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  Unless you're investor, then it's only curiosity. For the tax authorities, the only reason is so they can pick their pocket better.
I think Apple has become the "American Sony" (in the good ways...and better) as Steve Jobs intended. The real question is where Apple goes from here. Sony is something of a cautionary tale.
  Helpful for whom?
  Because you don't have one?       Let's be clear...it is you that has the dystopian view of freedom here.
  Still confused are you? Still making assumptions?   The dearth of logical thinking here is astonishing.   You are assuming that the only way these things would or could have come about was through the government. This fallacious.
  Yes I did read the  entire list. Not making stupid assumptions here will help.         Jumping right into a non sequitur huh? Good job!       Followed by another and a few straw men and false choices. You're on a role here!       Then a myth.       And yet more fallacy.   Well, you're entire post was a waste of time.
  And this is an argument how exactly?   Oh, it's not, you just went straight to ad hominem. Got it.  
  Investors and customers of "infrastructure" companies.       Possibly. However this is neither a clear nor a forgone conclusion to the point of claiming that suggesting it is "plainly absurd."
  Most of that could (and should) be done privately. Only defense (actual defense) and perhaps some pollution stuff arguably must be done through the government. IP protection is government granted monopoly and, arguably, isn't necessary either.   The argument is not "plain absurd."
New Posts  All Forums: