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 Can anyone tell me what business Radio Shack is in? Or rather what business they used to be in? They seem to be kinda like Yahoo - they're a business that doesn't seem to fulfill any sort of consumer need.  Well...I agree with them. It isn't currently a big product compared to selling 74 million iPhones in one quarter. Give it a few years.  I am reminded of Steve's unveiling of the Macintosh and his lead in dialog about personal computing being "too small, and unimportant...
Retina MBA - meh AppleWatch - SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
I think they said the same thing about Apollo... hehe
I agree. But this is hardly a scaleable solution. 10s of thousands of intersections (in the US alone) and in an urban environment simply not an option at most. Some sensors some wiring some electronics some software. Done. Sent a man to the moon 45 years ago on <32kb. Yeesh.
I was a little surprised to find that the WatchESPN app would not accept my SlingTV credentials. SlingTV's app works fine on iOS devices and the Mac; but there is no acceptable way to put it on AppleTV. Yes, you can airplay it from the Mac (but not iOS) but the video quality suffers with lag and skips.   I think the only solution for now is a Roku device. Not digging that.
Fix traffic lights. Many cars stopped at a red, while the green light glares at empty streets. How much fuel is getting wasted; how many hours lost?
A SlingTV channel on AppleTV would be a nice start
Getting away from some of the angst...   I ran across a cool app some time ago called "Bump." It allows 2 iPhone users to connect directly to share contact information. While cool, it always seemed clumsy to notice someone had an iPhone, ask if they had "Bump" then start fiddling etc etc.   With Apple Watch, you can see it on their wrist. "Hey, let me send you my contact info" Tap to the app and done. If native to the Apple Watch (no need to ask if the other person has...
 Fair 'nuff. Soon all will be revealed. When do we think an Apple Event will be? If Tim ships at the end of April, then perhaps as late as mid April. Two weeks ahead of them showing up for pre-order or in Apple Stores? Perhaps an Apple Event as soon as this month (February)? But you know...there are Apple Watches being Tested In The Wild(tm). I wonder if you could ask someone you run into "hey. how far away from your iPhone can you be and it still work?" (and yes, you can...
I think losing the connection outside of 2m would be a huge HUGE defect. I am about as big a proponent of Apple Watch as you'll find here, but I would be HUGELY disappointed in such a limit.  If solid connection within 100m, regardless of obstacles or environment, is pretty good. Between these two is much room for disappointment (or opportunity for a boost device.) Hey - the BTLE stuff works as a "finding" technology too I think. Key tags are being made to help find lost...
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