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I love BBC news because of how they pronounce certain words and say things. Leader of Russia is vla DEE mir poo tin; someone is "going to hospital." Our Brittish Brethern speak the bloody queen's language in such an engaging way. Always enjoy it, will use this app.
I wonder if a card with a scan code on it you buy, then scan with an iDevice counts as "physical media?" IIRC, Starbux did this with a freebie code of the day. It's a type of gift card.
Meh. I have a phone on my wall. Why would I want a "smart phone" that costs thousands over 2 years?   We return you now to your 4K debate. Again.
Go sog go!
I want to hear SOG35's advice and guidance. Surely he (she?) is in now. Must be a huge relief.
Scott Adams, the author of the cartoon "Dilbert" wrote about his time at PacBell (the experience of course is what his strip is all about.) One of the topics was office supplies. Huge overhead of stock and a clerk to administer. Like the good engineer he is, he proposed a simple solution: give all employees $50 on jan 1 (prorate for new hires in later) to buy their own office supplies. If they buy less, they keep the difference. If they lose the pens, paper...tough. Fairly...
"It is 1958. IBM passes up a chance to buy a young fledgling company that has invented a new technology called xerography. Two years later, Xerox was born, and IBM has been kicking themselves ever since."
Ohhh....looks like Siri has private data she won't share. Tim is really taking that data privacy stuff seriously.
Ah. Good and useful information for this thread. *Thank you sincerely* for sharing!
Betcha there will be a large stock available "in time for the holidays." On a related note, iMore had an interesting article: only one ATV controller can pair at a time. So don't buy a second ATV/Siri remote if you are thinking you want to play multiplayer games. 
New Posts  All Forums: