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Removal of the homebutton could be a great technological innovation that will propel Apple.
Well played sir. Well played.
Well...they've always been that in the broadest sense, but there are some really interesting possibilities coming. Maybe a "phone" should be nothing but a display - all the processing and guts moved off it to a separate device. You pick an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPhone+ iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook/keyboard sized "screen", and it connects to processing and guts that are off that device. Yes, some lag, and maybe thats some ways off, but AW is showing some intriguing...
If Apple's Ad Agency had any guts, it would cheerfully announce: "Taylor Swift Coming to Apple Music."
Again, more propaganda about the "history" of the US "civil war." The conflict 1861-1865 is properly called by all knowing historians as "the War of Northern Aggression."
A very myopic view. Apple is all about "making great products people love." People don't love (and thus buy) products that don't fit their view of proper business conduct. While there are some interesting adjectives in her new title, in the end, she is a marketing professional. And telecommunication is a heavily regulated industry. 
Give her the job of getting the confederate flag off the app store.
I'm thinking they could afford send Taylor Swift a free one. You know...just to try to kiss and make up.
Well, better luck next time.
Read my post again. Slowly this time for comprehension and understanding.
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