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It's probably real, and probably predates the general iPhone 4 release. Check out the serial number, then look at your own phone.
Well, I wouldn't go that far. There are plenty of huge organizations that are LLCs or LPs (such as the company that I work for) that make billions of dollars in income that pay no taxes. Before you get all in a tizzy over this, the owners report the income and pay the taxes as if they made the money themselves (this is called pass-through taxation).
Hmm, provided a stable market place for it to sell its products, provide an adequate legal structure and rule of law and allowed it to enforce its contracts, provide a favorable marketplace for it to raise capital and enable it to make the investments that it has made, protect its technological innovations domestically and abroad and provide it with an intelligent workforce. The list goes on and on.Do you think Apple Inc. can survive in a lawless governmentless place such...
Since Apple mainly deals with consumer physical goods, this can't be easily done. If they could, they would. Remember that a corporation operates for the benefit of the shareholders, not the general public of the US.
You're not evil for claiming all available tax deductions to you, neither is Google.
I'm talking about Federal + State + City income tax. I haven't included sales, property tax. I'm talking about what my paycheck ends up being after deductions compared to what my stated income is.
I think that one of the things the consortium is trying to do is educate senators and reps about the benefits of the tax holiday. There is so much disinformation out there. Here you can see people opposing it for the same reasons that they should be in support of it. The bottom line is that the influx of cash into the US from the tax holiday will create more taxable income in the long run and will contribute to our economy, thereby hopefully reducing the overall tax burden...
Yeah, but the incremental effect of burning a few billion dollars would be outweighed by the negative consequences of massive greenhouse gases being emitted and the cost of burning all that money. Plus, its questionable whether a smaller circulation would be good for the economy (in fact the Fed is trying to do just the opposite of that).
Would it matter if anything they did (save for burn it) would be better for the US economy than letting it sit outside of our borders?
Maybe they aren't doing it for the benefit of the general US public but the fact is that if the money does arrive stateside, it will be either:1) Invested in job creating business ideas in the US2) Paid out as dividends to mostly US shareholders (where it will be taxed) and spent, saved or invested OR3) Sit in corporate coffers in bank accounts in banks within the US (where it will be lent out by the banks to borrowers).Any of the 3 above options will have a positive...
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