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I really liked the ad. I am also thinking of it in the context of it being back to school season. Thinking of it along those lines makes even more sense. The ad is targeted to the younger demos.
I completely agree that they are insane for promoting a rumor. On the other hand, I think if anyone doubted that a larger iPhone was coming, this pretty much seals the deal. It also will benefit Apple in the sense that the folks that might have not known about a larger iPhone on the horizon, now do and will probably wait. It's just bonkers to me.
Do you have a link to any of the apps? In my initial browse around, I didn't see specific apps. Would like to see what has been done so far.
I forgot the manufacturer but they are a 3rd party company that makes them. There are quite out in the market. This article is a bit old but shows some of them. http://beekn.net/guide-to-ibeacons/
But in quite a few aspects they are denied other rights. In more and more states they trend has been more positive. On a side note, it is a bit disheartening to see so many dislikes of the video on YouTube. Growing up I was always taught about how precious each life is and to see people go out of their way to even dislike the video bums me out.
It is correct that it can open to double the size of an iPad but ultimately you're doubling the space taken up on a desk. If you have two iPads side by side to match the information density of an open textbook, you would achieve the same thing. Additionally, an iPad can hold many multiple of textbooks in a lighter, more flexible, form factor. 
Ummm...they didn't completely lose the contract. These are alternatives to, not instead of, the iPad. The big error I'm seeing in all the reporting is the lack of stating that this is part of a pilot program due to issues with the iPad rollout. Not all of the devices will be part of the full rollout. Sure, Apple could lose it but the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of behind the scenes antics going on that isn't related to the price of the iPad. In fact, some...
I spoke with an old friend who is high up in LAUSD (former high school teacher of mine and now in a position to know) and it pretty much boiled down to wheels getting greased. It isn't based on merit, which is par for the course in the LAUSD. It is one of the most dysfunctional districts. LAUSD is bureaucratically paralyzed and I am not shocked by this story in the least. 
You're correct about the straight MP4 files but I think the YouTube HTML5 player goes up to 1080p. It's kind of weird.
If Maestro64 was being sarcastic then I stand corrected. Ultimately I think Amazon is trying to flex a little too much. This isn't the first time this issue has come up and probably won't be the last. Amazon is the internet age version of Walmart.
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