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http://visual.ly/over-population-are-you-sure-it-reallyreally-bad   This doesn't even mention the most important thing...people are producers as well as consumers (Malthusians typically only focus on the consumption side) which means more people also means more production.
  I love that we live in world with such advanced technological capabilities as this. This is one of those things where you realize how amazing software and modern semiconductor chips really are. Those are the things that make possible things that are virtually impossible without them. Not just this example but some many others...cars that are much more efficient (hybrid or not). Airplanes that are significantly better, faster and more efficient than would be possible...
  There are about 50 that have been claimed.       As a general rule, I make it my habit to be skeptical of everything liars tell me. I also, as a general rule, treat those with a vested interest in doing, continuing to do and expanding what they do (at my expense) with skepticism rather than blind obedience and acceptance. But that's just me.       I guess I'll have to take your word for it.        I see. So it needs to be controlled in some manner? By courts and judges...
  Yes.        I was going to ask what the result of all that was.       I agree. Never said it wasn't worth trying to stop such things. I merely question if this was as big a deal as you (and the press and the authorities) claimed it was. That's still not clear BTW.       So now you favor widespread surveillance? I'm not sure what point you're making here. You seem to be flipping on the whole NSA spying thing. But, to be fair, maybe I've misinterpreted one (or both) of...
  Wow. With the first sentence of the article (the one you quote) it's amazing anyone could take this seriously. How many times does the word "believe" (or its synonymous phrase "thought to") in that article?   Sheesh.   Frankly, this sounds like classic propaganda.
  Actually, that's an assertion or a claim, even a presumption. But it has yet to be established as a fact.
And, of course, the doctrine of "pre-crime" (or thought crime) is alive and well in the great ol' U.S. of A.
  No, and don't hold your breath. The closest thing to an apology is making the excuse that "everyone does it."
King Obama, The Tyrannical is in full swing now.
  Perhaps the economics has changed, but as recently as a 2-3 years ago a company I worked for that had a very strong incentive to reduce power costs could not justify solar for their data center(s). One of which is in the sunniest places in the country.
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