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Please cite the line in my post where I said $1 billion in revenue.Based on the size and number of furnaces and the sheer square footage of the plant (in comparison to other plants), the production potential seems to be well beyond what's needed for the watch and the current iPhone lines.Just do the math and work out how much sapphire 200 million phones and 20 million watches would consume. They would never have needed Mesa. Salem alone would have been enough.
The factory that's being built is far too big to just pump out watch screens, camera covers, touch ID buttons and watch sensor covers.  So there's definitely something cooking.  What that is going to be, is anybody's guess.   It could end up simply being the 6S or the 7 and Apple wanted to test the processes by smaller volume  production.  Apple would also need time to build the phone case around a sapphire cover screen to reinforce it.
To be fair, Apple doubled the world's production of sapphire with the Mesa plant. Why that much capacity for just buttons and watch covers? I believe Apple was only using something like $17 million worth of sapphire from Rubicon prior to GTAT firing up. Even if we assume that Apple needs $50 million worth of sapphire for the iPhone line and the Watch, it makes no sense to invest hundreds of millions the Mesa plant and loan $578 million which they may not get back if...
Beautiful watch.  Still skeptical about the market for it though.   We're talking about spending at least $350 on what is essentially an iPhone accessory.  And it's one more device to charge and manage.   And you're still stuck with using the phone for quite a few things.   I think it's possible that iCar (iOS in the car) could be more popular than Apple Watch. The use case for iCar is a whole lot better.
All the better to eat up your mobile data cap!
I don't know if this has been addressed but I'd like to know if Apple Pay on Apple Watch will work with an iPhone 5S.
 They may have those clauses.  But do they really want to be seen suing a school board and get into it over allegations that there was shady business dealings?
When are they supposed to send out invites for the 9th? I thought the 9th date was based on a rumour from re/code. Has there more confirmation of the date since?
 This.  Why use this over Keychain?  I'm curious if anybody has user feedback.
 That's based on the false assumption simply having a slab touchscreen phone is copying.  That's BS.  If that was the case, Apple could be accussed of copying the LG Prada.  Form factors change and evolve, and a dominant pattern develops.  By your logic, every laptop after the Dulmont Magnum is a ripoff.  Before that, laptops didn't have the flip form factor.
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