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If you opened a port up, you'd probably be able to connect to the service just as if you were on wifi, probably.
Last I heard, Apple doesn't have any presence on the moon, so I don't even know why this blog exists.
Nope. The only reliable source is appleinsider.com.
Anyone else find it hilarious that you could walk into an apple store and unlock all their phones?
Well, the prices are competitive, but it's just before you add the apple tax. After you add the apple tax, it goes higher. But remember, the other batteries are not made by apple!
This is what I am thinking as well. Does anyone have a pictures of just the tops of the batteries so I can compare to my Eneloops? I've been using them for a few months now and the charge is going strong. My Maha 9000 charger can test for battery capacity and after about 30ish charge cycles I am at 1950ish mAh from an original 2000 mAh. Supposedly, the Eneloops can also last 1000 charge cycles. New Eleloops can last 1500 and stay above 1750 mAh. candlepowerforums.com is a...
Nonsense. All Apple products are super secure. Only jailbreakers can get hacked.
It probably WILL crash and burn, but there is a chance that Blackberry really catches on with the corporate types. If they can replace laptops with ARM powered, super long battery life tablets that can run e-mail and Citrix, it would be a huge hit, IMO. Also, RIM's experience with corporate security would give it the credentials needed to really break into corporate use, something that Apple has lagged in doing (Apple has been picking up the pace in this regard). I know...
Exactly, this is probably some bullcrap Android made up to try to scare us and "respond" to the security allegations that came out earlier today. Apple wouldn't allow this to happen.
By that logic, so does apple, with their bumper that costs $30 (after sept. 30)
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