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Betcha it ain't $55/mo after they get all the fees and taxes in.
There was a funny quote from long ago: "Locks are for honest people." I simply lock my house and doors to deter the causal spur of the moment intruder - the kid with nothing better to do, or someone simply unprepared to use force. This kind of system fits the bill. Honestly, if an evil doer is going to pick my lock, s/he has come prepared, and I'd rather they simply enter, steal, and get the hell out doing as little damage as necessary. This is why I pay insurance...
Looks pretty cool, and I will investigate. $250 seems a little steep. There are some other alternatives out there for sure, but what attracted me was that this one seems to fit into the existing bolt hole I already have. Nothing on the Kevo site about installation though. Dorking around getting this onto the door is the biggest challenge.   I presume the inside side has a "disable" function. There's some verbiabge about knowing what side of the door you're on with...
The one feature I'm a little confused about is the connectivity. I'm guessing I can't BT pair the pebble with my iPhone, and then use BT headpones as well? Be kinda nice to have the controls for the music on my wrist, and no wires to my ears.
Saw some kids playing with one of these microsoft ipads last night. I asked them why they got that instead of the apple ipad. One said "this will run microsoft office!" To which I asked "why would you want to do that?" Reply: "..." blank look. crickets chirping.   I suppose you can make a case for the prices getting so low you can have both. Like any tech, it depends on what you want to do with them. There sure is a lot to choose from in apple land. I have no idea...
Maybe put the share price of those other companies? Sure, AAPL is profitable, but is it $700/share profitable? And Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.
I don't think Windows 8 has the Lion's share.
Gotta say being a mac head has its advantages. There's a lot to choose from out of AAPL. Sure wish I'd bought it at the $200/share level when I thought about it.   I've been a mac user since 1992. My desktop of choice has been the iMac for a long time. I think I have had every model except the one with the crane neck. My current silver one is a 2007 edition, so I likely will need to think replacement at some point. Normally it would be to the next iMac, but now there...
Ah ha:           9to5mac(dot)com reports an apple iwatch in progress:     chinese-report-claims-intel-and-apple-are-working-together-on-iwatch-product-due-in-just-months/
Right. Just like Boeing manufactures the 787 in the US. Guessing this should impact the share price negatively.
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