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True story:  in my hometown of Seattle, there is an outdoor shopping mall "University Village." You can stand in a small parking lot and look east at the front of a Apple company retail store. Look to the west, and you see a Microsoft company retail store. Every time I've been there (to go east, of course) I see a packed and busy Apple store; and a very sad looking, empty Microsoft store.  Easy to draw some conclusions.
Haha. True enough. I've weaned myself off MS Office at home too. I'm forced to use it at work, so I swear at it there. I use iWork at home, and it does everything I need or want. Fairly, it does it differently, so there is an undeniable learning curve.
I like the comparison to the utensils. Good analogy. I don't need or want one tool does the job things. I want tools that make doing work simple and correctly, not a compromise. All I've ever done with Microsoft products is swear at them. There isn't a single thing Microsoft makes that I want.   I have a desktop to do serious work. I have a laptop is use for mobile work. I have (several) iPads to consume digital information for fun, and to occasionally do light work. I...
My guess is that the margins on the various models will vary widely. The Edition will most certainly be priced way above the cost to add some gold to the case. The Sport might be something of a loss leader.   Another thing to watch (!) will be the roll out of the SDK for the WatchOS (or whatever it is named.) iPhone OS (what it was originally called) didn't have anywhere near the capability for the apps as iOS does now. Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, and probably...
Why don't I own more $AAPL stock? What the hell is wrong with me?
Oh. Guess I didn't make that clear. The part where Apple's iPad isn't my HDTV on the wall. Thanks for the help.
It is hard to read the tea leaves here. This looks like Sony leveraging their own properties. However, a lot of the listed content seems to stem from partnerships. I'm guessing Sony has active business dealings and relationships with those content owners. That's where AAPL seems to be a tad behind; but perhaps that is exactly what they are working on for ATV.    The results of that might make huge sense - Sony can't be doing this to sell more playstations. I think it is...
Well...that's not how it works. The $50M is essentially a tort like punitive remedy, generally not allowed as a damage award in a contract action. These are paper tigers. Effective paper tigers for sure, but with out much practical effect at law.
I'd be curious about how often a court awards those $50M liquidated damages. If ever.
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