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128K all the way. Later upgraded to 2 MB's and added a SCSI port out the battery door (the kit I used included both of those items).
What book is it? Is it x86 specific? Standard command line C stuff should just work right out of the book.
Erm... I'm no Cocoa guru, but doesn't that toSize parameter have the width you're looking for?
Very cool. Actually, they were both pretty neat. That's Big Ben at the end of the first one, right?
It really has nothing to do with Xcode, but system("clear") will clear the terminal "screen". Bring up a terminal window and type "clear" (no quotes) to see it happen without writing a program.
A dog only really wants to be aggressive to defend himself or his turf/pack/family/whatever (domestic dogs don't hunt). So, as long as the dog knows it doesn't need to defend anything due to your presence, you should be good. When you present your hand like that, your saying, "I'm no threat. In fact, here's part of my body. You could easily bite it if you wanted to." This makes the dog think, "Okey doke. This person appears to be no threat. In fact, he just put part of...
Yeah. Also, it looks like the car was designed to make adding those bars really simple. As if they expected a lot of people would want to do it.
I like the way these forums look. Er, looked. I mean, the way they were before the recent fiddling. Although they're not that much worse, really. Of all the forums I've seen, the AI forums are the classiest looking and the easiest on my eyes. No change is necessary. However, I wouldn't mind having small, tasteful avatars added. But I don't know how the "tasteful" part could be enforced (maybe only allow a certain palette of colors or greys?). Alright, I know it's...
I changed from "spotbug" to "spotcatbug" because one day my cookies got duh-leted. I couldn't remember my AI password. I also couldn't remember the throw away email address I musta used when I registered so I couldn't have the password emailed. Oops. Oh well. \
New Posts  All Forums: