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Just take one dollar bill and start folding it. After a few dozen folds, it will be thick enough to reach the moon!
Like Michelle Bachmann didn't say in that untrue hoax, "the chinese built a wall to keep out the lazy foreigners and it worked. You don't see any undocumented mexicans in china to this day."    Don't look now, but the DJIA just went up 800 points. Yes, intra-day, but I'm thinking the real profits are in brokerage commissions these days.
What do people expect a CEO to say? "Apple caught us flat footed. We didn't believe any of the rumors, and they've revolutionized wearables in one felled swoop. I'm hoping we can maybe salvage some market for people that want a simple watch. Maybe look to people that have AOL dialup and flip phones. They might be interested in what we can make without doing any real innovation. Because reasons."
I read there is a company working on an implantable device for blood glucose monitoring. Yes, it would require a doctor to install, but preferable to finger sticks.
I can always tell who in a meeting is paying any attention. It's the people that don't have a computing device open.
Thomas loves to write screwy patent opinions. It's not a sure thing they won't take this one in an opportunity to be wrong again. Best of luck storming the castle!
  Concur in part, and dissent in part. It is not a laptop killer. But it is a convergence product in a line of choices that all work together because they have been conceived to do so, unlike the MS beta products like the surface. I personally will not buy this iPad Pro, as I don't personally have a need. Others may feel differently (YMMV), but I will have a smaller iPad for simple consumption, but want a keyboard for mobile work that involves more than occasional typing....
I merely said I don't care for it. To me, Beats 1 is not worth the price. YMMV.  As a shareholder, I hope it is a huge success.
I am not using, and do not plan to sign up for the trial or the paid plan. I do like the Match program. At $25/yr, that works well for me.   I decided to try Beats 1 again, just to be sure. I made it about 3 minutes before I turned it off. Ugh. Not interested in that service either.
New Posts  All Forums: