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Agreed, me too. There's a rumor Apple will offer iPhone models with upgraded internals but smaller screens than the iPhone 6. I'd be on board with that myself. iPhone 6 is cool, but I like my 5s size, particularly if I can leave it in my pocket (or the other room) most of the time.
Hope they bring it to the magic/mighty mouse. 
To me, the Apple Watch killer feature is having a connection to my phone without my phone in my pocket *when I am at home*.    Apple Watch does have BTLE and wifi. It is clear the Watch needs to connect to your iPhone to function, and pretty sure the BTLE connection will be its connection of choice. But...why not via wifi? Meaning if your watch can get a wifi connection...and your iPhone can get a wifi connection...   Or better yet - the original nook came with...
This is an interesting site: http://bandswapper.com/ Neatly solves a couple of issues with the sport bands. 
I'm kind of on edge to see what will happen.
At this stage, one of the big unknowns is the band attach mechanism. I think this is the first picture I've seen of the band part not inserted into the Watch case. I would believe Apple could have put some pairing mechanism in the bands to make them proprietary; but I think it unlikely. It remains to be seen how much Apple will tolerate third party bands. I'm told attendees at the Spring Forward event were not able to toy or inspect that mechanism.   The idea of DRM-like...
"Yes, I agree. It is clear that Apple Pay stickers will be a complete failure like everything else Apple has done recently." -Ben Frost Just getting a jump on it.
Agree, and this is appropriate. I would vote for not naming the whole building for Steve, but there's perhaps a stronger message in naming that auditorium specifically for him. I still love replaying Steve's public appearance with products, particularly the one with the first demo of Macintosh. Steve was many tings, but no one can say he wasn't a performer.
You're right, and I strongly suspect Tim Cook knows this based on his comments about watching TV being like going back in time. These "channels" are archaic and actually serve no current purpose other than the source of the content. A "CNN" channel only makes sense when you already know that is a news channel. But who cares if your favorite drama is on ABC, NBC, or whatever? For years content like this is searchable on iTunes. That's what people want, and they will...
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