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Ah. Good and useful information for this thread. *Thank you sincerely* for sharing!
Betcha there will be a large stock available "in time for the holidays." On a related note, iMore had an interesting article: only one ATV controller can pair at a time. So don't buy a second ATV/Siri remote if you are thinking you want to play multiplayer games. 
Shocking.   Any fines will result in a consumer fee. "The regulatory access fee is increasing because of government mandated changes." 
I'm really interested to see how the VolksWaggon emissions cheating thingy is going to play out. Reprogramming your own car via the diagnostic port is a violation of the DMCA. 
Will there be a stock trading app available on launch? "Hey Siri: buy 500 shares of AAPL."
IIRC, WatchAware dot com put out some initial reviews of AW apps right before the device went live. I'm guessing we will see something very soon. AW apps install initially on the iTunes store for iPhone, but tvOS apps don't - I think those install right onto ATV directly. So...until you have a device in your possession, there's no way to see what is on that tvOS "store." Devs could probably showcase their apps separately, but I'm also guessing NDA/CDA limitations. And Devs...
32GB for me, nov. 2-4 delivery.
I'm with you. Sure would be nice to see a tvOS App Store go live after the preorders window opens. The MLB app that was demoed onstage was really nifty. I'm rather hoping there are apps like this coming for the NFL and NHL. Maybe even a HNIC app.
There's been much speculation about that "Computers" app...all the way from whether there will actually be one to how it will work. In a few weeks, all will be revealed.
I'll buy one on launch day. $149 is a reasonable price for a device I will use and enjoy.    I am quite interested to see the capabilities and what the apps will do. Tim's prediction that the "future of TV is apps" is far more interesting to me than 4k. The screen saver function looks nice, but I'm hoping it (or an app) will allow placing some data on it as well. A clock, perhaps a weather/radar popup, maybe allow an iMessage popup that is customizable?   Games could...
New Posts  All Forums: