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I wasn't abandoning the "natural grip" argument, just giving it up on you since its a subjective argument.
Heres my earlier reply:A normal grip, with the fingers on the side and the corner resting in your palm is a natural grip. It has enough contact with the seam to cause the same problem as demonstrated by the finger. I wasn't arguing that the finger touch was a natural grip, only that it demonstrates that the problem is one of physical contact with the antenna, and no other phone has that problem.Once again:My point is that there are two issues here that the iPhone 4 suffers...
If your argument is that the grips shown in the apple videos are somehow "natural," I'm going to have to disagree with you and leave it at that. Neither of us have any real basis to argue over what grip is natural and what grip isn't other than our personal preferences.
When you hold the phone with the corner resting in your palm, your skin touches the seam, and the problem is replicated.
I feel like my argument adequately addresses your concerns with my reasoning.And those "normal" grips shown in the Apple videos are the cupping death grips that cover the entire antenna area. Looks pretty unnatural to me, but I guess each person is entitled to their own opinions.
Yes, but this hasn't been shown. And don't point to the Galaxy S video because that doesn't even come close. thats an entire corner of the phone being covered with two fingers. Again, thats an issue with covering the antenna, not touching it with your skin.
When you hold the phone naturally with the corner resting in your palm, your palm comes into contact with the spot that you need to touch to make the iPhone 4's signal drop significantly. So even if you can't hold the iPhone 4 with one finger, you can replicate the effect with a natural hold.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TclS...layer_embedded Heres another one, showing data loss. iPhone4 is tethered to a laptop. As soon as you touch the seam, the packets complete stop.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TclS...layer_embedded Watch how the packets stop as soon as you touch the iPhone on the seam. While the signal bars themselves are meaningless, the data will stop. That's not meaningless.
1) it wasn't a single finger touch. 2) that kind of contact doesnt occur when holding the phone in any natural way.
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