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 You are incorrect. The keynote specifically said that the hardware was going to be released to developers that same day. I understand AI isn't a developer, but maybe they could contact someone who is. A review is indeed possible, and AI hasn't done it.
And while this link doesn't have one, there is an interesting comment over of 9to5mac: "Despite some controversy online, we can confirm the new Apple TV does support Home Sharing so users will be able to stream content directly from iTunes on computers connected to the network." The Plex stuff sounds kinda cool too.
The title says "Hands on:..." I didn't see anything in the article that really was hands on. Oh, maybe they stopped by and diddled with it in the demo area. We need a comprehensive hands on review of the device.  I did discover something interesting about ATV long ago: I initially put an ethernet cable to the airport since they were right next to each other. I thought this might prove for some faster speeds (and from the discussion I see I was likely wrong) and found out...
And a pony. I wanted a pony. Totally disappointed that I didn't get the pony I expected.
There was an icon with an odd laptop looking label. It might be a "computers" app or similar. Hopefully someone with the hardware will enlighten us. This "review" by AI could have been written by anyone in the audience last Wednesday.
Very interested to hear the answer to this from a hands-on reviewer. I assume AI got a developer set. The tvOS toolkit was released same day, and they said dev could get the HW too.
These really are great looking phones, and I'm due for the upgrade from my 5s that I really like. Gotta save up a few quid first, then go shopping in December. I've always done the 2 year contracts with AT&T. I figure if I'm gonna have the service for 2 years away...what's the down side?
That should fix their stock market problems.
Chairman HoneyCrisp!
 That could be a reference to Music Match (that I really like, and find a good value for $25/yr.) I do think the ATV interface is going to have a "computers" app though. There was special mention of the "photos" app in the event. Can't remember who said it, but the quote was something like "everyone wants to see their photos." I think the same can be said of people's videos, and those a "home videos" on the movies tab in iTunes on your mac. On the flip side, I can see an...
New Posts  All Forums: