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I too am a dedicated Apple product consumer, but I come out differently on the result. The fitness functions are anciliary to me, so a dedicated fitbit, while cheaper, has less value to me. My sole fitness tracking function is cycling, and it isn't terribly important for me to have another device to help me. However, I am quite curious to see how a cycling app will play out. It'll be interesting to see if a pre-planned route can give me accurate turn by turn directions...
I'll weigh in, if for no other reason to try to have a different conversation.... I never wear a watch to bed at night. Yes, I occasionally nap, and more often than not leave my watch on. I would likely change that - for naps, I'd remove it and put on the bedside charger. I might be inclined to replace my alarm clock with an Apple Watch. I suppose I could do that with my iPhone (or even my iPad that is seemingly always by the bedside) but I just haven't yet.
I'd like to fix your post: "Okay, the Apple-share option holder who did this, please raise your hand!" Honestly...I do wonder if that is the motivation hackers have. It is surely a way to leverage your skills.
The comments about the charging solutions are spot on. The inductive charger shown in the release movie is likely what will ship with the product, but there will be other options, perhaps from AAPL, but likely from third parties. The bedside dock will be popular. Likely one for the car and perhaps for the office. Betcha someone makes a self contained charger too - a dock with a battery.   I suspect many of the details of the product are not yet finished. I would expect...
Exactly how this will come together will be interesting. I pay for an all you can eat bus pass. I'd love to have that on my phone or watch via NFC. My employer has card locks too. I'd like to ditch that as well.
The speculation is that the Apple Watch will have an activation code for Apple Pay, but removal of the watch from your wrist requires re typing the code.Also is the speculation that the Apple Watch surface screen will support touchID directly.
Agreed. Many observers thought the "it's been way too long" moniker of the October event was aimed directly at ATV. It seems a little long in the tooth in many aspects. I use mine and like it. But it could be better in ways that should seem obvious to AAPL.
 You are correct: this is all about the economics for the content provider. This was what Steve first cracked with the music industry with iTunes and the iPod. No one wanted to pay $20 for a CD to get just the songs they wanted. Thus Napster and Pirate Bay were born; and were real threats. The music industry changed. ESPN is not actually the content creator. As you correctly point out, they have licensed the content from the leagues. Note though that MLB and NHL (and I...
I think the issue with these devices for me is the content. I really haven't looked at roku v hulu v fire v AppleTV v comcast v dish because there really isn't anything compelling on any of them I must have access to. My AppleTV suffices for the occasional movie. The tech here isn't particularly important to me.    Give me an HDMI dongle that allows me to buy access to ESPN for say...oh... $2 for the day, and I'd buy it. 
This is an interesting article:   http://bit.ly/1xewJjI   I'd be curious to know if any earlier iMac users can identify the card needed, as the source documents only ID the model number for the MBA, MBP, and cMacPro; and of course if they've used the tool to enable Continuity.
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