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The owners of LoopPay must think it's Christmas.
 Yeah I had one. With a 19 inch Radius colour monitor that cost $5,000!
I'll be the first one you know then. I'll be there on launch day, Apple Pay enabled iPhone in hand
I think the Apple Watch looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on one.   But one thing that is unique to the watch which has never been a feature of any previous Apple product is the notion of a 'luxury item'. And that seems very 'off-brand' for Apple.   Yes, most other Apple products are justifyably priced at the top end of their categories - they should be, they're beautifully designed and engineered. They're not luxury though.   But selling an 18 carat...
I think your analysis of their litigation strategy is spot on. For as long as Apple are in full-steam mode there will be no catching them.
 If you actually took the time to speak to that 'cesspool of welfare users', as you so pejoratively label them, you would find that the vast, vast majority would love to have the job and the home that you undoubtedly have.You should thank your lucky stars that, by accident of birth you are not one of them, or by accident of life you have not become one of them.Obviously you missed out on something in life called humanity.
 There's no need to patronise. Your version of economics is broken. For all but the top 10%.
 The country needs infrastructure improvements to be more efficient. How is that not a productive purpose?
If not government, then who will spend it for good? We can't rely on a system of arbitrary philanthropy.
Why does anyone want mega corporations to sit on vast pots of money when that money could be working for good? When each of us is dead and buried it'll still be there, lifeless, inert, wasted, like ourselves.
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