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OK, a little help here. I don't see that an iMac can have both a SSD and an HDD in the case. To the extent a third party mades a fusion drive that is part SDD and HDD that has a single plug and mounts in a single "bay" space, that might be rather spiffy and worth an upgrade.   But...I've seen the video of pulling the galss and doing internal surgery. Possible yes. Possible to break something irreparably: yes too. I'm an engineer, not a technician.   But is this...
 Any reason a third party storage company can't make a internal fusion drive? Sounds like OSX 10.8 supports it.   Seems like an external fusion drive rather defeats the purpose - isn't the external I/O a limiting factor on speed? I guess maybe thuderbolt, but alas, the iMac i have has no thunderbolt.
OK, so...can I take my current iMac to a Apple store and have them drop one in?
The "find my iPad" service is down too. The service will not locate my iPad mini.
Mine's supposed to be here Friday.
 The web site says limit 2. Get both. Boom.
  Was wondering when someone would comment on the next iPad being a tad bigger than the original. This is obviously the Maxi iPad. Comes in white only, wings optional.   Ok, that was cheap. Sorry. 
Dammit, these people are really pissing me off. How DARE they delay taking my money. First I gotta wait to Friday to order a iPad mini (what, you couldn't just take my money right away Tim? Really?) And now, I gotta wait MORE for a new iTunes that surely will have nots of stuff I didn't know existed, and now I can't live without? Oh, how the mighty apple has fallen! Apple - you *suck*.
Speaking of music, where's that promised iTunes update that was promised at the end of October. /stopslookingatcalendar 
I thought the best part of the event was when Apple Insider's live blog announced the new iMacs have the retina display.
New Posts  All Forums: