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  By what standard have you arrived at these conclusions of "unfairness" what is "deserved" and the "immorality" of what they are doing?   I also find it interesting that you call Apple immoral for what it is doing (legally minimizing taxes) but then say they are doing what we all do (legally minimize taxes.)
Oh dear God, the irony meter broke...    
  While competition among governments is good (better than none anyway). I'm not sure it can be characterized as the free market at work. It's more akin to "come to our neighborhood, the property crime rate is lower."
  That is true in the strictest sense of being legal and what-not. However, for many people, even the rates are not "fair" (too low) for some (usually the rich and big businesses.) Thus, this question of "fairness" inevitably enters any discussion like this despite anyone's ability to objectively articulate what a fair amount is beyond simply "more."
Oh dear. 
    Well played, sir.
  First, I didn't say I was worried.   Second, you assume that the only manner in which a large company can become a shell of its former self is the same path Sony took. Apple certainly could stumble, but likely for different reasons.
If you ladies want to talk about someone in the 3rd person like this, take it private. Otherwise you look foolish.
  If you're talking about me, then no. Is that what you wish? To stop me? Stop me from doing what?
  One might. If one were wishing to be kind to the government. All this assuming we can define things like "regulate  effectively" and "appropriate tax". 
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