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I'm with many of the commentors. A big "meh" for me. Fairly, if you have lotsa kids, lotsa babysitters coming and going, house clearers, roommates, renters etc etc, it might fill a need I simply dont have. Good on you, tech has a solution. But for $220, this tech gets me exactly nothing, and in some respects sets me back. The whole "smart home" stuff is intriguing, if not overpirced. I can see stuff like this being a featture of a new home, and marketed as such. Maybe...
I do appreciate this objective review. It rather sums up my impressions. Here's the takeaway:   "Let's be real: If you're serious about productivity, and your daily workflow is even moderately complex, you're not going to rely solely on either an iPad or a Surface in their current state. That's not to say these devices can't get work done — they certainly can, but they're not as efficient at doing so in a number of ways."   Well said. Many miss the point that at these...
I don't have a use for this. I do have a use for my new Macbook Air. I did hold one of these surface machines. It just seemed...odd.
OK, well...that was pretty much a walk-off home run for the Apple bunch. Choices are good. And...I just made a decision: I've bought my last iMac. Next big purchase is a thunderbolt display to hook up a MacBook and or mini.
This whole "device space" stuff has me baffled. Any tech I buy addresses a specific need I have for it. I got a iPad on launch day a few years ago, and it still meets a need I didn't know existed when I bought it. I found that rather remarkable. I use my iPhone all the time; again addressing a need I've found indespensible. I guessed at a need, and discovered...hey...this is kinda cool and useful. All these things come at a dollar price, so one merely adresses value for...
This isn't going to end well. I still think the surface is pretty.
In and done on my iPad mini. Me likey!
"It is not out of the realm of possibility that a cross-platform version of AirDrop may be in the works, especially given a nearly identical feature bearing the same name first landed on OS X." Well...yeah. 'AirDrop" has been in OSX for a long time. I rather expected this iOS7 implementation to be compatible with it immediately. Guess I'll soon test it.
Here's my suggestion to AAPL: queue downloads proportional to how much money the apple ID user spends. If you're a good customer, you go to the front of the line. Banks do this. Airlines do this. Hey, maybe AAPL could have a dedicated server for shareholders?
These are fantastic devices, and I'm looking forward to getting 2x 5s ones. They are substantial bumps from the ip4 's I have now. I skipped 2 cycles, and can now afford and justify this big bump. Easily. Can't wait.   Interestingly, I don't really use a TV anymore. I can easily justify an upgrade - the darn things are so cheap...but I just don't use it enough to justify it. Oh, the game is on during the weekends, and I buy a few movies a year on AppleTV. a 32" HDTV on...
New Posts  All Forums: