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Not sure if this is good or bad.
Thanks, but I don't know. I didn't see an option that says "send browser history to google" that I could uncheck. There is a CP called "little snitch" I think that can be tailored, but I haven't used it in a while.
I don't know. I understand the concept of cookies, and Safari has a "private mode" but I'm fairly sure Safari doesn't phone home to Apple. I trust Apple. I don't trust Google. Anyone actually know if a browsing history is sent to Google so they can (presumably) target ads (or who know what else?)
Does chrome do this? The ToS permit google to obtain your browsing history?
I wonder if AI looked at the shrink wrap license to see if it had terms involving disparagement in reviews. There is at least one company that does that:   http://www.businessinsider.com/kleargear-faces-lawsuit-after-fining-couple-for-negative-review-2013-12?op=1   YMMV...
Thanks for the tip. I'm headed to my broker now to sell all my AAPL shares.
Oh, there's a few other channels included: TNT, AMC, some other fodder. It's actually the old cram model to justify the $20/price for ESPN though. And it is limited to one device at a time, requiring LI/PW every time you switch devices. Still, a start. I get a very basic HDTV package of like a dozen channels (no ESPN) from Comcast for what is essentially free. They say it cost $20/mo on the bill, but if I dropped it and kept my (very perky, very stable) cable modem, the...
SlingTV with ESPN and ESPN2 at $20/mo is enough. Came with a free FireTV stick thingy that is functional. Sure would be nice to have ESPN on AppleTV so it's all on one device.
This is an interesting, thought provoking article. Pretty good analysis.   I find the comments kind of interesting. I simply don't use iTunes and music in the way that most people apparently do. I've purchased quite a bit of music, but I simply don't need access to it all the time, and I'm not the kind of person that goes on "discovery" trails. I'm thrilled the company is taking the business and technology seriously, and is evolving a great product. But...the streaming,...
Here's a goodie: I can stream from my mac via airplay to an airport express....except Beats 1. Yes, I accidentally clicked on Beats 1...and the airplay icon in iTunes disappears. No loss to me, but....
New Posts  All Forums: