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I wonder if there are other ways around this, like providing a plug for and asking your customers to buy this: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB441Z/A If they reduced their prices by 49.00, they'd avoid the whole licensing issue and provide customers with the same end result.
They are trying to get you to upgrade to the iPhone 4.
<3 my ipad. But it doesn't replace my netbook, which I use to run uTorrent and PS3 media server.
Not really. What about mobile ads? Android market transaction fees? Those will start to add up, especially when Android is expanding their user base at iOS's expense.
It matters because Google now has a larger user base to sell apps to, to serve ads to, and eventually, to sell media to.If Google surpasses Apple by enough on this point, Android will become the primary platform that mobile developers are catering to, and iOS will fall behind.
Except that you CAN make a comparison when you're talking about the user base available to developers and advertisers. This is where Apple may not care as much as we hope though: Google's strategy is to get Android on as many phones with as many users as possible. This allows them to serve up Andoid Apps, Google products and Google ads to make money. Google has no share in the profits on the actual OS or the phones. Apple makes money on the phones, in addition to the App...
This is false. Theres no 1031 tax deferred exchange available for homes, it's only available for investment properties.They get $500K of gain exempt from capital gains taxes from the sale of their old home whether or not they go on to purchase a bigger better home. They are still going to have to pay a pretty hefty bill in April next year.
the iPhone needs to get on other carriers or it will get left behind... i don't even think that would help that much at this point as many people have switched to AT&T already in order to get the iphone.
iPhone apps know what UDID last summer.
Crap devices running iOS subpar? There are plenty of smartphones that are just as well built if not better than the iPhone running Android with better specs and more hardware features. If those phones ran iOS, it wouldn't have the problems associated with Android (and it wouldn't have the benefits). Licensing iOS would be perfectly fine, and would net the iOS alot of market share, but it wouldn't serve Apple's end goal of PROFITS.
New Posts  All Forums: