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  Yeah, and the mutability isn't really relevant anyway.   These issues are usually muddled up with a lot of distracting factors.   The fundamental question is who has any right to say who can live, sleep, do whatever together or not. No one except the individuals involved (again this presumes consenting adults.) No one has any right to deny anyone else this right. No one has a right to impose their values on anyone else or make them accept said values. The problem is...
  Oh the irony of that statement coming from you. 
  Which is exactly what you did. Geez.       I wasn't making fun of anyone's misfortunes. Sorry for your faulty inference there.   How ironic of you to accuse me of simply dismissing things while you do the exact same thing right here.       And the irony from the guys who said: "Holy shit, are you for real?"       What the **** are you talking about?       Says the guy who said: "Holy shit, are you for real?" ... called someone an idiot...like the post where another...
  Well, it wasn't a very logical argument. Let me put it that way.       And more naming calling. Lovely how you liberals work. If I was being an ass, it was merely in mimicking you being an ass to the other poster.   You guts are priceless.
  Delightful. When you have nothing, call name and declare the other person to be an idiot. How liberal of you.         Actually it is fallacious to assume that it is not a choice for anyone (which is your implication.)   But I'm just a fool and an idiot, so nothing I have to say should concern you anyway.
  Ahh that classic liberal talking point that sounds so wise and as if it is some sort of indefensible trump card.  
  Holy shit, are you seriously thinking you've made a real argument here?   My goodness the extent of fallacious "reasoning" here is astonishing.
  But they will (or perhaps family in the examples given) will pay for them when they are needed. People generally do pay for the things they want and need. What they often don't want to pay for are the things that others think they want or need.       We disagree. I would also suggest that, after generations of this, a vast majority of the public has simply taken on the assumption that the government will take care of that, and this affects their giving. It's not a...
  Begging the question is a logical fallacy which basically means "assuming the point." In your case you are assuming the point that everything the government is paying is something that must be paid for, also that these things wouldn't be paid for absent the government, and there is the additional fallacy of the non sequiturs (it does not follow) having to do with the "modern society" and its size.         But the point is it is not an "in between" step.             The...
  Not interested in "debating" with you because you have demonstrated yourself to be an insulting and unreasonable person.   Not merely with your opening name-calling but, also, with your fallacious thinking as expressed (at least) in your two recent posts.   Next time think twice before jumping to the standard "I disagree with you and think you're wrong so, you must be a fool and I'm going to say so."
New Posts  All Forums: