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  In fairness, it's not so much that he's terrible (I've seen MANY who are much, much worse), as much as Steve was so good at it (through much practice and experience of his own, heaped atop some natural talent for it.)
  Why? It is often appropriate. While it is often meant pejoratively (or at least received that way) it generally means lack of knowledge and/or understanding of something. What word would be better?
  Some people.
  Not sure who you're replying to here. But the fact is that the progressive tax system is more of an anti-get rich tax scheme...one that actually protects the rich.       Not sure what you mean by "against the principle of taxation." Do you assume that the whole purpose of taxation is to some how even people's incomes out? To socially engineer society in some economic way?       I'm sure you feel this way, but you're arguing against a straw man here. No one is suggesting...
  First, no such thing has been "proven." Second, the measures that go into what you think has been proven are highly subjective and variable. Finally, you're assuming a causal relationship when there may only be a correlative one.
  I think that project looks great. Quite cool in fact (if you'll pardon the seeming pun.) It is definitely an unique and innovative idea. I hope it works out to achieve their goals.
  So this boils down to envy of their ability to pay a lower rate.       So now you've jumped to criminal activity? What does that have to do with the subject at hand?       What does that mean?       Okay. The problem here is that everyone had a different, usually rather subjective, definition of what is "fair."       I sure would.       What do you think might happen? Since you seem to conflate the government and society, I suspect you have a rather dystopian view of...
Counseling BR. Give it some serious consideration.
  I'm sorry that my completely honest answer of "I don't know" is unacceptable to you and that my unwillingness to be brow-beaten by you into giving an answer based on evidence you have presented but which I've not taken the time to thoroughly review and interpret upsets you so deeply. Again, this part of your obsession could be remediated through counseling or, possibly, medication.
  I agree 100%. Which is why I so frequently feel the need to call you out.       I understand that you don't have anything real or substantial to hold against me. And you clearly have an obsession with me, but must you continue to lie about me? This only makes you look foolish (and not a little desperate.) Again, perhaps some counseling may help.
New Posts  All Forums: