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John McCain is an asshole.
  That's what happens when you have a socialist propaganda system passing itself off as an educational system.       Even before that was replacing whale oil for interior lighting. Possibly actually saving the whales, ironically enough.       Pretty much. Though it is astonishing how the Standard Oil wealth affects us even today. Did you know that even Apple, to some degree, owes its existence to the Standard Oil fortune? One of the early VC investors in Apple was Venrock.
  They did the same thing to Standard Oil a hundred years ago (or so). It's SOP. Someone produces something extremely valuable, makes a boatload of money, then they get attacked in the press and Congress until they are knocked down a notch. It is the American way I guess.
  True.       Right.
  Well, to be fair, people can be greedy for things other than money...power...celebrity...attention...etc.   Not saying that' what the original poster meant. But I don't think it's a spurious claim to suggest that politicians are often greedy even if not necessarily for money.
  I'm curious what changed then. What events or circumstances prompted this "consolidation?" Or was really no different from now in which we have "two" parties that are only superficially and marginally different from one another?
  I have. I understand the arguments claiming it is regressive.
  It's even worse than that. Because you're often forced to vote for (and stuck with) a package of policies and positions, all of which you likely don't agree with, but you kinda have no choice but to pick the package that you mostly sort of agree with (or disagree with the least). And that doesn't even factor in the idea that this package might all be a lie to just get elected.       This would likely create more problems than it solves.
  No. Those are symptoms. The diseases is the massive concentration of power, control, etc. into a single entity with the "right" to use force to achieve its ends. The result is that you have any number of people vying to get controls of the levers, buttons and dials of that Leviathan.
  Not they are not. It's right there in the first sentence:    
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