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Quietly awaits a tu toque accusation against Obama by the poster that so frequently wields that charge.
  Holy shit. Are you serious? The two straw men and obvious partisanship aside here, my goodness this is an incredibly childish and overly simplistic characterization.   I mean I guess it is an editorial, but at least it could be a good one.   And I'm an Apple fan!   P.S. The subtle jab at people of faith is not lost either. Sheesh. Grow up.
Frank, it is rather amusing how un-scientific BR (et al) is on that subject and how he keeps trying to outright avoid it.
  Someone should explain the difference between inferring and implying.   You have inferred that I'm saying gays (or anyone) shouldn't get equal treatment under the law.   I have not implied that in any way, shape or form.   To say that I have (or am) is a rather rude and unsupportable accusation.   I believe everyone deserves equal treatment under the law.   The problems that people (apparently you included) so often overlook is that the government seems to be in the...
  Everyone who asks that ridiculous question.       I saw it.       See point about this being a ridiculous, tired and worn out "argument" whose only value is its whiff of truthiness and the power that people like you seem to think it has as some kind of ultimate trump card is the "debate."
  Fair enough. But the real solution is to change the bad laws like that then. That's the battle to fight.
  No I don't.       That's a tax code issue. The tax code needs to be changed.       Employers should be allowed to do that. The deeper problem here is employee-provided health insurance which, interestingly, is a consequence of the tax code too.   The better solution here is a dramatic simplification of the tax code and, probably, the elimination of the income tax.
  In what way exactly?
  Were they? Is it?        Who is doing that?       From a legal standpoint is kinda-sorta is. BTW, this is another point/argument that supports the government getting out of this issue entirely. Marriage could (and should) be a private contractual arrangement and, if it is your belief, blessed by God and the church as a separate piece. No need for the state to be involved with this at all.
  Indeed.         You guys seriously need to come up with some new truthy bumper sticker slogans because this one is getting old.
New Posts  All Forums: