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I decided I wanted to read "The Hunger Games." First place I went was the iBookstore. fast, easy, convenient. It is the eBook reader I use, and I like to click and be done. But lo and behold, I find it isn't available on iBookstore (although the trailers and music are all on iTunes). So, I obtained the ePUB from another source, drag and dropped it to iTunes, sync and done. Bit of a pain to do so, but works. The publishing world needs to get their act together. iTunes...
I can access NHL on Apple TV, but it requires a season pass from the league. At like $150, its a bit spendy, and...there is no preview period. I gotta plop down $150 before I see if it is really any good. Still, I would do this if I didn't have access to CBC HNIC via the cable provider at a elevated, but acceptable, price. I do like HNIC. Gotta say...if the AAPL dudes can make live sports PPV happen, they'll change the world. Here's to the crazy ones.
Bingo. I think this is the "I cracked it" idea Steve had. Steve was all about the best products with the best options for users; the antithesis of the cable companies. I have an HDTV on my wall that is seldom on. I simply refuse to pay the absurd rates for anything but basic HD. I wanted to add the NBC Universal content, as occasionally they have a few things I might put on. Comcast wanted like $50/mo to get access to that. I will not pay that price. But consider how live...
Listen carefully: Everything Harry Mudd says is a lie.
Excellent. AI sends out a news flash (!) on a new feature in an apple product. Super, inside scoop, guys! Meanwhile, the latest update from Apple broke my mac: http://9to5mac.com/2012/02/03/latest...-like-quicken/ But hey, likely there's a new iPad coming, iPhone 5, iTV, some pointless textbooks. Groovy.
Anyone know if the iBooks can be viewed on the Mac yet? If students are taking notes, and marking up their textbooks, they might like to then use that on their desktops and laptops.
Hear hear. OK, I've been branded a heretic; so be it. While there is a place for technology in education, replacing books is not it. There was a comment earlier about Apple perhaps policing the content, I'm not sure how that would work, or if it is possible or appropriate. The iPad is an amazing device. I got one on launch day and love it. But...it is not a substitute for a textbook. There is value in peer review. Yes, that system needs help. Yes, book publishers have...
Underwhelmed. First time I've seen Apple announce something that is largely irrelevant. And with iBooks Author, now anyone can make a textbook with crappy content, and claim it is a "published textbook." I can see whole school districts in Kansas making science textbooks that omit evolution. Nothing here, move along. Except of course, tho looks like Apple is returning to the Newton Model of business.
From what I understand, Jobs didn't like any charity. "Tribute" my eye. It is profiteering, plain and simple. If a person can't own and control their own likeness, what can they control. Although we already know you don't control your own cells, organs, etc...
....and get sued by AAPL then. Fuggetabouddit.
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