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One of the dafter things I've seen you write. A fervent Apple evangelist for 23 years living in the UK.
Yes there are lots of good reasons to go to Yorkshire but be realistic, you are not going to get a line up of that calibre playing in Scarborough. London is the music capital of the World, like it or not.
The figures may indeed support your idea but, at a time when their brand lacked credibility, copying the leader bought them some.
Sadly, no amount of money will compensate for the market share that Samdung now has as a result of stealing. One can only speculate how small that share would be if they had stuck with their 90's style interfaces.
Just look how crap Samsung's products are when they have no one to copy.
I love the thought of a biometric watch that monitors your health. That would be a real selling point. I can see how it would be pretty straightforward to monitor your pulse and therefore heartbeat - useful. But can anyone explain what other measurements can be taken from something attached to your wrist? Electrical conductivity? Anyone?
If you only use just one of Adobe's products there's a chance you can find an individual alternative. However, if you use the the big 4 - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver as your main tools there is no serious alternative out there, and certainly no suite of software - it's practically a monopoly.   I expect to pay for software, it is one of the tools of my trade, but at least I had the choice to upgrade when I could afford it - with subscription I...
  You clearly have absolutely no idea what a brand consultant does. I'm afraid it is you that is looking 'shallow and ill-informed'.
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