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I completely disagree. When you look at the evolution of consumer consumption of media, you see a overarching trend towards digital delivery. Newspapers are getting destroyed because people aren't paying for printed content anymore. And they are having trouble monetizing the internet distribution model. But it is moving towards an internet distribution model whether they like it or not. With books, the power is concentrated in a smaller number of publishers. The iBook...
Warehouse space can be sold or reduced. Sure, it takes a couple years, but it can be done. It's not like they are locked into these leases into eternity. I know this because I am both a landlord and I operate a wholesale business which has grown and shrunk. It's a tremendous pain in the ass and it takes a landlord that is willing to work with you. But you always have the option of moving out (or selling, if you own it). When I say pay more, it refers to paying more than...
This is a flawed argument. With e-book sales, no warehouse is needed at all. Publishers could simply reduce the amount of warehouse space they lease as they increased the number of e-books they sold, as with all incremental costs associated with printing traditional books. Also, the more e-books that are sold, the less the costs will be per book associated with creating those e-books. Since the marginal cost of an e-book is 0, the costs can only go down. Publisher's have a...
I too live in Dallas. I too get dropped calls and it usually occurs when my phone switches from the 3G to Edge network. My suspicion is that it's a problem with the phone and not the network. Other than that I haven't been getting dropped calls, so try to see if you're getting dropped calls in the same areas and check down and see if that's the problem.
Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that the Playboy app hasn't been banned under the new rules? It pretty much breaks all of em.
Prediction: The Amazon Kindle app will not be available on the iPad because it will duplicate the functionality of the iPad. This will happen either off the bat or eventually once Apple realises this device will actually HELP Amazon.
New Posts  All Forums: