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Well...DST is not exactly universal worldwide. And I think Mar 8.
I'm gonna take the morning off work to watch (!).    Pretty sure Apple would like to say "Apple Watch now available for order; see them in stores tomorrow." But a 3/9/15 date of the event probably precludes this. Our rumor mill would be seeing evidence of shipments by now. All we see is sketchy videos of vans with some strange sensor rack.   Edition Apple Watches are gonna have some security involved.    Lotta Apple Watch info has to be coming. Almost for sure they...
We're thinking on the same lines. I just think they'll take the old Edition in trade for a new Edition. The old Edition is essentially melted down for metal content. A "refurbished" Edition is probably detrimental to the brand. We know the internals are less than $350. And you really get the "out of the box" disruption of the traditional luxury watch model of a Rolex lasting decades. Yes, there will be a upgrade cost, but it isn't in 5 figures. The problem with a "drop in"...
I'm speculating that there's gonna be some zingers in the Apple event that kicks this thing off. One of the things that has peoples' panties in a bunch is the limited "lifespan" of a tech watch, particularly the gold editions, that could cost will into 5 figures. I'm really wondering if Apple will have a "trade-in" policy on the Apple Watch Editions. For a price, of course, but nevermind that for now. They can address a perceived shortcoming by having the ability to bring...
That's the key part. I ripped a buncha old CDs, and whammo, all on iTunes Match everywhere.
I hear Google Play Now music is waterproof too.
What's the difference between Apple and Tesla? Apple makes something I can afford.
Perhaps a third party case for waterproofing will become available for those that wish to use it while swimming to track activity. That mechanism for the band attachment would seem to lend itself to some creative engineering. 
This is actually pretty important, I think. A spec that had a full charge from single digit percent remaining in 20m or so would be optimal; and I think very possible. I don't get why someone would wear a watch in the shower.
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