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The new Radio is a massive expansion of iTunes Radio. It is now available in many more markets. They will have more curated mixes and playlists. Beats 1 is the separate live broadcast that will also have multiple actual shows with DJs beyond the 3 main Apple personalities.
I think Beats 1 is going to be a lot bigger than the tech press can imagine.   There are online only radio stations but I don't think that any of them have this much being put behind them. Sirius XM is bleh. Horrible customer service and if it wasn't for the fact that they have contracts with auto manufacturers, I'd bet they would be in pretty bad shape. Pandora has a much smaller library but they have been around a long time. There's a legacy case. They are still pretty...
 FM stations by their very nature are regional. Quite a lot of them have online broadcasts now but unless it is regionally relevant, they don't gain much traction outside their territory. 
The beta was pulled because it was showing up for people that weren't developers and/or were on iOS 8. It wouldn't install regardless because of the iOS 9 requirement, but it had to be pulled regardless.
I agree. Just like with the iPhone and iPad, what makes the devices work for everyone will be different, maybe even more so with the Watch. What is truly amazing is the platforms that Apple has developed. It isn't any one thing, it's what these devices are allowing people to do.
 Hyperbolic much?The way I would look at it is that Apple is developing to the market's needs and their strengths. FCPX, Motion & Logic have recently received solid feature additions and constant bug fixes. They are under active development. Aperture probably wasn't gaining enough traction even from the onset to warrant the large amount of resources required to develop it. I think Photos for average users and Lightroom for pros is a perfect scenario for everyone. Apple...
She has a massive role. The scale of Apple Retail and Apple Online will take some time to really get a grasp of and she's only really been on the job less than a year. I think the launch of Apple Watch will be her coming out party. 
I agree with what Solip wrote. Every OS has issues, even those that have extended development windows. Using a web search as a basis to prove a negative point is inherently flawed because most folks that don't have issues, aren't going out of their way to post that life is dandy. I do agree to some extent that the compressed release cycle can have negative effects, there are quite a lot of things that can lead to more white noise. A larger install base being a big one....
 Saying people don't care about American workers is a pretty strong assumption. Unions in the US have a history of corruption, especially those unions tied to non-skilled employees. I personally think everything needs perspective. Comparing the massive issues associated with extremely underpaid employees in Chinese factories and someone making $20 as a security guard, is disingenuous. Apple is obviously being singled out because of their prominence and I'm not saying that...
Each of those jobs require either extensive training or extensive education.
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