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This is why I like Obama's idea of getting rid of all of the corporate tax loopholes and lowering the corporate tax rate. And I'm a pretty hardcore conservative (fiscally, on social matters, I'm in the I don't give a crap camp).
Because those profits were realized overseas and and taxed at local jurisdiction's rates already. To bring them in, they have to pay additional taxes on top of what they already paid to local jurisdictions. If they don't bring them in, they dont have to pay (which is what they are doing now). Also, I pay well over 40% of my income to taxes, is it fair that I pay 45% while you pay 26%?
Right, and what we are saying is that we think that in July, Kindle and Netflix will click "Do Not Agree" and the apps will leave the App store.
You're ignoring the fact that if Kindle and Netflix provide content to their apps available to their previous subscribers, they must allow some option for subscription purchases through the iOS system. I can't tell what they want to do, but if they don't want to pay 30% commission to Apple for perpetuity on those customers that buy the subscription through the app, they will have to leave the App store.
Good bye Kindle, Netflix for iPad.
Lets all look at it this way: This will kill Kindle, Skype, Audible, a bunch of other premium services that we bought our iPads and iPhones for. Any online service that sells services outside the AppStore must now allow iOS users to buy those services inside the app and thus be subject to a 30% fee. If this is enforced as stated in the article, it could have huge consequences for the content available on the iTunes store.
Graphics performance. Better battery life. Cooler temperatures.
Thats because an android phone launches more often than the iPhone and through more retail outlets.
When this is a tech item that is revamped every year and models are deemed obsolete/mid-cycle at the 6 month point: yes.
Kindle does not allow the sale of iBooks on the Kindle, nor does it allow you to read iBooks on Kindle. Apple is simply returning the favor. Unfortunately for those of us who installed the Kindle app and bought books to read on the iPad, it looks like we may be hosed in the near future. I don't think it's particularly unfair, it just sucks. I am curious to see whether they apply the restrictions to the different e-commerce apps such as eBay or other retailers that sell...
New Posts  All Forums: