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Although it seems restrictive, I don't see the strict enforcement of these rules as hindering the proliferation of iOS devices that much. I do see however, that apps providing for in app purchases (or access to services purchased outside of the iOS device) going away however. I don't really see Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and other retailers giving Apple a 30% cut. I guess if the rules allow for a 30% premium for in app purchases, then it may be possible, but I just don't see...
Who cares? Just buy a kindle. If you can afford an iPad, you can afford a Kindle.
no, but it does stop me from using the phone without a bumper.
$200 is more than reasonable for the iPhone, and is reasonable considering the prices being charged for comparable Android-based phones. It's the carriers that are getting ripped off.
Apple should have used the iPhone 4 roll out approach: release a defective product, mask the defect by offering everyone a silicone case that "fixes" the problem.
Trying to be more like Apple with a founder at CEO.
Gizmodo now has a stream: Here
Anyone know what the feed address is to plug into VLC player?
Nice, I have my iphone with me and guess I could stream it through AT&T's crappy network, but getting it on my work computer would be so much better.
A majority indicates a number that is more than half: >50%.46.78% is a plurality, the largest subset of the group.#proofreading
New Posts  All Forums: