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  Fair enough. Let's just say that if is anything beyond prevention of left, fraud, assault, murder, etc. Then you'd be overstepping the bounds of our "friendship."
  Fair enough. I suppose. Problem is that these issues are all interconnected.       Understood. Many don't.       That all depends. Do you advocate using the government to steal from me and make me do (or not do) things I wouldn't (would) otherwise do?
  Am I? How so?
  We start and end there I think.   The closer analogy for a government is a criminal gang.
  Exactly. And its productivity, while not measured in sales or profits directly, is measured by how well it takes care of and hires and handles the employees of the firm so it can make a profit. The claim pof un-productivity for that department was absurd.
  I so wish he could and would have. The problem is, these guys are a bunch of fucking mafia goons. They would have gone after him and Apple.
  You're dangerously close to sounding incredibly foolish.
It's pretty lame. I suspect you know that. Your implication was one of a company regularly and deliberately engaged in illegal activity not one that has been the mugging victim of a labor union via the French government.
  OK. That explains a lot actually. Thanks.         Well, if you don't wish to discuss what you post here with the people who are here, then maybe just start a blog where you can post your opinion and ignore any questions and responses to what you post.   I'm sorry for having the temerity to actually try and question you on what you're saying.  
  Wow. This seems like a fairly lame stretch. I can see now why you'd want to change the subject back and "move on."
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