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I'm trying to figure out why some think this seems to be an either/or proposition. Granted, much attention has been given to rumors of Jony Ive's plans and direction for the visual aspects of iOS. But none of that suggests any lack of attention to other iOS concerns. In fact, it may well be an activity that is prompting deeper, broader and more functional and architectural changes. I've seen much speculation that appears to stem from idea that UI is all and only about...
  Well, when you start with such lame leftist talking points, what do you expect?
  You might want to consider that the poster was almost certainly referring to collectivism in the political (socialist/communist/Marxist) sense of that term. I seriously doubt he was using it in the far more generic sense you're thinking.
  No it doesn't. No it isn't.   Try again.
  Agreed. Products, nowadays more than ever, are far more than a set of technical specs or even a list of features and benefits. They (some anyway) are about feeling and image and lifestyle. Apple gets this more than anyone in the consumer electronics business (and probably most other businesses also.)
  Oh okay. Yeah, I watched in inline here. Seemed odd at first, but figured it might something new they are doing.
    Yes, because so many conservatives are such cold-hearted evil bastards that they would hate Steve and Apple because he donated to things like hospitals (including a children's hospital) and helping people get medical tests and treatment for HIV and AIDS.   If the Huffington Post told you that, maybe you need to stop reading it.
The off-center "iPhone" and apple logo is new. I kinda like it.
  This post is nothing more than an emotionally-driven blathering screed containing a muddle of plainly incorrect rejections of facts ("it is actually bullshit" that Apple is paying what they owe) immediately followed by begrudgingly admission that those facts are actually correct ("technically true") to opinion about how Apple (et al) has (legally) done this ("due to the outrageous loopholes in the tax code") and closing with opinions about the fact that they do...
  Forstall was pretty good, if a bit smarmy and slimy looking. JMESHO.
New Posts  All Forums: