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I like the part at the end where she looks around and sighs, "Chewie....We're home."
You are correct. I presume that AAPL has a utility patent on the attach mechanism, and it will be very interesting to see how vigorously they assert their rights. I can see AAPL being diligent about sending out cease and desist letters citing the patents - particularly to places like eBay or Amazon - but really filing and pursuing infringement lawsuits? Dunno.
Much as I would have liked to receive my watches on launch day, there is an upside: this first "wave" just became beta testers. :-) I wouldn't be surprised if my watches that ship in "June" have software updates waiting for them on arrival. 
Surely if their next name infringes another's trademark, Apple will just respond, "Sosumi."   And you heard that sound go off in your head when you read that just now, didn't it?
I agree. I would not be surprised if such plans are on Sir Jony's drawing board as we speak. AAPL is dripping with cash, and it seems like maybe being a cell carrier might be a good line of business, but there's never been any evidence they are interested at all. Could be they want to make the Next Big Thing.
Oh, I might not be so proud of The Human Race. We are irrational, dangerous, unpredictable, and destructive. Replacing ourselves with electronic analogs might be a productive step in evolution.
Didn't mean to suggest you weren't serious. My bad, sorry. I like the FireChat concept you describe. Comcast did sorta have a PR problem when they did something similar with their base stations. On the Apple devices there is more of a quid pro quo though - unlike the comcast model, Apple users get something immediate ans tangible by their use. Many comcast users never connect outside their houses. Gruber's comments about tapic feedback on DaringFireBall was kinda...
Yep. But all current smartwatches require you look at them for info. Apple Watch can be put under your sock. I can see some kids suddenly paying attention in history class to the section on Vietnam and the US POWs learning the "tap code." And the Find My iPhone function will lead parents right to where their kid dropped it. Or where an evildoer dumped it. IIRC, some person  kickstarted a pair of sneakers with a lo-jack in them. And you can buy lo-jack tags for your pets...
You laugh. That is *precisely* what they will do. And as soon as the Watch contains integral GPS and at least a rudimentary cell capability for at least 911, parents will be getting them for their kids. Apple will have a lo-jack for your kid.
New Posts  All Forums: