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I have an idea that Steve will be looking down, smiling, in the knowledge that an organisation with a defined purpose (beyond making money), a clear vision, and that treads its own path will almost always win out against those that don't.
You're dead right. They look at Apple and want to produce 'the next big thing'. But there's no joined-up thinking or coherent strategy.
I was responding to dualies original post, went away, made a cup of tea and got pipped to the post. But hey... :)
No. It was way before even that...  
One of the dafter things I've seen you write. A fervent Apple evangelist for 23 years living in the UK.
Yes there are lots of good reasons to go to Yorkshire but be realistic, you are not going to get a line up of that calibre playing in Scarborough. London is the music capital of the World, like it or not.
The figures may indeed support your idea but, at a time when their brand lacked credibility, copying the leader bought them some.
Sadly, no amount of money will compensate for the market share that Samdung now has as a result of stealing. One can only speculate how small that share would be if they had stuck with their 90's style interfaces.
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