apple? 
Agreed. Something had to give. TWC and the cable companies have to explore options. I just took my cable box back last week, and cut the cord. Cable companies are seeing their service/product becoming wholly irrelevant. Now that there is a real option for content owners to take their property elsewhere, things may change.
I understand your frustration, and agree you should return them. $456 is too much to bet on a product that clearly doesn't meet your needs or expectations. However, I fully expect it to meet mine for $149. I don't use HBONow, and since I have many sources and a relatively old setup, I am fine with use of other remotes. The box just arrived, setting up tonite.
I enjoyed reading this review, and the comments are interesting. I doubt the readership of AI is really a cross section of Apple's market. Apple makes great products *for their customers* and you can bet they know exactly who that is. A new product can't be everything to everybody out of the box. I do agree with the reviewers general point - this is a start.
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