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Actually the nhtsa just released a statement claiming that toyota in fact leaked that report to the wsj and it didn't come from the nhtsa.
That would be all fine and dandy if the spot were somewhere out of the way. But it's where a lot of people rest their palms when using the phone for talking and for data. That's the problem! Also, this specific finger-gate issue is so easy to fix. All they have to do is insulate the damn thing. The bumper does this but so would a thin clear coating.
Translation: they designed it to suck.
+1 Also, it's not statistically meaningless when AT&T has access to data for all calls made on iPhones, meaning the sample size is 100%.
It is inferior, in a way that can be easily remedied at very little cost. An invisible insulating coating would do the trick, as shown by the ZAGG videos. In that way the design is flawed.
This is my point exactly. As an apple fanboi, you will ALWAYS be able to point to some unknown variable in order to dismiss it (in your own mind). So tell me, are the videos posted by Apple meaningless, since you can't tell where the video is being made?
Tests by Anandtech and consumer reports show that the signal will drop by about 20db when held with the seam being touched by skin. If the person is in an area with really good reception, the phone may still show 5 bars after a 20db drop, since the db range for 5 bars is quite big.
Actually, it's not meaningless. As I've stated before, other phones only suffer signal loss when you hold them unnaturally. And the iPhone suffers signal loss when held in some natural ways.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how a fanboi can still be a fanboi.
The difference is that it requires an awkward unnatural death grip on other phones. On the iPhone 4, all it takes is some skin touching the seam.
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