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Apple can't really license the tech and turn around and license it to whomever they want if the terms of the license don't provide for it. Thats like saying you purchased a license for software, thus you can turn around and make copies of it since you have a valid license. Your license doesn't provide for that, so you cant do it. I fully support this suit only because it shows the ridiculousness of software patents as a whole. They aren't new "tech" in the way inventions...
Lets say someone at your workplace was murdered. Police suspect you. They subpoena your phone and your computer to look for evidence. They find consolidated.db and discover that lo and behold, you were near the location when the victim was murdered, when actually, you had accidentally left your cell phone at work.Based on this circumstantial evidence and flawed eyewitness testimony (happens all the time) you are convicted and executed, because you live in Texas.
You might think to keep sensitive materials out of your emails and texts, since it's known to all that your phone stores that information. Here, its more problematic since you have no idea (until these issues came to light) that your iPhone is tracking your every move, and until now, had no reason not to bring your iPhone everywhere.
thinner and lighter are at the top of my wishlist for the iphone 5. it would be nice to have a design update as well, it's nice to keep things fresh, and i don't particularly like the look of the 4.
This CLEARLY shows that CR is biased against apple! Check to see if the editors have any short holdings!
Yeah, 3G, Single core, lack of NFC are all state-of-the art when it comes to high end smart phones.
I don't know how they still haven't fixed this. It just doesn't seem that hard to me.
Safari was first to fall again this year. Obviously, there is a pattern of cheating going on here, since I've never had a virus before. But I've gotten many on Windows. The contest organizers probably had keyloggers installed on the Macs. What a joke of a contest.
Interesting idea but the reliability is just not there. Also, how would you deal with FAA rules on a plane?
What are you talking about?The stock apple headphones blow so-called "professional" earphones from Shure out of the water. It's the duty of Apple to protect its customers from such shams.Plus, if Apple comes out with a proprietary plug, then it can charge its customary 30%, ensuring that freeloaders aren't riding on their coattails.
New Posts  All Forums: