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Not quite. Please, please Apple can we have a new MacPro. It's been nearly two years...
 I agree. Unlike saarek above, I've used ApplePay two dozen times and found it to be faultless. The reader picks up the signal in a fraction of a second whereas my contactless cards often have to be slid around on the reader until they register. However, I tend to do it for the novelty value rather than speed (cards are quicker). The £20 limit is a pain (but I think that's about to change). Plus often, I'll need to get a loyalty card out to hand over at the same time and...
Anyone heard any rumours on chip upgrades for the MacPro. I've been holding off for months
I'm sure they won't care but placed alongside the MacBook, I can't see there being much demand for the MBAir, unless they drop the price and position it as more of an entry-level machine.
Smaller, thinner and lighter than the 11 inch MacBook Air. Bigger screen and retina display. More memory. And only $200 more. Surely this is going to totally kill sales of the 11inch 256Gb MacBook Air?
Hats off to you for doing all you have done and what you have achieved in the face of adversity. But please don't lose your humanity in the process. The world needs drivers and it's only fair they are paid a living wage. At least these guys are working and are not claiming benefits. So if they can earn a little extra from the world's biggest company then good for them.
The owners of LoopPay must think it's Christmas.
 Yeah I had one. With a 19 inch Radius colour monitor that cost $5,000!
I'll be the first one you know then. I'll be there on launch day, Apple Pay enabled iPhone in hand
I think the Apple Watch looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on one.   But one thing that is unique to the watch which has never been a feature of any previous Apple product is the notion of a 'luxury item'. And that seems very 'off-brand' for Apple.   Yes, most other Apple products are justifyably priced at the top end of their categories - they should be, they're beautifully designed and engineered. They're not luxury though.   But selling an 18 carat...
New Posts  All Forums: