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Thanks! I think I'm going to return my Nimbus and get that. I really like the PS controller, so that's a good sign.
Having seen both, why do you prefer the Horipad? I have the Nimbus but haven't used the Horipad.
Yup. It was great seeing the partnership being announced with Cisco a couple months back. It also puts into perspective the craziness with the iPad rollout into LAUSD. It shows how dysfunctional the district is. I live in LA and know a lot of folks in the LAUSD. They have never said anything good about the way things operate. 
It's not in Apple's hands. The banks and credit card companies need to set up the infrastructure to handle tokenized transactions. Apple Pay is just authorization and identity. There is a scramble within the industry to get the infrastructure up and tuned for the October 2015 liability shift. When that happens, the weakest link in the transaction become liable. Terminal companies aren't able to produce machines fast enough.
There is a specific point you are missing. In store purchases (i.e. purchases at Apple Retail or Trader Joes or the London Tube) are CARD PRESENT whereas purchases made using Apple Pay through an app (i.e. Airbnb or Instacart) are CARD NOT PRESENT. As a side note - Apple can't mandate anything with merchants. The processors are the ones that actually enforce the process since it is their infrastructure. Apple Pay is just an authorization and identity platform. Because of...
This will change closer to the end of the year when the liability shift happens. Most banks are still in the middle of issuing chip based cards and most large retailers are still transitioning to newer terminals.
Not true. There are limitations to bugs that can be fixed in iOS 9 when you are developing against the iOS 8 SDK. The App Store doesn't allow builds against the 9.0 SDK during the beta period. Using your example, if an API has been deprecated in iOS 9, there are limits to what you can do fix them and furthermore, resources are limited as it is developing new versions for the fall release.
  The employer, Apple and others, are saying that through their own evaluation, they aren't always hiring the more qualified. They are leaning towards hiring more white males even when someone who isn't a white male is more qualified. There isn't a single company in their right mind that would hire a certain gender or race group purely for PR gains. It will come and bite them in the ass in the long run with poor products, customer service, etc. and that would ultimately be...
It's a weak argument. They aren't ignoring white males. They are improving hiring processes so that others don't get ignored. When you have that large a group of employees that are a single gender and race, something is skewed. Here's the kicker. There is still a lack of candidates, regardless of gender or race. It's actually one of the reason so many tech companies have been lobbying for immigration reform.
It wouldn't benefit Apple or its customers if the hires weren't qualified, regardless of race or gender. The issues are that there are gaps in the hiring processes that lead to hiring more white males, even when other candidates that aren't white or male would also be qualified. I've spoken to quite a few folks and it isn't only at Apple. You have to show that there is opportunity for everyone to be hired in order to motivate a society to want to change. If any specific...
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