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Maps just seems like a great idea in theory, but in practice very hard to make helpful. Last time I tried maps on my iOS9 iPhone 5s, the map itself was just unreadable - the streets kind of spun around, and the direction pointer wobbling. Worst of all, I arrived at my requested location, only to find that the business had moved some years before. Google maps got it right - the Apple Maps database apparently isn't as up to date. Makes it hard to rely on it ever again.
HAHAHA! Begun, this ad war, has.
On a somewhat related issue, I'm kind of curious if an enterprising dev has made or is planning to make a "hook up" app. Two people bump the app, and thereby exchange their consent to specific acts set in the (ahem) preferences. IIRC, I saw someone making a breathalyzer dongle, so make it require proof of sobriety to work.   Ready go.
Not going back. Wiped MS Office from my mac, never regretted it.
Surely he can be trusted to give objective advice about the chances of a competitor's success. Really people?
Meanwhile:   Apple's iOS App Store suffers first major attack.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/20/us-apple-china-malware-idUSKCN0RK0ZB20150920?#tt
Begun, this ad blocking war, has.   Pretty sure the new ad blocker doesn't effect ads in apps. 
Good luck storming the castle!
The plot thickens. Competition is good.   I am going to be a launch day customer for ATV. Really want to see what it can do.
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