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Artist renderings look cool (they always do.) Wind power, however, has an Achilles heal:  
  That's what my accountant keeps telling me.   He also keep telling me "Obama is hungry."
  Do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you say stupid shit like this?
  Yes, we know what your opinion is.
    I want to slap anyone that repeats this tired old non sequitur.
  Except I didn't claim I don't have significant facts to draw upon. Perhaps not about the Roman empire specifically, yes. But there are plenty of examples besides them. Plus, you know, logical deduction.
I think Apple buying it would be a profound mistake. Not least of which is that it seems that Sony it looking at unraveling the conglomeration and diversification that has led to a loss of focus and the diminishing of a once great brand.
  Can we stop pretending that a) Apple has not paid taxes that pay for these things also, and, more importantly, b) that these thing can only be provided via taxation?
  Now this is a legitimate argument. In fact, I'd argue that in a true free-market, the only entity like this that could exist would be the corporation's ancestor: the joint-stock company (early versions of which did not have limited liability...which, as you note, is a government granted benefit.)
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