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Interesting discussion. I'm pretty sure Apple knows the Watch will evolve and get better with time (!). There is an alternative to user upgradable: perhaps the Watch Edition that will go for thousands will include a guaranteed resale price back to Apple on a future version of the Edition? Not sure how aggressive Apple will be, or feels they need to be. The Watch will work as a standalone device, but of course it will lose much of its functionality. It will still look and...
The comment about the data in the Health app not being editable has other implications. I always take Mr. iPhone with me on a bike ride, and it thinks jiggling around in my back pocket is steps. When I sync my Garmin cyclometer to Strava (because the Garmin Connect app is a POS) it correctly adds my cycling distance to Health, but of course the activity is counted twice.   A simple third party app to edit Health data would solve the issue. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?
Can blood glucose be measured without a needle stick? If so, I would expect a third party sensor with BT4.0 in it. And that manufacturer to handle not only the regulatory filings, but to produce a (licensed?) Apple Watch band to place the sensor on the other side of the wrist. As an aside, I know there is an active, lucrative market for those test strips.
Thanks for sharing that. It's good to hear from someone that knows the nuts and bolts. Sir Jony was quite explicit about this being a "compelling beginning" for wearables. It will be interesting to see where it all leads. Think what cell phones did since the creation of iPhone. I can think of a few apps I would really like for my Apple Watch. A cycling app to give me taptic route directions (tap fast, go right. tap slowly, go left or something.) IFTTT will give some cool...
I found this article interesting and informative. I'm not a dev, so it is hard for me to follow some of the details: http://david-smith.org/blog/2014/11/06/expectations-for-watchkit/
 This is a fair analysis. At this point, we don't *exactly* know what the Apple Watch will do or exactly what role it can play in people's lives. But...Apple has been pretty good about answering that in the past. I specifically remember seeing an ad for iPod, and thinking to myself "I have no need for that." I found a use, and have had a dozen of them.  Consumer expectations change over time when function becomes evident.
True story:  in my hometown of Seattle, there is an outdoor shopping mall "University Village." You can stand in a small parking lot and look east at the front of a Apple company retail store. Look to the west, and you see a Microsoft company retail store. Every time I've been there (to go east, of course) I see a packed and busy Apple store; and a very sad looking, empty Microsoft store.  Easy to draw some conclusions.
Haha. True enough. I've weaned myself off MS Office at home too. I'm forced to use it at work, so I swear at it there. I use iWork at home, and it does everything I need or want. Fairly, it does it differently, so there is an undeniable learning curve.
I like the comparison to the utensils. Good analogy. I don't need or want one tool does the job things. I want tools that make doing work simple and correctly, not a compromise. All I've ever done with Microsoft products is swear at them. There isn't a single thing Microsoft makes that I want.   I have a desktop to do serious work. I have a laptop is use for mobile work. I have (several) iPads to consume digital information for fun, and to occasionally do light work. I...
My guess is that the margins on the various models will vary widely. The Edition will most certainly be priced way above the cost to add some gold to the case. The Sport might be something of a loss leader.   Another thing to watch (!) will be the roll out of the SDK for the WatchOS (or whatever it is named.) iPhone OS (what it was originally called) didn't have anywhere near the capability for the apps as iOS does now. Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, and probably...
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