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I ordered a 42mm SG Sport hours after the store opened online on 4/10. It arrived 6/1, and I am generally pleased with the device. I was hugely excited when it was announced in September, and have been following the story for nearly 9 months.   It's a watch. It's cool. But not worth the 9 months of anticipation. 
iThink this is where iApple sells iOS, iMacs, iPhones, iAppleTVs, iWatches, iCloud, iPads, iPods, iOSX, iBooks, iSoftware and iAccessories.
I'm not exactly sure what I want out of my AppleTV. It does sort of occupy a niche place to put content on my HDTV. The interface ain't great, but it functions.   What is most frustrating is the content available and its organization. I signed up for SlingTV right away just to get ESPN, since I refuse to pay $40/mo+ to comcast to get the tier that contains that. Sling tossed in a free Amazon Fire stick. There's a load of content on Amazon, but I just don't access it. But...
Do you need a cable subscription package that includes the Apple Channel to log in and see it on the Apple TV?
This is really an issue they need to reconsider. It defeats functionality. If you are walking briskly for exercise, you are moving your arms, and thus the HR monitor will not record it as exercise. This means you need to start it as a "workout" meaning the "fitness tracker" function is now far less capable. It is not monitoring your activity as Apple has plainly advertised...
This vaguely reminds me of the Newton MP. It had a rudimentary input system based on learning a specific handwriting style. It was sort of neat for it's time, as it had an input that wasn't a keyboard. Dictation software was all the rage then too. In the end, it simply didn't have the accuracy or polish necessary. Powerbooks took off, people got used to using them for the tasks, and that was that.   For Siri to be acceptable, it really has to be dead on accurate all the...
[u] Restart of iPhone and AW seems to have resulted in the HR sensor taking readings more often - like once every 10 minutes. Not sure if this is normal. It was only recording a few times a day.
Well....no. My wife is an athlete, and works out daily (often several times a day.) What is clearly happening is that her AW is simply not picking up her heart rate. The 10 minute test was just that - she went for a 10 minute run, and AW saw it as 3 an intermittent minutes (not like it took 7 minutes to get her HR up.) She has no tattoo, and the watch is wearably secure on her wrist. It is clear that the device simply is not working as advertised. Now...it could be the...
...and a 10 minute workout recorded at 3 minutes of activity. Wife's eval of AW as a fitness tracker: "it sucks."
Have advised my wife to restart both iPhone and AW to see if that helps. She has done many hours of workout, yet AW records only a few minutes. Calibration did not help. 
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