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  Please be specific. Link?
  Because the discussion is not so much about so-called "loopholes" as it is about the general issue of whether Apple has done something wrong or even illegal here.       That's exactly my argument in fact.             Imperfect in relation to what exactly? What is the standard you're using here? What should the laws be doing?       In the real world? Is the implication here that I'm not in the real world?
  Wow. I'm not even sure what to say to this statement. It is so misguided...I'm just...wow.       What are you saying here?!        Huh? Transparency of what?         What does that even mean?   You seem to be saying a lot of things that have the air of sounding meaningful without actually being meaningful.       Probably not, but why does this matter?       I don't see how. In fact, I see this being much worse. This is what Hayek called the "knowledge problem."
  They have?
  I don't even know what that means.       Well, it's true, laws are imperfect and have "loopholes." I don't see that as being relevant to what's going on here. But to your question, I think it depends on the law as to whether exploiting its holes and imperfections is okay.       You lost me.       What questions are those?       A valid argument for what?!        Are you suggesting there's no way to determine right and wrong? True and false?
  I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but there's no real argument to make here. You claimed the government has a particular right. They don't. They have the power to do it, but that's not the same thing as having a right to do it. Arguably the government has no rights here at all and Apple's rights (including its owners) are being violated.       Nope.       Actually, we've come to the point of asking whether what the government is doing here is morally...
  Personally, I think you are entitled to think what you like, even if what you think is wrong (as in this case.)
I see that Levin is a clueless dickhead too.   It truly saddens me that Apple needs to even deign to dignify these guys by their appearance and answering their questions. I only wish the US government were such a fucking tyrant that Apple could tell them all to go **** themselves without suffering the punishment that would be visited on them.
   Now that's a good one!       True enough.   But your general point is correct: We get the government we deserve (collectively).
  Isn't that the point of Congress?
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