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  Quite true. Of course, the solution is usually only a couple blocks away in a (usually) fully-stocked gas station.
  Sorry darling, you can't make your inference my straw man.       And yet, you've spent so much of your anger, bitterness and energy responding to it. Pointless as you think it was, you've made a point out of it. How ironic is that?   Well, I suggest counseling for your anger, bitterness and obsession with repeatedly responding to what you believe to be pointless comments that you could easily ignore.
  Try to keep up sweetie. Stating a fact is not a straw man. Try again.   Furthermore, I'm so sorry that the statement of this fact has upset you so deeply. Perhaps some counseling will help.      
How delightful...a strawman and sarcasm in one post. Congratulations! Your posts are becoming more vacuous by the day.
  Why? That makes no sense at all. The claimed point and purpose of taxes is to pay for the services provided by the governmental/state entity in which one lives or does business. This plan would essential rob any other country a company does business in, enabling someone like Apple to "free ride" on the backs of the taxpayers in those other countries.
What criticism? I pointed out a pertinent fact. You responded by basically dismissing this fact*, picking a nit on a minor spelling error and calling me dumb and childish. There's not much to respond to there except to observe the anger and bitterness that appears to motivate nearly all of your posts. Especially those aimed at me.   You'd crack me up if I didn't feel so sorry for you.   *Actually you would have been on better footing if you had at least done that...
I see BR is angry and bitter. Again. If only we could harness his bitterness and anger as an energy source we need not want for energy every again.
  Just think for a second. Maybe there's another option.
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