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I'm always cursing at my first generation iPad mini because I always forget it doesn't have a TouchID. Why won't I do the same for my Samsung device? *Because I will never buy one.*
I applied for a job posted on Apple's website that I am very qualified for. Unless the offer was for executive level salary (and it wouldn't be), I wouldn't move to Cuppertino. But I applied just to be able to say I did.
Interesting:   http://www.loopinsight.com/2015/01/13/apple-watch-iphone-companion-app/
I think it easily does $323 more. I think of this as in interesting mockup of the coming Apple Watch. It has novelty for that purposes for about 30-60 seconds. $27 for 60 seconds of novelty is way, way over priced. The Apple Watch is far better value.  Think about why diamond jewelry sells. Perhaps a subjective value judgment is made.
And if they realized, would they care? 
The headline is clearly a typo. Should be:   Cheap Chinese Apple Watch copycat appears at CES 16 weeks later than anticipated There. Fixed it for you.   Substantively, Apple can (and perhaps does) act to require customs officials confiscate infringing articles. Hard to do at the US border; even harder to get cooperation from even the friendliest of foreign nations. And does Apple really want to make a public claim that these articles in any way dilute or harm their...
Tim confirmed this in an interview.
"Work" means many things. Much of Apple Watch's functionality will be unavailable without a connection to an iPhone. However, it won't turn into an unpowered brick if it isn't. It will always function as a watch, and it will also play back audio via BT headphones. It will be able to display some photos. There are other features that are not yet clear how they will function without an iPhone. You are correct that it is an iPhone accessory, but the ignorant tag is a bit of...
The whole home automation concept is way, way overhyped. Much of it pointless and of no value. I can sort of see a new home being designed from the ground up with built-in conceptually integrated features. But most consumers will be faced with some sort of retrofitting task.   Here's the rule: your consumer item can't take away any feature from an existing technology. Having a remote control to anything *must not* remove existing functionality. If a switch on the wall...
New Posts  All Forums: