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The problem is the way networks work with local stations etc.   What would be the ideal would be these network channels free thru the Apple TV.  The big addition would be the ability to watch last weeks episode etc.  For this to work (ignoring the local tv station problem) would be for Apple to allow people to opt in to share some info with the network- demographic stuff.  What this would mean is the ads would be so much more valuable to the networks.  25 year olds would...
I think this was all planned.  It raised huge press about a rating system that does not rate important things.  I bet the EPEAT people came to Apple and said lets see if we can work something out.
This is exactly it. If its really streaming and you don't have a connection you are out of luck. If its what Apple appears to be doing you MAY be in luck. If iTunes keeps the file in some tempory folder until there is no space left you might be able to play a song that you last "streamed" months ago if you have space on your hard drive. My iPhone and iPad have lots of space on them because when I load music to be synced I am never sure what I really want so I...
I can kind of get iDisk. They are trying to replace that with the document feature. I also get that iDisk probably costs money for them. But why not sync keychanges and preferences? They are already syncing bookmarks? What would it be to add that?
Ditto here. I actually think the MacBook Air is the future of Apple laptops. I bet they do come out with a 15 inch and that within 2 years most laptop sales will be the MacBook airs. Macbook Pros will only be marketed to traveling media people like reporters who need lots of storage and lots of ports. White Macbook wil disappear or linger as the base option for the really budget conscious
I think most people are underestimating how big this is going to be. This is not going to be about streaming music for the reasons many have pointed out (bandwidth availability of 3g). It is going to be about storage and smart syncing. I bet this service allows people with MobleMe (which I am betteing will be free for a year to anyhone who bought any Apple product computer or iOS device) to store all their music, video, photos, and anything else they like in the...
Does this or the current (previous) Apple TV allow you to play music to other speakers. In other words could I play a song from my iTunes library but rather than listening on just the TV speakers could I also send the signal to speakers hooked up to an aiport express
maybe they will pitch this as being much more internet focused with streaming and such. hence go back to iTV
I think this is good news. If Apple still used this design I would suggest that it implies they researched this issue and they found out it turned out to not be a serious problem. So what we are observing is just a bit of hysteria rather than a serious oops it does what design flaw.
I totally agree. Would be a bit tacky to sell the old industrial design along side new one. BUT I really think Apple should shoot for the $99 price point. The competition is heating up with Android phones. I would like to see Apple and AT&T each take a $100 cut. Apple drops the selling price $100 and AT&T drops the data plan cost $10 a month (ok I know that means AT&T takes a $120 hit....) I think these price points would make the iPhone sell great.
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