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An interesting discussion. I admit I really don't understand the original software issue, as I am not a dev.   Some time ago, I got a bit lost, and wound up driving through the Microsoft "campus" here in Seattle. I knew it was there, but I was struck by the immensity of the layout. Upon meeting up with a friend who used to work there, I said, "that place sure is huge. What do they make there?" He grinned, and replied, "money."   I do see some sort of reckoning coming....
Concur. It makes little sense for ATV to be priced at about what a mac mini goes for. Fairly, I think the new ATV is going to be something quite different from existing devices. I expect very deep integration with existing devices, including OSX macs, all the iDevices, and AW. It will all just work.
Others may feel differently, but I have zero interest in talking to my TV.
Curious to hear if Tim reiterates from his announcement in 2014 that ATV is no longer a hobby, because...here it is.
I'd be down with that...if it is as capable as you suggest. I do need it to replace my cable box at that price.  Curious to see if Tim will announce ATV is no longer a hobby.
iPad Pro with a stylus for detailed graphics work makes sense. I don't need one, but I can see the product being popular in a niche market.
Let the speculation begin!   I am looking forward to an new AppleTV. The lack of leaks makes me skeptical. I am curious about pricing. I was disappointed with AW pricing, but freely admit I like my sport model, and value it. I was perhaps unrealistic about AW pricing. AppleTV and AW are a natural pair.   I think Apple rarely does radical form redesigns on an "s" release. Perhaps the Titanium, gold, other Fancy Shit(tm) will be on iPhone 7 next year.    Force touch is...
True. And your post illustrates an interesting broader point: The key to new technology, particularly hardware, is first to market, first to sell. If you innovate, you have to hit the market quickly, because odds are there are many people hot on your heels. Yes, you can get a patent, but those are only keys to a courthouse. What a company wants is profits quickly, being sure they did in fact innovate. If you're big enough (eg Samesung) you can simply steal, and argue later...
If a tech company is looking to solve a problem, do something to make it possible for my driver's license and proof of insurance is on my iPhone and Apple Watch. Oh...wait...that would take a change in some laws. Nevermind.
You can bet that AAPL itself has a sophisticated formula for buying it's own stock. Betcha it kicked in in spades this morning. 
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