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I was shocked when I saw a desktop operating system for a touchscreen. All I can ever think of is Steve-O's comments about touch surfaces wanting to be flat. (IIRC, it was in the original iPad announcement, but I might be mistaken.) Boy was he right! I recently bought a little BT keyboard cover for my iPad mini (way cheep like <$20) and it is almost wholly useless. It's the worst of both worlds. If you need a laptop, get a laptop (love my MBA); if you want a desktop, get a...
Sweet mother of god. Never thought I'd live to see the day. Yes, airplay most important; and/or a AppleTV app. The list of supported devices link isn't accessible. I wonder if AppleTV is behind there? The local blackout is a NFL rule, so that isn't going to change. When it is lifted for a sellout (or when the league feels it is appropriate), OTA broadcast would be available.
It was an easy choice for me to make 25 years ago. I jumped to Apple products, and they just work for me. I have never lost data to an Apple product. Yes, there's been some rough spots (cough newton cough clones cough) but I appreciate the "it just works" concept.   I can't say that about anything from MS. They have never made a single product that I like or would personally select to buy. I was rather forced to buy Office for my Mac; but now I have many better options,...
My guess would be Apple would want to debut the device and its capabilities a bit before it is widely available, particularly if it needs to deploy some SDK resources to developers. Price, capability, and aesthetic are going to be everything. 
Then sent samesung an invoice for services rendered.
Well...they did remove the floppy disk drive, then the CD/DVD drive. There's a discussion about removing the headphone jack from the iPhone. Who know's what's next on the chopping block?
I am not a pro level photographer, so much of the feature discussion doesn't affect me. But like most folks, I have many snapshots that Apple recognizes I need to somehow manage. I like the idea of everything, everywhere. The easier, the better. I also agree Apple would be a bit foolish to make a system that doesn't allow for local storage. But I'm rather curious - when we upload a photo to iCloud, just what can Apple do with it? Guess I gotta read those ToS documents. And...
iWatch + Maps = ?
They need to invite Sir Jonny. You just haven't lived until you've had his homemade chili from a champhored edge, diamond cut aluminium spoon.
New Posts  All Forums: