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  Well, to be fair, I haven't studied the history of the Roman Republic and Empire in enough detail myself to make a particular claim here. But...that said...it's not an unreasonable claim in general. The point here is that taxation (forcibly taking people's property) becomes the fuel, the oxygen to the fire if you will, to a great many other evils. This is happening in the US as we speak. The "empire-ization" of the US has grown and been fueled by taxation (and...
  I see what you're doing there. I'll assume most others aren't dumb enough to fall for it (but I could be wrong on that.)
  I would think substantially less than current levels of taxation and government spending. When you look at the budgets you realize only a very small amount goes to things like basic law enforcement and courts (and even building roads.) Most of it is the welfare/warfare aspects of the budget.       Why?!       Of course. Why wouldn't they? This seems like a bizarre question.       The complexity of law is exactly why it should not be in the hands of the state, and...
  Possibly. It would have been a gamble. There's a fairly strong anti-corporate/anti-capitalist/anti-rich sentiment/streak running through the culture these days. But you may be right. We'll never know.       That's the scary part.
  So you assume that the vague "infrastructure" to which you refer can only be paid for through taxes? You also assume that businesses customers are not the ones who really pay the corporate income taxes?       The Somalia reference is straight from the anti-libertarian talking points. It is also ill-informed.   Again, though, I ask: You assume that the vague "infrastructure" (and "safety net") to which you refer can only be provided and paid for through taxes?       Why...
  Nah. I don't steal and kill.
  You don't have to. At that point then, it's merely your personal feeling and opinion. Mine is different. It's not sickening to me at all. So there...we volleyed two feelings back and forth.
  Clearly we strongly disagree.       Sickening? On what objective basis have you arrived at this conclusion (and this rate)?       Not sure what you're getting at.
  Agreed. But what's absurd is that they have to go to such lengths to keep the money they've earned.
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