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I wonder if AT&T retail stores will get the 5S on the 20th. I always find that less people go to these, so it's easier to get in and out without dealing with a line. I don't mind missing out on the clapping and high fiving.
Yes, the US has the highest corporate tax rates in the world, but theres enough loopholes so that companies like GE essentially pay nothing.
The problem is in our tax code. If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, your income past a certain level is taxed by the US Govt. Of course, you get a tax credit for any income taxes already paid in the foreign country where you made that money.   Perhaps we should treat corporations like living people, instead of creating incentives to leave their money on overseas.
Yes, you are right. However, anti-trust laws in the United States look at whether or not there was an intent to stifle competition and in some cases whether or not the actions simply had the effect of stifling competition.Just like Microsoft (without anti-trust laws) was free to give away its software in order to destroy the profitability of Netscape, Apple can threaten to move its business elsewhere to get Pegatron to drop Asus products.
Solution: Pegatron forms a wholly-owned (or jointly-owned JV with Asus) subsidiary that manufactures the Zenbook by leasing space and/or time in its manufacturing line.
No.. I visited my account on AT&T and it looks like I'm already eligible for an upgrade at 199$ for the 16GB. I bought in August, few weeks after the initial launch because I was waiting on resolution to antenna-gate. I guess if you bought later, like on the Verizon launch or the white iPhone launch, you wouldn't be eligible.
Yeah, and Apple is looking for it.
Just bring it back to the US and pay your damn taxes like the rest of us "people", money grubbing a-holes!
Absolutely right on all accounts. For instance: Nike casual wear clothing (not shoes), and most of ACG. Axe both entire lines. It's just distracting customers. While it may be adding to your bottom line, it is degrading your brand.
New Posts  All Forums: