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Concur. I also concluded some time ago that my suspension of belief is part of the story experience. I *like* looking for all the absurdities. One of my all time favorites is watching supposed "military" operations with squads of "commandos" going into battle, armed to the teeth, all with huge firepower searching in the dark in a tense scene...now watch all of them sweep their loaded barrels past all their comrades with their fingers on the trigger. Makes me laugh every...
Yes, we know. All the world knows, along with everything you've ever done with it. 
I don't get it. My unit is delivering on Monday, so I guess I'll know then, but Dalrymple posted this: -- Setup When you first setup the device, it asks you if you want to set it up with your iPhone instead of typing WiFi and Apple ID passwords in manually. A long arduous task that we’ve all done many times. Just make sure Bluetooth is on and you are greeted with prompts on your iPhone to type in your passwords. And that’s it, you’re up and running. One thing that was...
nine to five mac reported that an app "Simplex" will be there, and it is a competitor to Plex...and perhaps better.
Com'on you day one adopters! Pitch in and share what you find and see!
I think the term "cord-cutting" means you move to over-the-air (OTA) stations to supplement other streaming options. There are some interesting dongles made by eyeTV that might make for an interesting tvOS app. But OTA might not be consistent with the stated "the future of TV is apps."
I love BBC news because of how they pronounce certain words and say things. Leader of Russia is vla DEE mir poo tin; someone is "going to hospital." Our Brittish Brethern speak the bloody queen's language in such an engaging way. Always enjoy it, will use this app.
I wonder if a card with a scan code on it you buy, then scan with an iDevice counts as "physical media?" IIRC, Starbux did this with a freebie code of the day. It's a type of gift card.
Meh. I have a phone on my wall. Why would I want a "smart phone" that costs thousands over 2 years?   We return you now to your 4K debate. Again.
Go sog go!
New Posts  All Forums: