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Part of the Beats acquisition was just that. The labels are a bit hesitant to go full on streaming with iTunes but with Beats being at arms length, it should cover them for the time being. Apple has been heavily promoting Beats Music and I don't see that slowing down one bit. While downloaded music is less profitable than it was, it's still profitable. On the flip side of that, I haven't heard of any streaming service being highly profitable, if at all. The music industry...
I actually think that is what these stories are showing. The depth of what the platform actually is. So many cross sections of life and they are all enhanced in some way using Apple's products. For you Dreams and Parenthood resonated. For others, a whole different set of stories will hit close to home. It is actually quite remarkable. I think that this fall/winter will be a blow out.
I've talked to some of friends who still are in the recording industry and they are actually stoked about the deal. Regardless of what a lot of folks think about the quality of Beats, they are very profitable company and I think with the right resources in production, they can even do better. Plus they have a music service that I personally like. It's library isn't as big as Spotify's, but its curation is great. Plus, focusing just on the now instead of the long game is a...
There seems to be a lot of underestimating of how complicated solving the TV problem really is. Just having an app store isn't the only thing that having a future platform really entails. Long term and expensive agreements with rights holders determine the level of access we get. Google tried with their original approaches with Google TV to go past certain aspects of what is holding TV back and they failed because cable and satellite companies weren't having any of that....
Agreed. I think all the calls for resignations and the like don't realize how many large corporations actually have projects start and never see the light of day. Nobody outside of Google currently knows definitively what the barges were for, so passing any real judgement is jumping the gun.
I really liked the ad. I am also thinking of it in the context of it being back to school season. Thinking of it along those lines makes even more sense. The ad is targeted to the younger demos.
I completely agree that they are insane for promoting a rumor. On the other hand, I think if anyone doubted that a larger iPhone was coming, this pretty much seals the deal. It also will benefit Apple in the sense that the folks that might have not known about a larger iPhone on the horizon, now do and will probably wait. It's just bonkers to me.
Do you have a link to any of the apps? In my initial browse around, I didn't see specific apps. Would like to see what has been done so far.
I forgot the manufacturer but they are a 3rd party company that makes them. There are quite out in the market. This article is a bit old but shows some of them. http://beekn.net/guide-to-ibeacons/
But in quite a few aspects they are denied other rights. In more and more states they trend has been more positive. On a side note, it is a bit disheartening to see so many dislikes of the video on YouTube. Growing up I was always taught about how precious each life is and to see people go out of their way to even dislike the video bums me out.
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